2 May 12

“Slavery degrades people to such a point that they come to like it”


FL Gov Rick Scott, modern-day hero!

The Republican National Convention is scheduled for the end of August in Tampa Bay, FL.

As with all such political events, rallies, protests, “marches,” et al will be seen in great profusion. Of course, the City and surrounding areas are making elaborate preparations.

Tampa’s mayor, like all self-respecting autocrats, has proposed “banning guns” from the downtown area during active days of the Convention. How such a “ban” could ever be enforced was never explained. Of course, the instant the Convention is over, this same mayor will argue that the ban be made “permanent.” They always do!

In any event, FL’s Governor, Rick Scott immediately dismissed the entire idea, chiding the mayor with,

“… conventions and guns have co-existed since the nation’s birth. It is unclear how disarming law-abiding citizens will protect them from threats posed by those who flout the law.”

What a breath of fresh air!

Ever hostile to individual freedom in any form, leftist politicians love disarming (and thus punishing) good and decent people, who don’t vote for them anyway, with sweeping “bans.” Worked great in New Orleans, eh?

“Victimism” keeps such politicians in power! There is, naturally, never any provision to disarm violent criminals, who pay no attention to such bans, but whose votes and political support are easily purchased.

Gov Scott deserves great credit for standing up for good people, for our individual rights and freedom.

Few politicians do!

“Who asks of freedom anything other than freedom itself, is destined to be a slave”