11 Nov 14

We don’t need enemies!

From a friend in OK:

“I spent yesterday at a large gun show, in fact touted as the ‘largest gun show in the free world.’ Much was made of organizers’ uncompromising ‘support of our 2nd Amendment.’

Yet, in advertisements, and on a conspicuous placard at the front door, attendees are reminded that those carrying concealed pistols, and other weapons (not specified), are required to ‘check their guns with guards upon entry,’ because ‘… a crowded gun-show is no place for a loaded gun.’

Naturally, I waltzed past them without bringing cause for attention to myself, and without handing over my gun. Gun(s), flashlight, cell-phone, blade, OC spray I consider the ‘basics of life,’ that I should never without.

Of course, my personal safety and well-being are of not the slightest interest to most politicians, bureaucrats, and, obviously, gun-show organizers either, particularly those who so piously, and with an air of self-righteousness, proclaim to be oh-so devout supporters of our 2nd Amendment!”


With “friends” like these, we don’t need enemies!

Like my friend (above), other peoples’ “rules” don’t interest me!

“If Satan ever laughs, it must be at hypocrites. They are his greatest dupes. They serve him better than any other, and receive no wages.”

C Caleb Colton