Flying with Guns

21 May 19

“Every bit of learning is a little death. Every bit of new information challenges a previous conception, forcing it to dissolve into chaos.”

Jordan Peterson

I flew (SWA) from PDX (Portland, OR) to DEN last week, with my usual complement of gear.

In my Eagle Creek roller-duffel, I have my copy of the FS 7.62×51 (POF Revolution, enhanced to my specification by Robar of Phoenix, AZ). My rifle has a co-axial flashlight (Powertac 900 lumen) and Vector 1×8 Strike Eagle Optic.

I have the upper and lower separated, as both fit fairly flat in a hard case (Beretta CX4 case), and the whole thing fits inside my Eagle Creek roller-duffel.

Also in my duffel is an innocuous, soft carry case I can use for low-profile transport after I arrive, put my rifle back together, and am away from the airport.

Fully-charged magazines are within a padded case inside of a separate piece of unpretentious luggage.

TSA requires “hard” cases for firearms transport in checked baggage, but I don’t like flying with gun cases that look like gun cases!

All my airline luggage is “plain vanilla.”

When I fly out of DEN, TSA x-rays the duffel and sends me on my way. Only once in the last twelve flights have they actually looked inside it.

However, at PDX, they don’t have the necessary x-ray apparatus, so they physically examine every bag containing declared guns.

The TSA agent smiled and asked me what kind of rifle it was, and of course, I told him.

After a brief conversation about rifle calibers, I was on my way.

My bag arrived in DEN, as expected, and as it has many times before!

To be sure, not all airports and airlines are as pleasant and pro-customer as are PDX and SWA.

Flying out of any airport in NY or CA is not recommended. American and Delta are not recommended.

United is okay. SWA is the best. I don’t have experience with most of the others.

The important thing is that I have necessary equipment with me, no matter where I go, and no matter how I get

We find a way!


Victims, by Choice!

15 May 19

“When you are not prepared to use force to defend this civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.”

Thomas Sowell

Last Saturday, 11 May 19, two innocent, unsuspecting hikers on the VA section of the famous Appalachian Trail were approached and precipitously attacked by a knife-wielding hoodlum.

One male hiker died on the spot from multiple stab wounds. His companion, a woman, ran but the attacker caught up with her, and she was also severely wounded via stab wounds. She was subsequently rescued by other hikers, after her attacker left her for dead, and is expected to survive.

The single suspect has been subsequently arrested, apparently without incident.

This suspect was well-known to authorities, as he has a long criminal history, as most do.

He had repeatedly approached, assaulted, and threatened other hikers for weeks previously, probably much longer. In fact, hikers were alerted via Facebook postings and signs about this unstable and dangerous person who frequented the Trail.

Even so, I wonder how many Appalachian Trail hikers, who had thus been repeatedly warned of the likelihood of encountering this extremely dangerous person, carried concealed pistols that they could access quickly!

Two unfortunate victims mentioned above obviously didn’t!

In subsequent “Advice to Hikers,” entitled:

“After Appalachian Trail attack, here’s what can hikers do to be prepared:”

Not a single one of the “advice” and “tips” enumerated would have made the slightest difference during Saturday’s murderous attack. In fact, the subject of encountering violent criminals while in isolated places is carefully (and dishonestly) avoided!

Why am I not surprised?

There is a veritable legion of unstable/toxic people, out on their own, that any of us could encounter, at any time:

Some are mentally ill and were formally confined to mental hospitals, but mental hospitals are all closed, and their erstwhile residents are now “mainstreamed.”

Some are drug-addicts

Some are “homeless,” unable/unwilling to integrate into “normal society”

Some are illegal aliens, with various agendas and motivation

Some are “violent ideologues,” fully prepared to “punish” all who are not enthusiastic converts to their political/racial agenda, and/or religion

Some are sleazy “no-goods,” seedy opportunists with extensive criminal records

Some are violent felons with current arrest warrants, seeking likely victims

All are extremely dangerous, under the right circumstances, as we see!

Accordingly, “going armed,” particularly when in isolated places, far from any kind of assistance, is just common sense!

But, maybe not so obvious to those who have been convinced that being an unprepared and willing “victim,” by choice, is their civic duty!

Many of the intentionally unprepared thus perish every day, in amazement, all with surprised looks on their faces, and crying, “This is so unfair!”

“This ‘nonviolent’ stuff will get you killed!”

Charles E Cobb Jr



13 May 19

CNN’s Agenda

On 7 May 19 (Tuesday), two active murderers entered a charter school in a Denver suburb and started shooting with pistols stolen from the parents of one of them.

One dead. Eight wounded.

Both suspects were taken into custody, apparently uninjured.

In reporting the incident, CNN reporters piously wring their hands over the fact that a twelve-year-old student, Nate Holley, with the two active murderers standing outside a closet-door behind which he was hiding, had grabbed a baseball bat and vowed to “go down fighting”, when necessary.

CNN does not admire and celebrate the fierce courage and resolve displayed by Holley. They do not put Holley on a pedestal, as a young American lion, nor do they congratulate his steely resolve and amazing strength.

Not a chance!

Instead, they cynically bemoan Holley’s brave decision to arm himself in order to righteously fight for his own life. They denigrate and mock his audacious determination to be something more than a “good little victim.”

To “progressives” at CNN, personal courage is a “sickness.” They insist, when confronting evil, “resistance is futile,” and we should thus all aspire to the status of “helpless victim,” and never want to be anything more.

Nate Holley, and all others thoroughly infused with the dauntless American Spirit, epitomize these progressive leftists’ worst nightmare!

“Are these the people, created in greatness by the work of Jefferson and Franklin?

Are these the bitter farmers, hunters, and craftsmen who came out of the wilderness, furious for liberty and justice?

Is this the new world of Giants?”

Irwin Shaw


Learned Helplessness

9 May 19

“Every day is ‘ordinary,’ until it isn’t!”

Bernard Cornwell

On 3 June 17, a group of van-driving, knife-wielding Islamic jihadi fanatics carried-out the notorious “London Bridge/Westminster Attacks” in the UK

Inquest findings have been published.

These should be required reading for complacent Americans who purchase a pistol, maybe even expose themselves to relevant training, obtain a CCW permit, and thereafter casually decide,

“Hey, there is no need to carry a concealed handgun in 2019.

Is there?

After all, carrying a hidden handgun continuously is awkward, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and the practice complicates one’s life!”

The berserk, wild-eyed maniacs in the above-mentioned murderous London episode literally ran amok for ten, long minutes, first driving-into, and over, hapless pedestrians, then moving forward on-foot, hacking and stabbing dozens of unarmed Britons, unarmed foreign tourists and unarmed British police.

Some of the UK’s precious-few armed police finally showed-up and took care of business!

But, not before eight innocents were murdered and forty-eight were severely injured, many now with permanent disabilities/disfigurement.

During the infamous “armed police response time,” perpetrators took full advantage and executed their beastly plan, all with no fear of confronting armed victims, nor armed police

Here in the USA, these same fanatic spree-murderers may not have had it quite so easy!

Here in the USA, at least some of us routinely go armed. We’re well trained. We know how to “take care of business,” and we won’t waver!

We audaciously reject the role of “hapless/helpless victim,” and we gallantly refuse to “audition” for it!

This, of course, is the very role neo-Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”) will forcefully impose upon all of us the first chance they get, and they’ve plainly said so, over and over.

For them, ‘learned helplessness” is their mantra and their prescribed “way of life” for the rest of us, and they will tolerate no other!

Patriots and Operators know better. We know that to volunteer to become a willing victim of violent criminals is to betray/dishonor our Constitution, and our warrior heritage.

We politely, but audaciously, refuse!

“Willingness” is a state of mind. “Readiness” is a statement of fact!


Booker’s Agenda

8 May 19

“Among many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest!”


Cory Booker’s Agenda:

Cory Booker, a Democrat/socialist presidential aspirant, says when elected, he’ll implement his own anti-gun agenda, mostly (as Kamala also vows) by executive edict!

1) He wants to require anyone wanting to acquire a gun to first, in addition to passing a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background) check, to also acquire a “license” from the Federal Government. Such licenses can, of course, be arbitrarily withheld at the whim of politicians, absent due process, and with no explanation

So, in order to exercise our Constitutional rights as American citizens, specifically enumerated in our Constitution, we will first have to get “permission” from the Booker Administration.

I wonder what others among our Constitutional rights will now require a “license.” Will one now need a “license” in order to publish an editorial, or host a meeting in his home? Will his home now have to be “licensed” in order to keep its doors from being arbitrarily kicked-in during warrantless searches?

Booker seems to have our “rights” and “privileges” confused.

Don’t they all?

Booker says he just wants to keep guns away from “people who shouldn’t have them.” But, he never specifies whom those people are.

Leftists never get specific!

I strongly suspect, when Booker, like Maduro, follows the customary socialist docket, “people who shouldn’t have guns” we’ll suddenly discover, are all his political opponents.

2) He wants to ban ill-defined “assault weapons,” but offers no specifics with regard to how that could be accomplished. Does he plan on kicking-in every door in the nation until he has seized them all? Short of that, how could his “ban” be implemented?

He offers no definition of the term, “assault weapon.” That, of course, will be quickly “adjusted” to include all firearms.

3) He wants mandated federal “handgun microstamping technology,” which has failed utterly in CA where it was first tried. This is a cynical way to effectively ban the manufacture of all guns that do not meet a deliberately impossible standard.

4) He wants gun manufacturers made liable to all crimes committed with guns. This is yet another convenient and cynical way to financially cripple gun-makers, driving them all out of business.

5) He wants to “investigate” the NRA, declaring it a “terrorist organization.”

Obviously, none who opposes him will be safe!

A vicious political war over our Second Amendment rights as Americans is obviously in full-swing, as evidenced by this chilling rhetoric so dramatically emanating from the mouths of Booker, and all of his fellow Democrat presidential aspirants.

The continuance of private gun ownership in the USA hangs in the balance!

Accordingly, there can be no compromising with these Constitutional criminals, these modern-day Marxists, who are consumed with seizing unlimited power for themselves, and eradicating freedom for the rest of us.

“When you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that you were ever our countrymen.”

Samuel Adams


308 and 7.62×51

7 May 19

308 and 7.62×51

As most of us know, 5.56×45 is the “militarized” version of the civilian 223 Rem varmint cartridge, developed by Remington in 1957.

Military-rifle chamber dimensions for the 5.56×45 cartridge are more generous than the civilian 223 (SAAMI-spec), although both rounds will chamber and fire in NATO-spec military rifles.

SAAMI stands for “Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute.” SAAMI was instituted in 1913 in order to establish and exchange consistent small-arms technical information between American factories producing military arms and ammunition.

Today, SAAMI continues to dictate chamber dimensions and pressure standards for all commercial calibers, and all gun and ammunition manufacturers dutifully comply.

Commercial rifles in 223 Rem caliber, intended for non-serious purposes, mostly come with SAAMI-spec chambers, which are tighter than NATO-spec chambers, as noted above.

As a general rule, when a barrel is stamped “223 Rem,” it has a SAAMI-spec chamber, and as noted above, it is intended only for non-serious purposes. Tight chambers boost accuracy, but have no place on high-capacity, military rifles.

Conversely, when the barrel is stamped “5.56×45,” it has a looser NATO chamber, with adequate leade, or freebore (this is a short section of bore just ahead of the chamber that is not rifled, allowing the bullet to jump off the case before it engages the rifling). The combination of generous chamber dimensions and adequate leade is intended to prevent stuck cases, broken extractors, and pressure-spikes in autoloading rifles, particularly when they get hot.

Of course, loose chambers yield slightly less inherent accuracy than tight chambers. However, for serious purposes, this accuracy compromise is insignificant

Accordingly, I always recommend a genuine “NATO-spec” barrel for all 5.56×45 ARs and other autoloading rifles that are intended for serious purposes, and I specify it on all “Farnam Signature” Rifles.

308 caliber was introduced into the American commercial market by Winchester in 1952.

Two years later, DOD militarized it, designating their version “7.62×51 NATO,” and as a result of heavy persuasion on the part of DOD, it went on to be adopted my most NATO nations and remained the “standard” through the 1960s and 1970s.

With additional heavy persuasion on the part of DOD, the 7.62×51 was superceded within NATO in the 1970s by the 5.56×45, and remains there to this day.

We are told the decision has now been made at DOD to supercede the 5.56×45 with Remington’s 6.80×43 (6.8 SPC, introduced by Remington in 2003). How long this conversion will take, and whether or not our NATO allies will go along, once more, is anyone’s guess!

One important note:

While the military 5.56×45 chamber is looser than the commercial (SAAMI) 223 Remington chamber, as noted above, the exact opposite is the case with the 7.62×51/308 Winchester caliber!

Military chamber dimensions for 7.62×51 NATO are actually tighter than the those for the original “308″ chamber dimensions, and I’m not sure I understand why this is so!

In any event, this anomaly has become an issue for manufacturers of military-style rifles in this caliber, as you might imagine.

When you buy an FAL, RA/XCR/M, SCAR, POF Revolution, et al and intend it for “serious purposes,” you want a “308″ chamber (with adequate leade), not the tighter 7.62×51 NATO chamber, particularly when you plan on running a wide variety of ammunition through it.

For one, I want my serious rifle to chamber and shoot anything! When a manufacturer cautions, “use only this brand of ammunition,” I have no interest in owning that rifle, as I have no idea of what ammunition I may be one day forced to use!

With my FS 7.62×51 rifle, I’ve been thus compelled to specify “308″ barrels and chambers.

Once again. “serious” autoloading rifles have to be able to chamber and shoot any kind/brand of ammunition you can find, without stammering, without breaking extractors, without the extractor pulling-through the case-rim, and without the extractor ripping heads off of cases.

It’s a serious issue, and your life may one day depend on your rifle running reliably, despite “field conditions,” continuous lack of maintenance, and funky ammunition!


Upcoming DTI Classes

2 May 19

DTI Classes:

At the request of students, I’m promulgating a list of upcoming DTI Classes at the beginning of each month.

You may register for any of them directly at our DTI Web Page at defense-training.com.

We still have open slots in most:

Upcoming DTI Classes:

4-5 May 19 DTI Advanced Defensive Handgun, Aspen, CO
10-11 May 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Lehi, UT
18-19 May 19 DTI “Response to Active Murderer,” Onalaska, WA
24-26 May 19 (Fri-Sun) DTI Instructor Development, Rochester, IN

1-2 June 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Coraopolis, PA
1-2 June 19 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Coraopolis, PA
3 June 19 DTI Defensive Shotgun, Coraopolis, PA
7-10 June 19 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Elk Mountain, WY (Registration for this WDHG Course is not available on-line. To register, contact Susan at the Elk Mountain Hotel directly at 307 348 7774)
8-9 June 19 DTI “Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Force-on-Force” Morristown, MN
15-16 June 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Columbia, MO
21-22 June 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Sedalia, CO
26-28 June 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Casper, WY
26-28 June 19 DTI Advanced Defensive Handgun, Casper, WY

13-14 July 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Firth, NE
27-28 July 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Tipp City, OH

Come join us!


Red Flags!

1 May 19
“Red-Flag” laws:

As we all know, Democrats are working tirelessly to get “red-flag” laws passed at state and local levels, and they’ve been successful in states where voters have been foolish enough to elect them.

More are likely on the way.

As I’ve editorialized previously, with these laws, Democrats are converting American gun-owners into “second-class citizens,” who do not enjoy liberties and rights afforded other citizens.

Where these laws are passed, the Constitutional tenant of “due process,” the sacred right of every citizen, is suddenly withheld from citizens who choose to own guns.

Where red-flag laws are in-force, an innocent American citizen can be severely punished, based on an arbitrary, unsubstantiated, anonymous whim, absent investigation, absent arrest, absent criminal accusation, absent conviction, absent any opportunity to state his case, nor refute testimony against him, absent any professional mental-health evaluation, absent any species of ‘due process,” without any knowledge nor warning that his legally-owned guns are about to be forcibly confiscated, probably forever!

When uncorroborated accusations against you prove baseless and wrong, even deliberately dishonest, under red-flag laws your false accuser suffers no penalty!

Using the same phoney rational, I wonder how long it will be before Democrat politicians, in like manner, demand the power to arbitrarily confiscate your car, dog, golf clubs, knives, and anything else you legally own that could possibly use as a weapon!

Opportunities for abuse of red-flag laws are painfully obvious, and a competent and righteous Supreme Court will soon declare them all unconstitutional, with any luck.

But, that may take years, and for one, I have no interest in being “the test case!”

Between then and now, some advice:

1) Your status as a gun-owner/concealed-carrier needs to be a secret. Most relatives, co-workers, neighbors, even friends don’t need to know. Don’t talk about specific guns you may own, particularly military rifles. Maintain a low profile. Find other things to talk about!

2) Guns you own need to be adequately secured, and always out of sight. Ammunition boxes, loose rounds of ammunition, gun magazines and other literature, holsters, rifle magazines, accessories, etc need also to be kept continuously out of sight. Casual visitors to your home, office, car should never see any of that!

3) Get rid of gun-company/ammunition-company/pro-gun organization decals, patches, logo clothing, hats, bumper-stickers.

4) Watch your language and general demeanor, in public and in private! Don’t do, nor say, things that are likely to be interpreted as threats. Don’t make threatening comments, even when directed at a third party who is not present.

5) Don’t become involved in family, nor neighborhood, spats, particularly those involving marriage issues, child custody, etc. Be very good at minding you own business!

6) Don’t invite people you don’t know into your home, including police officers (unless they have a warrant). With your door remaining closed and locked, you can talk with unknown/uninvited visitors through a microphone.

7) Keep the subject of guns and gun issues out of casual conversation. Talk about guns only with people you know well.

8) Gun-organization literature, flyers, etc need to be shredded immediately after you finish reading them. Tear off address-labels on gun magazines and shred them too. You don’t want your residence address associated/connected with guns, nor gun-organizations.

9) When carrying concealed, assure guns, magazine-carriers, etc remain discretely out of sight. Open-carry, even where technically “legal,” is a really bad idea (except perhaps in extremely remote places)!

10) Don’t make enemies! Be a polite, civil, pleasant, courteous person. Don’t inject yourself into other people’s business

American gun-owners have no friends among Democrat politicians, particularly those currently aspiring to be president, and they would all like nothing better than to make “examples” of some of us, welding the illegitimate power of their new “red-flag” laws.

The sinister “knock-on-the-door-at-midnight” is coming for some.

Don’t be “that guy!”


Gun Presence

30 Apr 19

“Both liberal government and liberal media sources are increasingly unwilling to report facts, when the truth is incongruous with their Marxist agenda.”


The truth: GUN PRESENCE stops “Gun Violence!”

They’ve painfully discovered in the UK, now that private gun-ownership there is virtually extinct, yet violent crime
persists, all despite solemn promises that violent crime would be completely eliminated via a ban on private ownership of guns!

Guns, and now knives, are emphatically denigrated by leftist politicians who want to ban them all- and they have been almost completely successful in the UK.

Curiously however, the violence-free utopia liberals interminably promised has yet to arrive!

In fact, quite the opposite has happened. Violent crime in the UK not only persists, it’s growing exponentially worse!

While there is still violent crime involving guns in the UK, “knife crime” has stolen the headlines!

Now that guns are supposedly gone, it is knives (in all forms) that liberals want to ban from private ownership.

These are the same liberals who have already banned guns.

Grotesquely, their own taxpayer-funded, and heavily-armed (with guns and knives) bodyguards, are hypocritically exempted from sanctimonious gun bans imposed upon everyone else!

How convenient!

Given this sad history of ever-increasing violent crime in the UK, is there reason for anyone to believe that a “knife ban” will be any more effective in reducing violent crime than was their failed “gun ban?”

Conversely over here, the refreshing reality of a “good-guy-with-a-gun” being armed, present, and ready to fight back at a southern CA synagogue last Saturday, almost certainly saved many innocent lives.

Of course, the phrase, “good-guy-with-a-gun” is regularly mocked, derided, lampooned, and reviled by oh-so pious socialist/progressives and their media lackeys.

Thank Heaven, last Saturday an off-watch US Border Patrol Agent, who happened to be at that very synagogue, didn’t listen to them!

You shouldn’t either!

The answer, the obvious answer and the only reasonable/effective answer, to violent crime (“gun violence” if you want to use that airheaded term) is:


Guns, in a high state of readiness and continuously, courageously born by competent Operators, will stop “gun violence” every time.

Nothing else will!

Guns routinely carried by Operators, even when they’re not actually fired, nor even brandished, always represent a powerful deterrent, in fact the sole effective deterrent, to violent criminals and their harmful agendas.

From decades of bitter experience, Israelis know and understand this fundamental truth better than most, and have acted accordingly!

Meanwhile, many vociferous Second -Amendment haters here will scream loudly on every liberal mainstream propaganda broadcast (masquerading as “news”) between now and Election Day in November of 2020.

From behind their heavily-armed cadre of bodyguards, they’ll hypocritically insist that for you to own any kind of gun is “immoral.” Carrying a gun they’ll scream, is a “crime against humanity”

Like the heroic Border Patrol Agent mentioned above, don’t listen to them!

They’re talking to you the same way a spider talks to a fly!

“Gun presence” will preserve your life and health, and that of your family, maybe other innocent bystanders.

Be assured:

Nothing else will!

“We must fight vigorously any attempt to force us to rely solely upon a government for our personal safety, a government who can’t even balance its own checkbook.”

J Kohler


NRA Show and Conference, 2019, Indianopolis, IN

29 Apr 19

2019 NRA Show and Conference, Indianapolis, IN

This year’s Annual NRA Conference was fraught with controversy, as we all know now.

I didn’t know about any of the high-level wrangling until I arrived, and I still don’t know much!

I’ve never met any of those up the food-chain at NRA, and I only hope things at the top level will settle-down quickly. Political leftists hate our guts, but they’re still afraid of us. We need to ever-assure them that their fear is justified!

Vendor’s area was large, as always.

Of note:

S&W is now offering the Shield Pistol (single-column version of their M&P) with an optical sight (red dot), installed at the factory, along with Hi-Viz light-tube front and rear sights.

Very nice set-up, and I’m sure it will be popular.

FN has been harassed with viral videos purporting to show their FNS Pistol firing as a result of an external blow, with no involvement of the trigger.

My copy of the FNS has always run well, with no such issue, but FN is nonetheless offering an “upgrade” for the FNS, whose owners are concerned. For one, I’m not!

The FNS Pistol, now out of production, has been since superceded by the FN/509, which is very similar, but which has never been associated with problems mentioned above.

Lehigh Defense, makers of their own line of high-performance ammunition, featuring their proprietary, all-copper FTM bullets, also supplies FTM bullets to Black Hills and Underwood, both of whom make their own versions of high-performance ammunition. I have been testing FTM bullets for over a year now, and I am confident enough to carry them in my primary pistol.

A new company, called G9, is making ammunition with a similar-looking bullet, but they are not using bullets supplied by Lehigh. G9 was not at the NRA Show, so I have not had a chance to examine their product closely.

I saw a pistol called the Rex-Delta. It’s a Eastern-European-made, double-column, striker-fired 9mm pistol that retails at $450.00. It’s similar to the Turkish-made Canik Pistol.

The Rex-Delta is entering a crowded market, but it is very acceptable, at least upon first examination.

Like so many others, it features ambidextrous magazine-release buttons and slide-lock levers, which I think are both bad ideas (particularly ambidextrous magazine-release buttons) , but marketing consultants (who don’t even own guns, much less carry them) think the mantra of “ambidextarity” will appeal to American consumers.

A magazine-release button that is on the exposed side of a pistol as it is carried in an invitation to losing a magazine when you get knocked on your fanny, as I’ve editorialized many times before!

By contrast, the Honor Defense HG9CLE is a good example of a pistol manufactured by Operators, who actually carry guns! It’s a single-column 9mm, striker-fired pistol, specifically designed for concealed carry and serious purposes, much like the equally-excellent G48.

There are a number of new makers of purses and handbags designed for concealed carry (off-body), but GTM (Gun Tote’n Mamas) still makes the highest quality product, and the best designs.

Off-body carry represents the only viable option for many!

Between now and the 2020 elections, attacks upon our rights as Americans by leftist political candidates, who
even now are chasing each other to the left edge, desperately trying to “out-Communist” each other, will grow in
intensity, exponentially!

Now is the time to become equipped and trained, and encourage friends and family to do the same.

It’s going to get exciting, maybe violent!


See the FSM4 Gen II in action:

Go to RobarGuns.com to get more details on the second generation of Farnam’s Signature M4 Rifle.