14 Apr 23
2023  NRA Conference and Show, Indianapolis, IN
Today was the first day of this year’s NRA Show and Annual Meeting.
DJT is here, as is Pence. I understand Pence received a less-than-warm welcome!
Not being involved in NRA politics, I will not hear about major changes (if any) until the meeting is over on Sunday.
No protesters today that I could see. Police presence is light!
Of note:
Both Charles Daly and SDS Imports are marketing a Turkish-made serious autoloading shogun (12ga) that works exactly like the Beretta 1301.
It’s a good system!
Charles Daly’s version is called G01DPS Tactical Shotgun. MAC’s (imported by SDS) is called the M1014.
Both feature rails, full-length magazine tubes, and both come out of the same factory!
I have a copy of the M1014 and will be equipping it with a RDO, Vickers Sling (from BFG), and a flashlight. It will go into testing with my students shortly thereafter!
Pendelton is making a plate-rack (pistol) with offset (and thus self-resetting) plates. So, plates don’t have to be reset manually. This will save time on the Range!
Another company, called Challenge, is making an extremely clever adoption on a Texas Star, called the Swinger Elite. As you knock plates down, a paper target on the other side moves erratically! Perfect for hostage-rescue drills.
CZ now owns Dan Wesson. CZ’s flagship pistol is the Glock-like P10C. I carried a copy for many months, and it runs fine.
Dan Wesson no longer makes revolvers, but does make 1911s, $1,700.00, and up!
Lone Wolf, famous for an extensive line of Glock parts, is now marketing their own 9mm double-column 9mm (Glock-like) pistol, called the DUSK19. It is very light! Nice for carrying.
A company called Phantom Tactical is marketing a 50-round M4 magazine!
SDS Imports, as noted above, imports MAC Shotguns, also Tokarev Shotguns (bullpup), and TIAS Pistols (1911s, and the XD-like PX9).
Mark Kreb’s (maker of premium Kalashnikov Rifles) latest offering is the M23, featuring a full-length rail, folding stock, M-lock forend, nice trigger. For AK-lovers, there is none better!
Primary Arms is making an RDO with a faint illuminated circle on the perimeter, which help the shooter find the red dot in the center. Very helpful when mounted on pistols! Who like RDOs on pistols, will find this is a good way to go!
PTR, yet this year, will be marketing their roller-delayed blowback PTR63, a scaled-down version of their famous PTR91 (308), but in 5.56×45.
Marcolmar has been making the CETME, a compact roller-delayed blowback 5.56×45 for several years now. I have a copy of the CETME/LC (collapsing-stock version), and it has been wonderfully reliable!
Stealth Arms is making a 9mm 1911 pistol that takes G17 magazines! Called the Platypus
M+M’s M10X rifle in 7.62×39 (similar to a Kalashnikov but with a number of convenience features), is now shipping. With its folding stock, it makes a nice package!
Lynn Thompson has sold Cold Steel, so Cold Steel has new owners, whom I have not met. They do not have a
booth at the Show.
Brian Hoffner’s “Beast” meanwhile is a “real knife” Quite a tool!
More people and products to see tomorrow!