3 Sept 21
“We live in a time of shallow values held by dishonorable men who have scant regard for principled behavior.”


Despicable cowards, at the highest levels of government, have presented our nation with yet another contemptible, disgusting, and preventable trouncing!
The Taliban’s renascent victory in Afghanistan, where many innocent Americans (turned-away by agents of their own State Department) are casually, cynically abandoned, is already inspiring Islamic jihadists worldwide to rise-up, maiming and murdering Christian and Jewish Westerners, victims they perceive to be unarmed (and they’re usually correct).
They’re confident that Islamic empire-builders are on a role, with the aid of carelessly abandoned American Military equipment!
Today’s blitz attack, carried out by a knife-wielding Islamic in New Zealand is just one of many to come.
Six innocent New Zealanders were stabbed and slashed before the attacker was confronted, and shot to death, by police.
We’re told this particular Islamic was “under surveillance,” and that police thus arrived at the scene in less than a minute.
Pretty impressive response time, but scant consolation for the six (forcibly disarmed in 2019 by NZ government decree) who were maimed!
1) Violent criminals (particularly murderous religious ideologues), “known security threats” who are “under close surveillance by LE” in otherwise-disarmed societies, can still maim and murder hapless, disarmed citizens- long before LEOs arrive, as we see!
We’ve seen this happen countless times in the UK, USA, and many other places.
2) “Best Defense” against a sudden, unexpected, unprovoked attack by a grievance-driven, psychotic murderer is to be constantly alert, well-armed, well-trained. Logical solution is to reside in a pro-CCW state, and then go armed without fail, doing our best to stay away from stupid places, stupid people!
Yet when the murderer comes, there will be no time to “get ready!” Police (de-funded?) will be nowhere close.
The life you save, via decisive action, may well be your own!
3) Socialist/Communist politicians, emasculating local police while simultaneously enacting naive gun-bans, merely expand the “victim pool” for the enjoyment of eager predators. Of course, that is exactly what sleazy leftists want!
4) The world is extremely unstable right now! Evil forces are rising. Western civilization is rapidly disintegrating, by choice. Fear among evil-doers of righteous retribution, domestically and internationally, is mostly gone.
Accordingly, as individuals, we have to comprehensively look-after our own best interests. We have to take full-charge of our own safety, never relying on “protection” ostensibly provided by government.
We’re on our own, and the worst is yet to come!
“When you get what you begged for (socialism), don’t expect sympathy, from anyone!”