10 Mar 23
“The beauty of doing nothing is that ‘nothing’ can always be done perfectly!
Indecisiveness and procrastination are thus chosen ways of life for most. They follow the course of least resistance, which is to do nothing. This provides a security blanket of never being ‘wrong,’ never making mistakes, never being disappointed, and never ‘failing.’
But they also never succeed, are never victorious!
David Peoples
Audacity, supported and encouraged at every level, wins wars!
But, we all know:
While individuals, making unilateral, audacious decisions and discoveries that often defy “conventional wisdom,” are invariably the ones who advance civilization, yet during their own lifetimes they’re relentlessly denigrated as “blasphemers,” because those in power benefit from things never changing, and thus any suggestion of change, however slight, represents “disobedience”
And with the shallow and self-centered, disobedience is never tolerated, nor forgiven, even when it leads to a beneficial outcome!
Only unquestioning worship at the feet of “those in power” qualifies one as a “good citizen” in the eyes of the self-appointed “elite”
Sanctions include public shaming, continual surveillance, reductions in personal freedom, and burning at the stake!
This week, USMC Sgt Tyler Vargas-Andrews testified before a House Committee that he and others had multiple opportunities to shoot a suicide bomber (during our ignominious Afghanistan “withdrawal”) shortly before that bomber subsequently murdered thirteen other Marines and injured more than a hundred others.
Vargas-Andrews and other snipers were vehemently denied permission to shoot this obvious threat, even after repeated requests. Their “superiors” said they “lacked the authority” to make such a decision (in other words, they lacked the personal courage to actually make a battlefield call).
No doubt those “superiors” were fearful of the way the whole affair would impact their military/political careers, and were concerned with little else!
The recent closing of the USMC Sniper School, and the elimination of that MOS, is just an institutionalized extension of this malignant mentality.
A sniper has the ability (and duty) to make instant, life/death decisions, in real time, from a ring-side seat, upon his own judgment. Clearly, this mentality does not fit with the micro-management style of “leadership” currently within our military that gets the craven and incompetent promoted.
Near-instant global communications, from the squad level up, now makes every individual decision subject to vast, ponderous, multi-level scrutiny that is fatally paralyzing in the heat of battle, as we see!
I’m sure the wet dream of our current generation of woke flag officers takes the form of an army of mindless, expendable robots, all under the control of “artificial intelligence”
What the rest of us need to know and understand is this:
We will all likely be called-upon to make instant life/death decisions, with no warning and relying on inadequate information.
Welcome to Planet Earth!
There is no “group intelligence.” There is only what we have as individuals. “Artificial intelligence” is little more than a predictable, boring group-think algorithm.
Realize that there may be no “good outcome” and probably no accolades during your lifetime.
Rules of Tactics:
1) A wise man never attempts to warm himself in front of a picture of a fire
2) Success comes from good judgment. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. We learn from mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make them, but don’t keep making the same one. Learn and move on.
3) Sometimes “good” results reinforce bad tactics.
4) Never give-in to adversity. Never trust prosperity. And, never fail to take full note of fortune’s irritating habit of doing exactly as she pleases.
5) Don’t second-guess, and don’t look back.
6) Don’t expect to be thanked.
7) Always call their bluff!