3 June 18

“The last century has produced an abundance of ideologies that pretend to be ‘keys to history,’ but are actually nothing more than desperate efforts to escape personal responsibility.”

Hannah Arendt

School shooters, probably all mass murderers, have been called the Western equivalent of “suicide bombers.”

Leftists have predictably rushed to the defense of these violent criminals, declaring that the phenomenon is indicative of a character-fault, not on the part of the persons actually responsible, but on the part of the rest of us, who have made no crime, but want to own guns.

They, equally predictably, rush to impose harsh restrictions on all of us who have not committed crimes, while also equally predictably, insuring none of those new restrictions apply to them!

It’s the equivalent of “confronting the issue of drunk-driving” by taking cars away from sober drivers!

In the words of Murray Rothbard, “It’s so easy to appear ‘conspicuously compassionate,’ when others are forced to pay the cost.”

Leftists/liberals predictably spend inestimable time and effort trying to “understand” violent criminals, while insisting that the rest of us must be forcibly disarmed. This sinister leftist dogma has not changed in the last hundred years!

We trust them to “protect” us at our peril!

What we should be thinking about how we can protect ourselves from them, and the violent criminals they mollycoddle, and who jubilantly do their work for them!

This is classic “Class Warfare,” and in case you missed it, it’s a shooting war!

“‘Reality’ is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

PK Dick