4 Sept 21
From a good friend and major distributor:
“1) Compact rifles from Marcolmar (particularly the CETME-LC), Arsenal, Zastava, Troy, IWI, Century Arms, Kel-Tec, North American Arms, Robinson Armament, et al go out the door as fast as we can get them in!
2) Accessories from High Speed Gear, Comp-Tac, Blue Force Gear, Otis, et al we also cannot keep in stock!
3) Most popular M4 magazines (that we can get) are Thril, Duramag, Lancer, Okay.
4) Ammunition famine has not improved. All back-ordered, and It moves out as fast as we can get it in!”
My comment:
I’ve been traveling with my copy of the Marcolmar CETME-LC for the past few months.
It’s an American-made CETME roller-delayed blowback rifle in 5.56×45. My copy is equipped with an Aimpoint T1 and a Surefire co-axial flashlight.
It’s telescoping stock makes it ideal for commercial air travel!
Dozens of my students have shot it at DTI Courses, and it has been well received!
Supplies, however, are drying-up, and a new production run, if it takes place at all, is probably over a year away.
K-Var currently has some in stock!
They ship throughout the USA!