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19 Oct 17

Training with John S Farnam and DTI:

We regularly update our schedule on our Web Page at defense-training.com, and a number of students have asked that we start sending monthly notifications of what’s coming up.

We promise not to spam you with every change!

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When you don’t see a Course in your area, respond to this email and we’ll see if we can schedule a Course near you if you can put-together a group .

Here is what is coming up. Join us if you can:

21-22 Oct 17 Defensive Handgun, Victoria, TX
21-22 Oct 17 Urban Rifle, Victoria, TX
28 Oct 17 Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds, Columbia, SC
28-29 Oct 17 Women’s Defensive Handgun, Columbia, SC
29 Oct 17 Dynamic Handgun, Columbia, SC

4-5 Nov 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Amissville, VA
4 Nov 17 One-day, Women’s Defensive Handgun, Tipp City, OH
5 Nov 17 One-day, Women’s Defensive Handgun, Tipp City, OH
11-12 Nov 17 Urban Rifle, Homestead, FL
16 Nov 17 Women’s Defensive Handgun, New Plymouth, OH
17 Nov 17 Advanced Defensive Handgun, New Plymouth, OH
18-19 Nov 17 DTI Instructor’s Course, New Plymouth, OH
25-26 Nov 17 Urban Rifle, Nunn, CO

2 Dec 17 Defensive Handgun, El Paso, TX

10-11 Feb 18 Vehicle Defense, Camden, TN

3-4 Mar 18 Armed Response to Threats, Naples, FL

7-8 Apr 18 Defensive Handgun, Columbia, MO

12-13 May 18 Urban Rifle, Covington, OH
19-20 May 18 Defensive Handgun, Firth, NE

1 June 18 Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds Bolivar, MO
2-3 June 18 Advanced Defensive Handgun, Bolivar,MO
27-29 June 18 Defensive Handgun, Casper, WY
27-29 June 18 Advanced Defensive Handgun, Casper, WY

1-2 Sept 18 Urban Rifle, Bolivar, MO


“The Thick of the Fight!”

18 Oct 17

“We had no home front
We had no soft soap
They sent us Playboy
They gave us Bob Hope
We dug in deep
And shot on sight
And prayed to Jesus Christ
With all of our might

Remember Charlie?
Remember Baker?
They left their childhood
On every acre
And who was wrong?
And who was right?
None of that matters in the thick of the fight!”

From “Goodnight Saigon,” written and sung by Billy Joel in 1982

Preparing for “The Thick of the Fight”

In much of what passes for “training,” it seems the subjects of sincerely fighting for your life, and in the process inflicting painful, fatal wounds on people (evil as they may be), are never openly and frankly discussed.

In fact, in many “Gun Safety Classes,” such things are mentioned only in whispers, and only during breaks.

Even “Concealed-Carry Classes” often fail to confront real and pressing issues of lethal interaction with malignant criminals, and resulting dreadful injury and violent death.

Many students come to me with this incomplete orientation, albeit otherwise mostly competent gun-handlers. They can operate a machine, but they’ve never honestly confronted the subject of lethal self-defense. In fact, they’ve avoided thinking about it.

Lawyers and politicians (most of whom have never confronted any species of real danger) talk about it so surgically, philosophically, even casually in the aftermath, but for those of us in the “thick of the fight,” right up to our necks, the stark confrontation with death itself is just about as “real” as life gets!

In one’s general education, some subjects dare not be avoided!

Jeff Cooper used to refer to those of us who have lived through deadly violence as having “Seen the Elephant”

You’ve heard of the “fight or flight” response to deadly threats.

Actually, neither is likely, particularly among the willfully naive.

What is far more likely is “freeze or panic,” and in real, violent criminal attacks, we see both routinely, even among those who ostensibly know how to operate a gun, with predictably dreadful outcomes.

Skilled lethal-force instructors, as an integral part of their curriculum, need to compel students to straightforwardly confront the unthinkable, in addition to teaching them how to operate a machine, productively interact with our criminal-justice system, make profitable adjustments in personal lifestyles, etc.

Ignoring “The Elephant” won’t make him disappear!

“Death smiles at us all. All one can do is smile back!”

Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius (played by Richard Harris), in the 2000 feature film, “Gladiator,” staring Russell Crowe


The Test, Ready or Not!

13 Oct 17

Welcome to the wild, wild world of 2017 AD!

Our Las Vegas, NV Sheriff says his officers didn’t arrive on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel until shooting was mostly over.

Hotel spokesman insists uniformed police were there much earlier.

Either way, in today’s volatile world, all LEOs having quick access to a rifle that is carefully sighted-in, and with which the officer has trained extensively, is not a melodramatic, over-the-top gesticulation.

It represents logical, prudent, and critically necessary policy!

Ditto for always carrying a “combat load” of ammunition (charged magazines) for both rifle and pistol(s).

Same applies to all practicing Operators, LEO, or not. We need to be instantly “capable!”

When The Test comes, they’ll be no time to “retrieve” weapons you need. Help is not on the way. The Test will not wait, and you’re going to live or die with what you have with you.

Put another way:


Today, I flew (via commercial airline) to a distant city to work with several local students. I’m staying in a local hotel.

Of course, I’ll be maintaining a low profile, but I have two pistols with me, a heavy, high-capacity service pistol, and a smaller back-up pistol (Beretta APX and Kahr PM45), both of which I’ll be carrying continuously, discreetly concealed.

In addition, I have my FSM4 (w/ Law Tactical folding stock), with four, fully-charged 30-round magazines (one in the rifle, and three spares), discreetly concealed within an innocuous 511 “Skateboard Case”

I also have a DTI Trauma Kit, tactical flashlights, Fox OC spray, etc.

For domestic travel, the foregoing is standard!

“When you wait for mango fruits to fall, you’ll be wasting your time, while others are learning how to climb mango trees”

Michael B Johnson


Century Arms RAS47 Rifle

11 Oct 17

“All that is complex is not good. All that is truly good, is simple.”


Century Arms RAS47 Kalashnikov Rifle

I’ve had many Kalashnikovs come through my Urban Rifle Classes. They have been manufactured in the (former) Soviet Union, China, America, even Pakistan. With the exception of the ones made in Pakistan, all have run well!

By American standards, some consider Kalashnikov’s creation “rude and crude,” but any competent Operator will instantly appreciate the simplicity in the design, and the genius of the designer. This is the rifle I faced in Vietnam so many years ago, and understandably, I hated it then. In fact, I still bear scars from AK rounds, received during my tour as a Marine Infantry Officer in Vietnam in 1968! Since, like most, I’ve come to appreciate what a superbly-functional machine the AK is!

Kalashnikov was an uneducated tank-mechanic, born with few advantages, but there was a design-genius lurking inside. Like all of us, he was far from perfect, but his indelible contribution to military history is undeniable!

The 7.62×39 rifle cartridge is the best military round ever made! Short and heavily tapered, it was designed from the beginning to run smoothly in automatic machines, and does so better than any other! It is a legitimate 300m round, with exceptional penetration.

I recommend not running steel-case ammunition through your M4, for fear of breaking the extractor. Such concerns are unnecessary with the AK. It’s heavy bolt and large extractor are unlikely to break under any circumstances!

My copy of Century Arms’ American-made RAS47 if a wonderful manifestation of the Kalashnikov Rifle!

It features a bolt-hold-open-notch in the manual safety lever, but is otherwise faithful to the original design. It takes all AK magazines, but I particularly like 30-round Pmags!

I’ve had it for six months, and it runs and runs! Copies are available for under $600.00. Although, in view of recent events and resulting cries from domestic leftists for gun-banning legislation, that may have already changed!

As a car-gun, the RAS47 is hard to beat!


Get your copy while you still can!


What’s in a Name?

10 Oct 17

Names and Reputations:

“Character is much easier kept than ‘recovered’”

Thomas Paine

Among most American Indian tribes, at least in the 1800s and before, each individual had a name, but you didn’t get to select it yourself!

You were named for some habit or quirk displayed at you grew up. Some were named for the weather on the day they were born. Others were named for some comical faux pas committed as a youth.

The practice is not common in Western Culture, save for certain instances, particularly among royality, and particularly when individual behavior (good or bad) significantly influenced important historical events.

Hence, we have “Richard, the Lion-Hearted,” a title obviously conferred upon Richard by his admirers (chief of whom was himself, not may others), and subsequently picked-up by historians and thus eventually made part of the permanent record.

Likewise, with 18th Century Russian Czar, “Peter the Great.” Most who lived under Peter thought he was far from “great!”

Less fortunate were:

“Charles the Bad,” King of Navarre, Spain (14th Century)
“Boleslav the Cruel,” of Bavaria (11th Century)
“John the Bastard,” of Portugal (15th Century)
“Rudolf the Sluggard,” of Burgundy (11th Century)
“Henry the Impotent,” of Castile (15th Century)
“Louis the Stammerer,” of HRC (9th Century)
“Charles the Fat,” of HRC (9th Century)
“Louis the Do-Nothing,” of France (10th Century)
“Ethelred the Unready,” of England (11th Century)
“Frederick the Fickle,” of Portugal (14th Century)
“Ivan the Terrible,” of Russia (16th Century)

Even less fortunate were:

“Joanna the Mad,” of Castile (16th Century)
“Harold the Lousy,” of Norway (9th Century)
“Albert the Peculiar,” of Austria (14th Century)

Least fortunate of all was:

“Alfonso the Slobberer,” of Galicia, Spain (13th Century)

I suspect unflattering titles, as noted above, reflect a brutally honest assessment that, for some reason, escaped “revision” by subsequent historians!

Even today, we see attempts on the part of the world’s self-proclaimed elitists (who ought to know better) to immortalize themselves by appending their names to undertakings, such as “Obamacare,” ad nauseam.

Most such will ultimately suffer the same fate of the curious gallery listed above. Unflattering titles will stick. The rest of their “legacy,” along with their memory, will mercifully fade away!

“When I take care of my character, my reputation takes care of itself.”

DL Moody


Back to the 1400s!

7 Oct 17

“May the forces of evil become confused on their way to your house.”

George Carlin

“Two of the rifles were outfitted with medium-magnification scopes and two-legged supports, known as bipods, attached to the undersides of the weapons. These additions would have helped Mr Paddock target specific individuals.”

The foregoing is a quotation from a news article about last Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas.

It is as if Torquemada, “Grand Inquisitor” in 15th Century Spain, has been reincarnated in 2017 to write about “medium-magnification scopes” and “two-legged supports known as bipods,” as if they are creations of the Devil himself!

Breathtaking idiocy displayed by leftist “journalists” is apparently the “new normal.”

American gun owners take note of leftists’’ nonsensical, but deliberate, vilification of bipods, scopes, “bump-stocks, etc.

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

Shakespeare’s Hamlet, (Act II, Scene II)

Leftists may appear looney, but never underestimate the rational precision of their detailed plan to utterly destroy the reality of private gun ownership in the USA. Yes, there is “method” in leftists’ madness.

What does it mean?

At this point of the play, Hamlet and Polonius are interacting onstage, but this quotation is technically spoken by Polonius to the audience, in an aside. What Polonius is saying is that, even though Hamlet is talking crazy, it actually makes sense.

“I’m not paranoid, I’m not scared, I’m just a little prepared as I embrace the chaos that is this short ride we get in the universe.”

Shawn Lupka


Unarmed Police?

3 Oct 17

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’”


During last Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas, NV, at least two police officers, a Federal agent in one case, “borrowed” pistols from armed non-police, because they (the officers) were not carrying concealed guns at the time.

In retrospect, I’m sure they wish they had been!

With what we know now, those pistols may not have influenced the outcome of this particular event in any measurable way, but those officers did not know that at the time!

Lesson for all of us:


“Police” is not “what we do”

“Police” is what we are!

And you either are, or you aren’t!

With so many non-police going armed (legally) in most states, don’t you think police ought to go armed too?

“I neither want, nor expect, trouble. But, I don’t want to be found dead, because I was optimistic. I’ll wear my gun, use my own good judgment, be careful of what I say, and perhaps there won’t be trouble.”

From Louis L’Amour’s western novel, “Over On the Dry Side”


Age of Terrorism!

2 Oct 17

“Age of Terrorism” We’re in it!

Sunday night’s massive shooting incident in Las Vegas, NV is just the latest in a long series of terrorist actions. This time, not in the Mideast, France, Sweden, nor the UK!

Not much information about the perpetrator yet, but I suspect when all is revealed, details will not be surprising!

In the interim, all of us must understand more terrorist events are just around the corner!

Critical issues to keep in mind:

CROWDS ARE DANGEROUS! No matter where, no matter the occasion. We need to stop kidding ourselves into thinking these kinds of attacks happen only in “third-world” countries. A thin veneer of (mostly imaginary) “civilization” separates the United States from more notoriously dangerous places, and it is getting thinner by the day!

When in a crowd, KNOW THE BEST ESCAPE ROUTES AHEAD OF TIME! In Sunday’s incident, most victims were shot when jammed into predictable bottlenecks near gate entrances. There are almost always “alternative” exits. Most of us can climb a fence, break a window, or step-over a barrier. Exits marked “Security Only,” “Reserved for VIP,” etc are fair game in an emergency! You can apologize later! Always reconnoiter ahead of time!

FLASHLIGHTS SAVE LIVES! There is every reason to believe, as these attacks continue, most will take place at night! At night, an Operator with a tactical flashlight can find many paths of escape that are not obvious to those groping in darkness.

TRAUMA KITS SAVE LIVES! You should never be far from IBDs and tourniquets! You will have to treat wounded, at the scene, maybe including yourself! It may be hours before the wounded ever see the inside of an ER. It will be too late for many! Most gunshot wounds are surviveable, when those close-by are appropriately equipped and trained.

GO ARMED! Instantly returning fire with a handgun may not always be efficacious, but during the ensuing chaos, you may be subject to other pernicious threats on side-streets, alleys, and dark parking lots.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts. Wear real shoes capable of serving you adequately during unexpected long walks. Have ID, cash, credit cards, cell phone, car keys, blades always on your person. You may find yourself unable to access your car and hotel room, maybe for days! The unprepared may thus escape injury, only to find themselves pitiable “refugees,” unable to communicate, travel, nor access basic services.

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Many of us have trained ourselves to look around constantly. Don’t forget to look up and down too!

Remember, terrorist attacks will always be “come as you are” events.

Terrorists are not “sick,” “misguided,” nor “disturbed.” They are just evil, and they will never be anything else!

We all need to understand that!

“The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter.”




1 Oct 17

“Can’t you read the sign?”

Variants of “guns prohibited” signs are posted in many places. Usually added is the phrase, “for your safety” (which loosely translates to: “… for the ‘safety’ of our cushy jobs”)

Self-righteous liberals (or is it “progressives?”) continue their incessant march to erase every vestige of individual initiative and personal responsibility, and to replace them with the strictly-enforced “group-think mentality” of lemmings, or as observed in wildebeest herds in Africa.

Executives of Mara River Crossing, LLC, a crocodile-infested adventure/tourism company, operating in East Africa, fully understand the efficaciousness of “weapons prohibited” signs, as seen during summer vacationing in CONUS.

Consequently, back in Africa they constructed signs that they made plainly visible from the opposite bank of the river, just at the narrow entrance-points for the seasonal migration of wildebeest herds.

Signs read:





It is signed:

Crocodylus Niloticus, Vice President of Business Development & Risk Management, Mara River Crossing, LLC.

I’m confident “Crocodylus” is a professing liberal, who has convinced himself he is actually “helping” wildebeest, and I suspect most vote for him!

“Do not allow your mind to be commandeered by political ideologues, who intend to enjoy your slavery.”




28 Sept 17

From a student:

“Yesterday evening, I had to pick-up my wife at an Amtrack station in Hartford, CT.

As I waited at the rear, keeping an eye on the station as well as my car, a slovenly-dressed man turned toward me and began to approach. He muttered some sort of request for money.

At seven meters, I turned towards him, assumed my ‘interview stance,’ made eye contact, moved laterally, and loudly said:

‘Sorry sir. I can’t help you’

He stopped abruptly, apparently shocked by my crisp and practiced response. Mumbling incoherently, he turned and shuffled away.

This is the exact scenario we practiced during our training together, and this is the way I now intend to deal with all future contacts with panhandlers!

It surely worked well in this case!

I was armed, of course, but no gun was ever displayed. No threatening language. No one hurt. We unceremoniously disengaged and separated. A ‘happy ending,’ although I know you don’t like that phrase!

You instructed us that a fight avoided is better, by far, than a fight ‘won.’ I now really understand how true that is.”

Comment: Another “success story” that will never see the light of day in any police report, nor news headline. Yet, among competent Operators, this kind of felicitous triumph happens hundreds of times per day!