17 Aug 21
“Cowardice, rightly understood, begins with selfishness, ends with shame.”
José Rizal
Taliban insurgents, immediately upon their nearly effortless take-over of the entirety of Afghanistan, began:
1) Forcibly confiscating all privately-owned weapons. They want no serious opposition. This is exactly what Democrats want to do here!
2) Going door to door, kidnaping women and girls for sexual slavery.
3) Arresting (eventually murdering) all suspected of cooperating with US Forces, including foreign nationals.
There are 10k Americans now in-hiding in Kabul alone. Many other Western nationals are in the same predicament. No plans in place within the JRB Administration for getting them out.
They been advised to “shelter in place!”
Kabul Airport is essentially closed.
Iraq, Jordan are next!
Look back in history. What happened to Belgians and other foreign nationals who, rightly terrified, “sheltered in place” in Stanleyville, Congo during the 1964 Simba Rebellion?
Death happened!
Over two-hundred Belgians alone, along with many other foreign nationals, not to mention thousands of innocent Congolese were captured, herded into horrible “detention centers” (without food, water, sanitation), tortured hideously, and eventually slaughtered (hacked/beaten to death) by Simba rebels.
Meanwhile, all our current Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the JCS can concern themselves with is banning tiny American flag tattoos on biceps of recruits. 
And, JRB arrogantly continues to insist that he in utterly incapable of error. He just can’t do wrong!
Gag-responses of even some of his liberal media lackeys have been exceeded!
Bad political decisions are predictably colored-in by dishonest politicians, to provide them with “political innocence,” as courageous soldiers stumble home bearing lifelong injuries, and terrified civilians drop from airplanes, or run for their lives with nothing of what meager possessions they have managed to scrape together.
This is exactly they way monsters like Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and Stalin swept into absolute power.
In the modern West, we lack the will to fight.
Instead we manufacture excuses, as elaborate as they are feeble, to “explain” our failures. Our “leaders,” as we see, never take personal responsibility.
Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read:
“The Buck Stops Here”
No one has seen that sign for decades!
At Quantico in 1968, I was taught that cowardice has no place among men of honor and is not worthy of explanation.
It follows that our current “leaders” are not worthy of our respect.