29 Apr 21
I’m in Salt Lake City this weekend, and I got a chance to visit a local gun retailer who has been here since 1916, and is very well connected within the industry:
166 E 200 S
SLC, UT 84111
801 328 2016
They actually have G19s for sale!
They also have M4s, for under $1k!
But, was was most amazing is unending pallets of ammunition, piled-up in every corner of the store!
Prices are surely up from last year, but they’re selling 9mm hardball, in 1k boxes, as many as you want!
I saw at least one pick-up truck out front, hauling away dozens of cartons!
Same with 5.56×45, 7.62×51, 7.62×39, 12 and 20ga buckshot.
High-performance ammunition is still scarce and expensive, but training ammunition is available there, in quantity.
Curiously, what is hardest to find right now is 38Spl and 380Auto, as manufacturers are concentrating on producing as much 9mm and 5.56×45 (223) as they can.
So, when you’re trying to find 9mm, 5.56.45, etc ammunition, in quantity and ready to be hauled away on the spot, contact Gallenson’s.
They have it, at least for now!