16 Apr 23
2023 NRA Show, Second Day.
We departed Indianapolis this morning, so this report is a day late!
A company called Dead Foot Arms is manufacturing the “FoldAR” It’s an M4 with a folding (sideways) stock, and folding (sideways) forend and barrel!
When folded, the whole thing is only nine inches long, perfect for low -profile travel!
Package is $2,500.00
Obsidian Arms makes a very nice punch-kit for M4s. Armorers should have it.
Gun Nutz makes a flat tray (no moving parts) for charging pistol magazines. Amazingly clever, and it saves
wear and tear on thumbs!
Shoot-Like-a-Girl had their famous trailer in the display area. They set this up at Bass Pro Shop parking lots. It provides people, most with little gun experience, an opportunity to “shoot” a gas-operated laser pistol at projected targets (no live rounds).
On the other end, there is an archery range, so novices can do that too!
This is all provided at no charge, as it is sponsored by major manufacturers.
They’re providing a wonderful service!
Quickload makes a “speed-strip” for loading 38Spl revolvers, except that the rubber strip is staggered, so the revolver’s cylinder can be charged with three rounds at a time!
Zendira makes a very fashionable leather handbag called the “Friday Bag”
Gun compartment opening is magnetic, so access to the pistol does not require anything to be unsnapped. Interior kydex holster (by Crossbreed) is rigid, sot that the pistol and be both drawn and re-holstered smoothly, and with only one hand!
Very nice system!
On Gen5 Glocks, slides are now “direct milled” for the particular RDO specified by the consumer. No more “adopted plates!”
Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat now owns Lehigh Defense, producer of their famous line of all-copper FTM bullets. Underwood Ammunition uses Lehigh’s FTM bullets in their line of high-performance ammunition.
Kevin Underwood tells me that their 9mm 90gr, +p FTM round is the best choice for personal defense. Velocity from a G19 is in excess of 1400 f/s, with 12-14 inches of penetration.
They also make a “+p+” version, but I don’t recommend it, as it is too hard on guns, in my opinion.
Like last year, this year’s NRA Show was well attended, and I commend all vendors for showing-up and putting
their wears before actual consumers.