25 Jan 19
2019 SHOT Show, Last Day:

The Show is over for another year!

When you come, plan early. Get all your credentials and hotel reservations in place and confirmed early!

Many who waited until the last minute spent a lot of time standing in lines!

Of interest today:

A company called Guns.com collects and records the inventory of thousands of gun retailers.

When you go to their Web Page, they find the gun you’re looking for and make arrangements for shipment to an FFL near you.

The Nightforce NX8 1-8×24 F1 is their version of the “Designated Marksman” rifle optic. Nice size. Thoroughly militarized. Excellent clarity.

Good choice for an RA/XCR/M, POF Revolution, DSA/FAL, et al

Friends at Samson (samson-mfg.com) showed me two useful products:

The FSMT (Field Survival Multi-Tool). This is a mini Leatherman Tool that fits completely within the pistol-grip of an AR!

It features a pliers, scraper, but most importantly, a broken-case-extractor!

A broken case, lodged in the chamber means your rifle is out of action until it can be removed. Even running a bore-rod down from the muzzle-end may not dislodge it! This case-extractor will quickly get it out of there and your rifle back up and running!


The Samson SOPROD is a bore-rod. Collapsed, it is four inches long and fits inside the 123 battery compartment of stocks that have one.

Handy way to always have a bore-rod always with your rifle!

The 2020 SHOT Show will be in the same location (Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV), but we’re told it will be bigger than this year’s, as restrictions for exhibitors will be loosened. It might thus involve more hotels than just the Venetian and the Polazzo, which will lead to endless confusion.

With all the cavernous hotel ballrooms currently jammed-full of exhibitors (in addition to the two main convention floors), the current booth numbering system is already exasperating, to say the least!

It was great, as always, to see so many friends and colleagues, as well as new companies and new products.

Operators should be here!