17 Aug 99

From another trainer on the East Coast:

“Light firing pin hits in Glocks can usually be traced to either weak-wristing the gun or underpowered, unjacketed ammo. If shooters use anything other than jacketed ammo in a Glock, the ensuing firing debris will accumulate in the chamber and cause the gun to fail to go completely into battery. A Glock in this condition will still reset the trigger and will release the striker if the trigger is pressed. The result is that the force of the firing pin going forward will close the slide the rest of the way, but energy is thus absorbed, and only a light firing pin strike occurs. It will appear as a light, off-center primer dent.

Full-size Glocks are much less prone to this phenomenon than are the subcompact versions.”


(1) Use only full-power, jacketed ammo in your Glock or Sigma

(2) Clean the gun more often than just when it stops working!

(3) Develop a strong grip.”

Amen! Good advice for any handgun.