No Doubt!

16 Oct 19

“You lied to his face?

No. I ‘revised the parameters of my promise.’

Which is lying!

Which is politics!”


There is no doubt!

Democrat presidential aspirants, in their latest “debate” last night all strongly advocated for forced gun confiscation, cynically mislabeled “gun buy-back”

No push-back from any of them, nor from leftist media “inquisitors.”

Democrats are openly coming after our guns, while keeping theirs.

There is no doubt!

Beto confirmed his previous affirmation that he would, as president, forcibly confiscate “ARs and AKs”

He added that “his fellow citizens” will gladly, happily give them up, with nary a hint of protest.

Funny, that’s not what we’re seeing in CT, NY, Brazil, Venezuela, and New Zealand!

Julian Castro, openly spiteful of police, countered that minority communities would not welcome police officers coming door-to-door demanding that citizens turn-in their guns!

“Police violence is also ‘gun violence’” said he, to wild cheers from the audience.

Not a single other candidate came to the defense of American police!

Police officers, along with all other American gun owners, are obviously “expendable!”

Sleepy Joe asserted “A registered gun is far less likely to be involved in a mass shooting…”

To no one’s surprise, he offered no factual basis for that mythological belief.

He also firmly designated NRA members and gun manufacturers as “The Enemy,” presumably to be righteously punished, then he later insisted he would “bring us all together.”


In gulags?

When gun manufacturers are all forced out of business, who will equip our police, military, and Sleepy Joe’s bodyguards?

Anderson Cooper asked Andrew Yang why “assault weapons” were such a current target for confiscation by Democrats, when handguns are used in the vast majority of violent crimes involving guns.

Yang ignored the question completely and went off on another topic!

Not long ago, Democrats wanted to ban all handguns, simultaneously stating that other guns, rifles and
shotguns, were “not a problem.”

How their tune has changed!

Today, they refuse to talk about handguns, but want to rip from the hands of innocent Americans all legally-owned autoloading longarms (at least as a start).

Anderson Cooper, of course, lacked the courage to ask any of these presidential aspirants if Americans might have a problem with cheerfully turning-in their guns to the government, while Democrat politicians refuse to turn-in theirs!

He might has asked:

“When ‘ordinary’ American citizens can’t have guns to protect themselves, why is it okay for all of you to remain heavily armed, with ‘assault weapons’ galore?

If ‘assault weapons’ can’t protect us, why do they continue to protect you?

Are you really surprised when ‘ordinary’ Americans view that as arrogant, elitist hypocrisy on your part?”

Of course, with our cowardly, less-than-honest media, we’ll never hear anything like that!

“My campaign appeals to the wealthy, because I set all at ease by confirming, ‘It’s okay to be rich (like me), so long as you claim to care about ‘the children.’

I also appeal to the poor, who are too stupid to understand what I’m saying, so I hold-up pretty pictures and then give-out candy bars”




15 Oct 19

How we got here!

Firearms evolution:

Walter Hunt in 1848 designed the Volition Repeating Rifle. It combined a primitive “lever-action,” tube magazine, and self-contained cartridges, consisting of a hollow lead bullet that contained powder, but no primer. A primer had to be emplaced before each shot could be fired.

Hunt’s revolutionary rifle never got beyond the prototype stage, but Lewis Jennings improved Hunt’s original design the following year and actually went into production in 1851 through Robbins and Lawrence, and called the new product the “Smith-Jennings Rifle”

Involved in the production team were Ben T Henry, Dan Wesson, Horace Smith, and Courtland Palmer.
The project was a financial failure, as there was scant consumer interest. They went out of business in 1852.

In 1854, Smith, Wesson, and Palmer revived the project, this time adding a primer to the self-contained cartridge. “Smith & Wesson” was thus born, but promptly went broke! A few pistols were made, but again there was little consumer interest.

Shirt-maker, Oliver Winchester, then stepped-in (1855) with fresh funds, and the project was revived once more, now called the “Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.” Winchester liked the term “Volcanic,” after reading a Scientific American article on volcanoes.

But, it also met with quick failure. No consumer interest!

Winchester and Ben Henry then went off by themselves and formed the “New Haven Arms Company” in 1857.
Smith and Wesson went their own way and started making revolvers!

S&W developed a metallic-cased, 22 caliber, rimfire cartridge. Together with Rolland White, who had the idea for the bored-through cylinder, they form the new S&W Company and make a seven-shot revolver in 1857.

Revolvers from Colt were available at the time, but they were all loaded from the front of the cylinder, with a separate primer (cap) that had to be added at the rear of each cylinder. S&W’s new revolver could be loaded/reloaded much faster!

Meanwhile, Ben Henry developed his famous metallic rimfire cartridge (44 Henry), an improved rifle to fire it (the Henry Rifle), which incorporated Hunt’s original tube magazine and lever action.

The main problem with Hunt’s original “Rocket Ball” cartridge was obturation, adequately sealing the chamber during ignition and subsequent propagation of the bullet down the barrel. It was a persistent issue with all attempts at designing breech-loading guns. Hence, all Volcanic pistols and rifles were low powered and short range.

Metallic (copper, later brass) cartridges cases solved that problem and made powerful, log range cartridges possible.

Winchester again swooped-in and reorganized the project under the name “Winchester Repeating Arms Company.”

The Henry Rifle was used by some Union Troops at the very end of the American Civil War, but came along too late in the conflict to have any significant influence.

However, repeating arms now rose to the forefront of public consciousness, and success would no longer elude Winchester and Henry!

Most pistol and rifle barrels of the era were octagons. This is because bar-stock of the era used for making barrels was mostly square,, and cutting off the edges, making eight sides instead of four, was much easier than chucking-up the square bar on a lathe and turning it into a circle.

Winchester’s company thereafter enjoyed spectacular success, but curiously his lever-action rifles, with all their advantages, never garnered the interest of war planners in the USA.

However, they did in Russia and number of other countries, worldwide!

Winchester’s first rifle’s (Model of 1866) main improvement over the Henry Rifle (1860) was the addition of King’s Patent Loading gate (named after Nelson King, a Winchester employee), a sizable technological advancement over the front-loading tube of the Henry Rifle.

Both the original Henry and the new Winchester 1866 were chambered for 44 Henry, a rimfire cartridge with an all-copper case. Both rifles had duel firing pins.

The 44 Henry was, at least be today’s standards, a pistol cartridge (220 gr bullet at 1200 f/s), so the rifle itself was a 100m gun.

Black-powder rifling twist-rates ranged from 1:40″ to 1:60″, far milder than what is common with modern rifles using smokeless propellant.

Oliver Winchester and Ben T Henry ultimately had a falling-out, with Winchester the clear winner! Henry subsequently faded away, working as in independent gunsmith until his death in 1898 (age 77)

Next technological leap forward was the Winchester of 1873, chambered for the 44WCF (44-40), a center-fire cartridge (200 gr bullet at 1400 f/s), now with a brass case. Range went from 100mm to 200m, but it was still mostly a pistol round.

Brass receiver was replaced with steel. Also added was a sliding dust-cover.

Colt’s “Frontier Model” SA revolver of 1878 was cleverly chambered for the same cartridge!

The Winchester 1873 provided the central theme for the 1950 feature film, “Winchester ‘73.” Main character was Lim McAdam (played by Jimmy Stewart). Rock Hudson and a very young Tony Curtis also starred.

Next came the Winchester Rifle of 1876, chambered for the Winchester’s proprietary, and vastly more powerful,
bottleneck 45-75 round (350 gr bullet at 1300 f/s). The receiver was larger and more robust than on the 1873.

The 1876 could be used effectively on bear, elk, etc.

The government 45-70 round of the era came in several different lengths, and therefore could not be chambered for a production lever-action rifle with a receiver of fixed dimensions.

Sharps Rifle Company, makers of single-shot rifles, would go out of business in 1881, unable to compete with Winchester!

Winchester’s next rifle, 1886, used JM Browning’s design (which Winchester bought from Browning), that now incorporated locking lugs and made for a much stronger action than the Henry toggle-lock which had been used on all lever-guns up until then.

Browning’s half-brother (Ed Browning), and his (JM’s) son, Val Browning, were both also prolific gun designers and promoters.

The Model of 1886 instantly rendered all previous lever-guns obsolete!

Winchester then took the Government 45-70 case and used it to produce a plethora of permutations, all with the “WCF” suffix (45-90, 38-56, 38-70, 40-65, 40-70, 40-82, 45-70, 45-90, et al) all shootable in the 1886 Rifle. Velocities ranged from 1300-1500 f/s.

On the 1886, the receiver was well sealed, so a dust-cover was no longer necessary.

Model of 1892 was next, and the second Browning-designed rifle produced and marketed by Winchester. It was intended as a replacement for the 1873, that is: a modern lever-gun in pistol calibers.

The Model of 1892 was produced well into the 20th Century, but in the 1930s was re-designated “92,” so it didn’t sound quite so old!

It was the Winchester 1892 that was used by Lucas McCain ( played by Chuck Conners) in the ABC TV series “The Rifleman,” 1958-1963

The model of 1894, also a Browning design, was the first smokeless-powder-cartridge-firing rifle of the Winchester lever-gun series, and by far the most popular. In fact, it was the most popular commercial rifle ever produced in the USA!

Over seventy percent of 1894s produced were in 30WCF (30-30), Winchester’s new smokeless-powder cartridge. There was never a black-powder version of the 30-30.

The 1894 has an improved lock-up with a transfer-bar ignition, and a trigger-safety. Over two million were ultimately manufactured.

John Browning worked closely with Winchester until 1905. Winchester essentially bought every patent Browning came up with, many of which were never produced, never even saw the light of day.

Winchester’s 1895 lever-action (box magazine) rifle was the last Browning-designed weapon ever produced by Winchester!

It was stripper-clip-fed and chambered for a number of smokeless cartridges, including 30-40 Krag, 303 British, 30-06, and 7.62x54R, for the Russians. In fact, most of the 1895 production went to Russia, where they saw heavy military use and were highly regarded!

When in 1905 Browning came to Winchester with his idea for an autoloading shotgun, Browning demanded a royalty payment on every unit sold. Heretofore, he had received a lump-sum payment from Winchester for each of his designs (whether they were ever went into production, or became a commercial success or not, as noted above).

Winchester balked at the royalty idea, and that abruptly ended their relationship with John Browning!

Browning then took himself and his ideas to FN in Belgium!

By 1899, FN was marketing Browning’s first autoloading pistol, and Browning was, once again, off to a whole new success story!


The Myth!

11 Oct 19

On 9 Oct 19, in the town of Halle, Germany, a single perpetrator fired several shots at the locked door of a local synagogue in an apparent attempt to enter and massacre worshipers inside who were observing the Yom Kippur Holiday.

Not clear if his shots were fired at the door itself, or the lock. In any event, the door held, and the suspect was unable to gain entry.

The suspect then wandered about outside, firing multiple shots, at least two of which were fatal, one at a bystander near a nearby Jewish cemetery, and one customer at an adjacent restaurant.

Both victims were dead at the scene.

The shooter filmed his own shooting escapade, much as did the shooter in the Christchurch, New Zealand incident earlier this year.

He was heard to say, in English, “Jews are responsible for the world’s problems,” or words to that effect

He was arrested without incident and is currently in police custody.

Type(s) of firearms used was not reported.

Meanwhile, unarmed British Police flee from, rather than confront, knife-wielding assailant!


1) This shooting rampage went on for over thirty-five minutes, in the middle of the day, in a highly-public neighborhood of a developed city in modern-day Germany, and during this thirty-five-minute window, the suspect was never confronted, by police, by security personnel, by anyone!

“Instantaneous police response” to theses kinds of incidents is mostly myth, as we see!
In the New Zealand incident, we saw largely the same thing.

2) Jewish parishioners inside the building, forcibly disarmed by the German government, were the only ones in a position to react, but had no means to mount an effective response.

3) Locked doors work! Had this terrorist been able to gain entry, the death toll would surely have been much higher than it was.

4) Armed felons are not confined to the USA! Even in countries like Germany, where the private ownership of guns (much less the carrying of guns) is all but legally impossible, terrorists seem to have no problem becoming armed!

5) You’re on your own, no matter where you find yourself!

“Security” is a myth!

“Police protection” is a myth!

“Crime statistics” are mostly myth, and irrelevant to the individual!

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

John F Kennedy


The Other Shoe!

10 Oct 19

“For every idealistic ‘peace-maker,’ willing to renounce his right of self-defense in order to bring-about a ‘weapons-free world,’ there is at least one malignant war-maker, more than anxious to exploit his naivety”

Margaret Thatcher

Second Shoe!

As details emerge with regard to the recent deadly stabbing incident at the Paris Police Headquarters building last week, “the other shoe” has predictably dropped!

The murderer was neither a “madman,” nor “mentally ill,” as dishonestly promulgated in the initial cover story.

As everyone well knew from the beginning, he was a radicalized, “AA-” shouting, Islamic jihadi, and his close association with radical Islamic forces was well known, but never acted upon, despite the fact that he was an employee of the PD!

Why am I not surprised?

He was finally shot dead after murdering four innocents, not by a high-speed, low-drag SWAT Team (that arrived an hour later), but by a single lowly, but courageous, intern, who was at the scene and happened to be armed, saw his duty clearly, stepped-up to the plate, and took care of business!

And, on and on it goes. We’ll not have to wait long for the next murderous jihadi attack.

Weapons range from cars, to trucks, to guns, to knives.

Victims are viewed by jihadi murderers as symbols of a Western Civilization, and are thus all “fair game,” regardless of gender or age.

Here they come- today, tomorrow, this week, next week, any time, anywhere, any place, your place!


Far more violent criminals are stopped in their tracks by “ordinary” citizens, who keep and bear arms, than will ever be by police and SWAT Teams!

“Ordinary” citizens, audacious, gallant, and dauntless, who go armed and have the courage to “take care of business,” when necessary.

Where private gun-ownership percentage among the general population is high, and where many citizens are licensed to carry concealed, and do, violent crime is always low.

Conversely, where governments (local and national) make private gun-ownership all but impossible, and citizens are constantly cowed with the message that guns are “naughty,” and that “ordinary” citizens shouldn’t own them, violent crime is always high, and growing!

“Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.”

Rorion Gracie


“True Barrier”

3 Oct 19

“Delusion detests focus, and romance provides the veil.”

Suzanne Finnamore

“Feel” safe?

Today, several police officers were viciously attacked and stabbed inside the Paris, France Police Headquarters building, just across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral!

Several officers were injured, at least one fatally!

The attack(s) took place in a part of the building not open to the public, and thus considered “secure!”

Suspect was (eventually) shot to death at the scene.

Lesson for all of us:

Many love to speak wistfully of “Green Zones,” “Safe Areas,” and similar “safe” places, where mostly symbolic barriers and good intentions supposedly create a place that is magically free from harm, and where naive liberals can “feel safe”

Yet, bad guys sometimes don’t read the instructions, as we see!

The flawed “logic” continues that, when one finds himself within a “safe zone” (gun-free-zone, for example), personal arms, readiness, and alertness/awareness are all unnecessary.

The above news item fatally rebuts such wishful thinking!

Operators need to guard against the false sense of security offered by symbolic barriers, and thus maintain a constant state of readiness, no matter where we are!

In fact, it’s remarkable how few true, physical barriers really exist in our world, a world filled with endless signs, blinking lights, and assorted other symbolism, flimsy doors, flimsy locks, flimsy gates, flimsy fences, allegoric “barriers,” etc!

Personal arms and readiness represent the one and only “True Barrier!”

All else is wishful delusion!

Many among the unarmed discover this painful fact “the hard way,” every day.

Among those, many never get a second chance!

“It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is, than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

Carl Sagan



2 Oct 19

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of dictatorship.”

Bruce Coville

ERPO (“Extreme Risk Protective Order” or “Red Flag” Law), due to take effect in CO on the first of the year.

No Republicans voted for this blatantly unconstitutional law!

Virtually all Democrats (ignoring their oath to support and defend our Constitution) did!

Mark that well!

A person who has well-nigh any “relationship” with you will be able to file an ERPO Complaint against you, by phone, and remain anonymous. ERPO filers never have to appear in person, and no counter-evidence can be considered!

There is no ERPO filing fee, and there is no penalty for false and purely vindictive reporting, nor is there any limit to how many times a person can “call-in” an ERPO!

Thus, based only on anonymous, hearsay “evidence,” an ERPO Order can be issued against you, without your knowledge. An ERPO Order is issued solely because someone you may not know well, nor know at all, “feels” that you’re “crazy,” absent any real evidence, and absent any credible investigation.

The first you’re aware of it is when police show up and you door, demanding all your guns, holding a “civil warrant” (whatever that is).

They are all seized and taken away, and you don’t even get a receipt, and there is no guarantee that your legally-owned property will be cared-for properly.

Your name instantly goes on a no-NICS List, which means you cannot purchase any guns from that point forward.

All this, without you having been so much as accused, much less convicted, of any crime!

A hearing is scheduled sometime AFTER you’ve been disenfranchised and reduced to second-class-citizen status.

This will be your first opportunity to speak and present evidence on your own behalf, after hiring a lawyer at your own expense.

During this so-called “hearing,” the ERPO filer need not even be present, and can remain anonymous, so you get no opportunity to confront, nor cross-examine, them.

When the judge dismisses the ERPO, your rights are supposedly restored and your guns returned, but only when it’s convenient for the PD to return them to you, or you may be required to go to a remote location to pick them up, and only if NICS approves!

NICS may not be updated for months!

When you discover your guns are scratched-up, covered with rust, and some are missing, there is no provision in this “law” that makes anyone responsible!

And, the highly-touted issue of “mental health” is never even addressed!

There is no provision in the law for anyone to ever be examined by health-care professionals!

Under this law, an abusive ex-husband can conveniently “disarm” his abused ex-wife, so he can subsequently terrorize her with scant risk to his own health?

Will our courts protect us from this tyranny?

A “civil search warrant” is a laughable transgression of our 4th Amendment!

The complete absence “Due Process” makes a mockery of our 5th and 16th Amendments!

When you’re prohibited from confronting your accuser and from presenting your case to an impartial jury, it is an obvious infringement upon our 6th Amendment rights.

Simultaneously, Democrats who voted for this are “concerned” about charging violent juvenile felons (who have committed real crimes), because they want to “protect their future”

They obviously have no concern for ours!

“Those capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.”

Lysander Spooner



1 Oct 19
Puppets and Puppeteers

Most health professionals and researchers agree that “Disarm Lists” cannot be assembled with any kind of reasonable predictive accuracy.

We do not have the science yet to know whom to preemptively disenfranchise, and probably never will.

So, not only do we have “No-Guns-For-You-List” problems with our Constitutional Rights as Americans, we simply don’t know how to tell whom we might preemptively disarm, which would have even the slightest impact on future mass murders.

Arguments on this subject might change if we truly could predict any of this, with even slightly more accuracy than random sampling. But, the only thing we can say with certainty is:

The only reliable predictor of future behavior is past behavior!

Of course, convicted felons are already prohibited from owning guns.

All this suggests that we have two questions:

1) Can “Lists” work?

2) If the worked, do we employ them?

The best data persuasively concludes that we don’t know enough to make sound decisions on whom would get “listed,” when they had never committed a violent crime previously.

Can anyone unerringly predict whom the next mass murderer will be?

If such a person exists, he has yet to step forward, bearing any kind of credible evidence!

Who promote the creation of such “lists” are unfailingly nervous Marxists who (as Marxists always do) want to insure all political opponents are forcibly disarmed, and thus made into second-class citizens!

“To take away a man’s freedom of choice, even his freedom to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though he were a puppet, and not a person.”

Madeline L’Engle


We’ve seen this movie!

25 Sept 19

“We’ve been assured by Democrats, and their media lackeys, that it is absolutely impossible to find and deport eleven million illegal aliens, and that any discussion of the subject is absurd.

Yet, from these same mouths we’re asked to believe that finding, and forcibly confiscating, sixteen million ‘assault weapons’ can be easily done!”


We’ve seen this movie before!

Democrats in CT and NY have decided to require registration of “scary rifles,” and magazines, with the obvious goal that they will all be forcibly confiscated in the near future.

Problem is:

Since this requirement was imposed, compliance has been exiguous!

American citizens, even in CT and NY, are extremely resistant to this leftist tyranny!

Predictable reaction by Democrat governors in both states:

Radio silence!

They are frightened to death of questions like,

“So, what are you going to do about this massive, defiant non-compliance?”

The liberal media, of course, won’t ask such embarrassing questions!

Liberal politicians in New Zealand are currently confronted by the same “problem!”

Americans own, keep, and bear well in excess of 300 million guns. Liberals naively think they can all be easily rounded-up, as their owners will cheerfully surrender them,

… as they watch Democrat politicians, of course, remain armed!

Again, we’ve seen this movie before!

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.

The Communist Party must command all guns.”

Mao Tse Tung


“The Goal”

24 Sept 19

“The goal of socialism is Communism”

Vladimir Lenin (Bernie’s role model)

It just doesn’t make sense!

We’re assured by Democrat presidential aspirants that the vast majority of American gun-owners favor government confiscation of our legally-owned “assault weapons,” as part of our national journey to socialist paradise.

“Upwards of eighty percent,” we’re told!

I’m confused!

If American gun-owners just can’t wait to turn-in their guns, why aren’t they?

Why haven’t they?

What are they waiting for?

In fact, far from turning them in, Americans are currently buying ARs and AKs, and normal-capacity magazines, as fast as they can be produced!

Indeed, Beto, Bernie, Sleepy Joe, Kamala, Liz, and their fellow commissars have exceeded BHO for the collective title of “The Country’s Best Gun Salesmen”

By the way, why haven’t all of them turned-in their guns?

Similarly, if American tax-payers overwhelmingly approve monumental tax increases to finance Bernie’s socialist wet-dream, as we’re being told, why aren’t we voluntarily paying more than we owe in taxes already?

For that matter, why is Bernie himself, and his rich capitalist friends, not leading the way by voluntarily paying more than their current statute liability?

I’m sure the federal government would gladly accept it!

If American gun-owners and taxpayers are solidly in the pocket of Democrat/socialists, and we thus just can’t wait to voluntarily give-up our cherished American individual liberty and freedom, in exchange for sinister promises of suffocating “safety,” as the media insists we are, why are we not enthusiastically doing what one would expect:

Cheerfully (1) turning-in our guns, and (2) happily giving ourselves a voluntary tax-increase?

When most Americans are socialist wanna-bes, as we’re assured we are, why aren’t we enthusiastically acting the part?

You don’t suppose the leftist media is lying, do you?

“Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be allowed?

Why should a government which is doing what it believes to be right allow itself to be criticized?

It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons.

Yet, ideas are much more fatal than guns!

Why should any man be allowed to buy a printing press and disseminate pernicious opinions calculated to embarrass the government?”

Lenin, again

… just in case you’re wondering what socialism is really like!


“We didn’t go far enough!”

20 Sept 19

Who is naive enough to believe liberal Democrats will ever be satisfied with the forced confiscation of just ARs and AKs?

Thirty-one years ago then Governor Schafer of MD signed a bill banning “cheap” handguns (Saturday-night specials), saying:

“These guns are wrong”

“This law will stop senseless killings” (It didn’t!)

“These guns are the ‘preferred weapons of criminals’”

Sound familiar?

Anti-gun Democrats (is there another kind?) assured us back then, before many reading this were born, that banning a certain kind of gun from possession by citizens will lower violent crime rates, calling it, as they do today, “common-sense legislation” and lying to us by saying that all other guns are okay and that they would never come after any of them.

How stupid do they think we are?

Today, “Saturday-night specials” are apparently okay, but as-yet undefined “assault weapons” are terrible and must now be banned from the possession by everyone, except of course politicians and their bodyguards!

They must think we have short memories!

They know their agenda only too well, and so do most of us!

Marxists are, if anything, predictable!

When the first wave of “assault weapon” bans are in place, the definition will simply be progressively expanded to included all firearms!

Next, they want to ban all rifles, calling them “sniper weapons”

Next, all handguns, calling them “suicide weapons”

With every new ban, violent crime will go up

It always does! Look at Brazil, Venezuela

Instead of admitting they’re wrong, Democrats will dutifully recite their predictable line:

“We didn’t go far enough”

Anyone who doesn’t see handwriting on the wall is pretty naive!

At least some have taken Beto at his word. Since his “Hell yes, we’ll take your ARs and AKs” diatribe, sales of ARs and AKs have risen dramatically.

Imagine that!

Not to be outdone, Kamala said today she wants to ban cheeseburgers and straws!

“You can always trust Communists, to be Communists!”

Fred Schwarz


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