19 Aug 23
“Fasci Italiani di Combattimento,” Benito Mussolini’s version of “CNSF,” 1919
Not long ago, BHO proposed the formation of a heavily-armed “Civilian National Security Force,” which was to be under his direct control, and that would “aid” (actually displace) local police.
Remember this BHO quotation from 2008?
We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a Civilian National Security Force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
His idea met with a cold reception, at least among patriotic Americans, who inherently distrust such extra-Constitutional consolidation of power at the federal executive level.
Most saw this CNSF idea as a clever way to advance a Fascist political agenda, through violence, absent voter approval, nor even voter participation, exactly the way Mussolini did eighty-nine years earlier.
So, this badly discredited idea fell by the wayside, but maybe only temporarily!
The current administration has instituted “open borders.” There is no other way to describe it!
Millions of illegal immigrants are flooding, unhindered, into the United States, and have been since BHO took office. A significant percentage are healthy, military-age males, and many of these come from far-flung places, not just Mexico, Central, nor South America.
Of course none can be legally employed, so most migrate to metro areas and are quickly integrated into the criminal sub-culture.
IL’s Democrat governor has recently signed a bill making it possible for non-citizen, illegal immigrants to be sworn-in as police officers, who will have full police powers, will carry guns, and will arrest legal American citizens . Other Democrat governors will doubtless follow, maybe even a few “Republicans.”
How long will we have to wait before we see all these military-age, non-citizen, illegal immigrants (who don’t even speak English) newly decked-out in brown shirts, armed, marching in formation, and displaying Nazi armbands (or the equivalent symbology)?
How long will it be before squads of these “nationalized illegals” are recruited, armed, and then sent-out to board-up Catholic churches (probably all Christian churches, plus synagogues), because we’ve been told by
BHO himself, also in 2008:
“They (American citizens who work for a living) get bitter. They cling to guns, or religion…”
Thus, who “cling to religion” (and/or guns) are obviously dangerous!
So of course, this newly-appointed “Civilian National Security Force” will also soon be raiding private homes, kicking-in doors, and seizing guns, plus arresting political opponents.
Intimidated, local police will not interfere, under penalty of themselves being thrown into federal prison (more likely newly-constructed federal gulags)
The foregoing scenario is hardly “unprecedented,” is it?
Would it be crass to suggest that the foregoing has always been “The Plan?”
“You reproach us because we intend to do-away with your property.
Precisely so!
That is exactly what we intend to do!”
Karl Marx, from “The Communist Manifesto”