15 Mar 19

High-Crime Cities:

Business Insider recently published a List of the fifty “most dangerous” cities in the world, in terms of violent crime.

South and Central America, particularly Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Columbia, El Salvador, and Brazil are all good places to stay away from, as is all of South Africa!

Kingston, Jamaica, and San Juan, Puerto Rico also made the List.

Chicago nearly earned this dubious distinction, but Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans and St Louis did make the List.

Crime “statistics” are heavily influenced by local politics, and many homicides (particularly in third-world countries) are thus never reported, bodies never found, and no statistical notation ever made! So, I strongly suspect each of the cities mentioned above are actually far more dangerous that even this unsavory List would indicate!

Not even mentioned are cities in “war zones,” which includes much of the Middle East.

Also not listed are cites where statistics are not even kept, or are unavailable, like most of Africa, North Korea.

When traveling to most of the foregoing towns and places, you won’t be able to be legally armed.

All the more reason to not go!

The world is a lot more dangerous than most think!

Think twice about off-shore travel!

Even within CONUS, be alert, go armed, stay away from places mentioned above.