18 Jan 15

Demographic Changes!

“Why doesn’t our government protect us? Why aren’t criminals following gun laws? Why do we have to protect ourselves?”

John Glassy (quoting a frightened student)

This from a friend in the UK:

“Jewish populations in the UK, France, and the rest of Western Europe are terrified! As a result, thousands are permanently relocating to Israel.

As a group, Jews are contributing, productive, smart, and moral, so this panicked exodus leaves all of Europe poorer- financially, politically, and culturally. Last year, 7k left France after increasing numbers of violent incidents specifically targeting them! France is approaching that figure already in 2015!

Our senior politicians are trying to reassure them, and to their credit, are providing added security at schools, synagogues, and in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods

But, the exodus continues!

As Jews move out, Islamics move in! Frankly, as a group they are clanny, non-assimilating, non-contributing, and prone to violent paranoia. Many are outright fanatics. Not good news, for any nation!

You’re going to see the same thing in the USA, as deliberately focused violence toward Jews continues to increase, all with the tacit approval of sleazy, cowardly politicians (sometimes even Jewish ones) who are afraid to ‘offend’ Moslems by even mentioning it!

This is a bad time for all of us in Europe, particularly us ordinary folk (‘peons’ as you sarcastically use the term) who are without any species of personal weapons, by law.

Defend your Second Amendment, or you’ll all soon be helpless peons too!”


“Anything you want… we got right here in the USA!”

From “Back in the USA,” written and sung by Chuck Berry in 1959.

Berry wrote these lyrics shortly after returning to the USA from a trip overseas, and seeing for himself how rotten and dangerous the rest of the world was.

It’s waxed worse since, as we see!