18 Aug 23
“They’re all ‘vetted!’”
This from friends in western NY:
“In Niagara County, NY our local politicians have courageously refused to accept illegal aliens that liberals in NYC want ‘relocated’ to our community (instead of being ‘relocated’ back to where they came from).
However, our neighbors directly south of us, in Erie county, NY, have begun accepting them in large numbers, bowing to toxic prodding from NYC’s mayor and our state’s governor.
Erie County residents have been solemnly assured, by this same governor and mayor, that every single illegal immigrant in question has been ‘thoroughly vetted’ as well as being ‘medically cleared.’
Of course from past experience, we know they’re lying. There was never any doubt of that!
Sure enough, in just the short time since this invasion began we have at least one tuberculosis-infected illegal identified. There are doubtless many more.
And, two recently-arriving illegals have now been charged with forcible rape. The real number is many times that, but rapes within minority communities here are rarely reported.
With this news (which Democrat politicians and their media lackeys are trying desperately to suppress), our governor, four days ago, promised to send-in National Guard Troopers to assist local police.
But, as of today, they are nowhere to be seen!”
We have large groups of people who will accept whatever they hear, just because it suits their worldview, not because it is actually true, nor because they’ve seen evidence to support it.
The really striking thing is that it would not take much effort to establish validity, but people prefer ‘reassurances’ to facts”
Neil Tyson