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From a friend in Seattle, WA

31 May 12 From a friend in Seattle, WA: “The City of Seattle is in the midst of a significant upswing in gun-related homicides and serious injuries. We had only three by this time last year. Twenty so far this year! Five yesterday. Single suspect. Three locations. Ended with suspect committing suicide. In the midst […]


31 May 12 “There are things that you cannot imagine, but there is nothing that may not happen!” Poker-players’ axiom Last Thursday, in VA, a Deputy Sheriff confronted a shotgun-wielding suspect as the officer responded to a domestic violence call. When the suspect pointed his shotgun in the officer’s direction, the officer attempted to shoot […]

Comments on movement

24 May 12 “One serious difficulty in planning the fight against Americans is this: On our side, we carefully, meticulously read their manuals. Curiously, they don’t! Nor, apparently, do they feel any particular obligation to follow their own doctrine!” From a German officer’s notebook Comments on movement: From a friend and Instructor/correspondent: “I recently interviewed […]

Stationary Momentum!

23 May 12 Stationary Momentum! “Real-time will predictably sabotage the execution of even the best of plans. No plan ever works perfectly. Most never come close! However, having thought through options ahead of time, you can tweak your plan on the fly, instead of standing there in motionless panic, trying to go several directions at […]


22 May 12 “To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing; unique, and fitted to his talents . . . What a tragedy, if that moment finds him unprepared and unqualified for the work that […]

Ameriglo CAP Pistol Sights

21 May 12 Ameriglo CAP Pistol Sights I’ve had Dave-Spaulding-designed CAP sights on my G23/Gen4 now for over a month now, and I can report that they are now my favorite pistol sighting system! The Gen4/G23 is my current carry-gun, and I’ve run many rounds through it since the installation of CAP sights at the […]

Mounting optics on rifles

21 May 12 Last weekend, at an Urban Rifle Course in the Midwest, a student brought a Ruger Mini-14 with a Trijicon optic forward-mounted on a rail. Unfortunately, the rail was anchored, via four shallow screws, into the plastic forend. The rifle itself ran fine, but optic and mount were wobbly and unstable, and, not […]


17 May 12 “It’s not being fast, nor even accurate, that counts most. It’s being willing. Most men, regardless of cause or need, are not willing. They’ll blink an eye, or draw a breath, before they pull the trigger. I won’t!” Ageing frontier gunfighter, John Bernard Books (played by John Wayne), in the 1976 feature […]

Follow-up on hammer-fired and striker-fired pistols

14 May 12 Follow-up on hammer-fired and striker-fired pistols, from a friend and design-engineer: “Hammer vs striker design differences are a good showcase for the slippery topic of ‘engineering design-tradeoffs.’ Comparison of hammer-fired ignition systems and striker-fired ones graphically demonstrates at least one critical design difference: Hammer-fired handguns have firing pins with relatively loose radial […]

Timely warning, from a friend and Instructor

10 May 12 “Yesterday included a trip to my gun-club and draw-and-fire drills with M&P, Glock, and XD. My XD failed to fire several times. Primers were dented, but apparently not enough. Dented rounds fired on a second attempt, so striker impact-strength was obviously on the ragged edge. I called a friend, and he immediately […]

Interaction between CCW-permit holders and police

9 May 12 In a recent YouTube presentation, I saw a “school solution,” purporting to show the “ideal way” for a legally-armed citizen to interact with police, in this case during a traffic-stop. The depiction, as is usually the case, was a mixture of truth and error. It shows the citizen being courteous, polite, and […]

Safety Procedure

4 May 12 One of our Instructors, a woman, recently participated in a recreational shotgun training program. It was a clinic on Sporting Clays, taught by a highly-respected, veteran player. I don’t consider myself an expert, nor even particularly knowledgeable, on this kind of shotgunning, and I thus probably should have attended myself! During the […]


2 May 12 “Slavery degrades people to such a point that they come to like it” Clapiers FL Gov Rick Scott, modern-day hero! The Republican National Convention is scheduled for the end of August in Tampa Bay, FL. As with all such political events, rallies, protests, “marches,” et al will be seen in great profusion. […]


2 May 12 “There are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting it. The last is much the worst.” Wilde At a Pistol Course on the East Coast last weekend, I had a number of new students, all with guns they had recently purchased. I was meeting […]