Real Security!

17 Feb 18

“The search for truth takes us where evidence leads, even when we don’t want to go there.”

Bart Ehrman

Since the 1970s, Israelis have had to confront, and deal with, armed attacks on schools by Palestinian Islamic terrorists. Attacks were (and are) beastly and relentless.

The distasteful, but inescapable, conclusion to which they reluctantly came is that schools will have to protect themselves!

There will never be enough soldiers, nor police, so that an adequate number can be assigned, permanently, to each school, hospital, place of worship, gathering-places of all kinds.

Israelis have had to honestly confront the ugly fact that they will have to take individual, personal responsibility for protecting their own homes, schools, places of worship, et al.

In the case of schools, teachers and administrators have had to step-up to the plate, become armed and trained, and accept direct, personal responsibility for the safety of children in their charge.

The points are:

1) “Safety,” “security,” etc are words we’ve naively invented, and foolishly use to wistfully describe a non-existent condition.

2) Lethal threats are mostly unpreventable, unpredictable, inscrutable, and spasmodic, BUT NOT UNFORESEEABLE!

3) “Institutional security” is largely theater, mostly for the purpose of naive public consumption

4) The only real, tangible security, that has any chance of success, is personal!

It is point 4 that liberal politicians don’t want to acknowledge, because it involves personal freedom and liberty, which ever frightens them!

There’s more:

For decades, within our liberal-dominated educational system, children are indoctrinated with the dogma that any use of force, by anyone, under any circumstances, is always wrong. Self-defense is therefore unjust. Thus, being a “good victim” is everyone’s ultimate civic duty. You can run away, but you can never fight. Forceful resistance to evil is bad enough, but effective fighting (with guns) is unthinkable!

And yet, we see that reflexively choosing surrender as a response, when evil comes calling, is a recipe for certain death!

That dilemma has confounded Israel for decades, but they finally got past it!

We need to do the same thing!

We need to arm and train teachers and school officials, and assign them the solemn duty to effectively, personally protect their children.

We need to stop wasting time talking about utter nonsense like:

1) Herding all even suspected of “mental illness” into gulags

2) Kicking-in the door or every American household and confiscating guns

3) Assigning a contingent of National Guardsmen to every school

And, the foregoing is no exaggeration. I’ve heard it (and worse) continually from the lips of liberal commentators for the last two days!

“No kingdom can be secured otherwise than by arming the people. The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave.”

James Burgh



16 Feb 18

Cor Bon is in Sturgis, SD, not MI!


Ammunition Update

16 Feb 18

Cor Bon Update:

I just got off the phone with TA Perrine at Cor Bon in Sturgis, MI.

He indicated that Cor Bon is now shipping ammunition (including DPX) to Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Guide. It may not appear on retail shelves for a few more weeks, but you can order it now from Cabela’s Web Page.

TA assured me that all quality standards and performance specifications, including velocities, are unchanged, and that he is anxious for all of us to examine and test his ammunition for ourselves (which I’ll be doing).

Not all calibers, nor bullet weights and types, are available yet. Understandably, TA is currently concentrating on 9mm and 5.56×45, but plans on restoring, even expanding, the entire line, including 30 Carbine and 300Blk.

Like all ammunition manufacturers, TA is at the mercy of vendors! Cases, primers, propellant, and bullets are all manufactured by big companies in various parts of the country, and when these components all come together in one place, they are assembled into individual cartridges, inspected, tested, packaged, and subsequently shipped to various big distributors and big retailers (like Cabela’s) by Cor Bon, also Super Vel, Underwood, Speer, Hornady, Federal, Black Hills, Gorilla, et al.

Thus, “waiting on components” is a headache shared by all ammunition manufacturers!

I’ve always been attracted to Cor Bon’s long-time devotion to the highest terminal performance and consistent product quality. For those of us who carry guns for serious purposes, high and reproducible terminal performance, combined with unconditional reliability, are more important, by far, than all other specifications, including price!

All manufacturers mentioned above are competent and enjoy my recommendation. I’m using and testing their products as I can.


Guns for Me but Not for Thee!

15 Feb 18

Hoi Polloi (AKA: “The Unwashed,” “Peons,” “Riffraff”)

In the wake of yesterday’s terrible event in FL, gun-prohibition advocates are predictably wasting no time in shrieking for additional “reasonable restrictions” on our Second Amendment rights. Like leftists everywhere, they never get into inconvenient details of course, but insist we have to “do something.”

Many are advocating for the forcible confiscation of all perpetually undefined “assault weapons,” of overturning our Second Amendment. As noted above, they ever fail to tell us exactly how all this could be done!

Curiously, among these shrill voices are many big-city mayors and police chiefs, often referred to as the “guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee” crowd!

Even more curiously, not a single one of these public officials is advocating for additional restrictions upon themselves, but they adamantly insist that the “hoi polloi” (a group of citizens which evidently doesn’t include them) don’t “need” guns.

Dreadful new gun restrictions they postulate are desperately needed (but that will apply only to the “hoi polloi”), will never apply to them personally. They will, of course, be exempted, just as they predictably exempt themselves from most other laws and “rules” they so piously, so self-righteously inflict upon the “Great Unwashed.”

I hope they understand that we wretched members of the “hoi polloi” are more than a little skeptical with regard to their true motives!

We fail to understand how ripping guns from the hands of everyone who hasn’t committed a crime will somehow prevent violent criminals from victimizing us newly unarmed, and we’re frankly unconvinced that “guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee” politicians even care!

“Roper: So, now you give the Devil himself the benefit of law?

Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law, to get after the Devil?

Roper: Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!

Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law is down, and the Devil turns around on you, where will you hide then, the laws all being flat?

This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And when you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that will blow then?

Yes, I’ll give the Devil himself benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!”

From the 1966 feature film, “A Man for all Seasons,” starring Paul Scofield


We’re doing it for your own good!

13 Feb 18

“Praise from your critics is akin to the executioner commenting that you have a pretty neck!”

Eli Wallach

The heart of CBS’ 60-Minutes latest “report” on 2nd Amendment issues was not surprising to anyone familiar with the hopelessly liberal media.

The commentator (Steve Kroft), after assuring us all that he is so fair and in fact “hunted with his farther and grandfather,” (don’t they all!) proceeded to present the National CCW Reciprocity Bill, now making its way through Congress, as a war between the “Gun Lobby” and the police!

Police officials in NYC, who were simply handed the microphone, smugly commented that only they, and selected friends, should be able to even have guns, much less carry them. Kroft nodded in approval. What a surprise!

Many individual police officers and officials, including most sheriffs here in CO, favor this new legislation, but of course, we didn’t hear from any of them.

The NRA apparently declined to be interviewed. After being screwed by the media so many times, you really can’t blame them!

Others in favor of this bill were interviewed, or rather argued with, but Kroft assured them that shooting incidents would result “within a month or so,” when the bill becomes law. Dubious predictions like that are easy to make of course, when you don’t have to back them up!

Such “wild west” predictions always precede passage of CCW shall-issue laws. When the predicted “wild west” doesn’t happen (in fact, violent crime always goes down), vitiated liberals who made such careless predictions suddenly develop amnesia!

As always, CBS and their commentators, like all leftists, are utterly incapable of objectivity.

It is not surprising.

We believe individual “rights” are conferred upon us all, by none other than our Creator. Our Nation’s Founders rebelled against the European system which decrees there are no “rights,” only “privileges,” and that privileges attach to one’s status within society. It is a “caste system,” where one’s status can never change and that certain privileges are enjoyed only by the ruling elite (who are never questioned nor held accountable) and selected supporters. And unlike rights, privileges can be arbitrarily granted and withheld, at the casual whim of “the anointed.”

Our Second Amendment, wisely included in our Constitution by our Founders, understandably frightens and simultaneously confounds these modern-day royalists, who would return America to the European caste system.

They know all too well, as we do, what people with guns will do to people without guns! They thus want us to be forever without guns, but they soft-sell the idea to the gullible by insisting they’re “doing it for our own good,” masquerading as “benevolent despots”

The self-anointed, in and out of the media, are so predictable!



6 Feb 18

Political Agendas:

In late January, a Colorado teacher, while traveling in NY, was arrested by local authorities at the Airport in Albany, NY (ALB) as she declared her legally-owned and correctly packaged-for-travel pistol (in checked baggage) to SW Airlines for her trip home.

TSA enforces federal law, so they don’t care. But local authorities, enforcing state law (or at least their interpretation of it), made the arrest, after SW Airlines turned her in.

This is just the latest in a endless series of arrests by state authorities in NY, NJ, MD, CA, et al of hapless out-of-state gun-owners who made the mistake of trying to fly out of ALB, JFK, LGA, EWR, et al, or who voluntarily “reported” their guns to local police, naively thinking they were thus in compliance with local laws.

Even people in possession of empty magazines have been arrested!

In response, many writers have emphasized that, when traveling certain places, you must “know the law.”

Unfortunately, that provides scant protection!

As I’ve said before, “knowing the law” is probably impossible, because in reading the law, regulation, guideline, or rule, you will still not know how, where, by whom, or even if, “the law” is enforced.

What you really need to do is “know the agenda!”

Here it is.

In any state dominated by Democrats (like NY), gun-owners, local and out-of-state, will be mercilessly harassed, even thrown in jail, at every opportunity, and based on the most feeble of excuses. Cynical Democrats calculate that gun-owners don’t vote for them anyway, so they have nothing to lose in singling us out for punishment. That is their long-standing “agenda.”

Seeing innocent people rotting in jail doesn’t concern them, any more than it concerns Madura, down in Venezuela.

My advice is to stay out of NY and other states mentioned.

When you do travel out-of-state:

(1) Maintain a low profile

(2) Don’t talk about guns with anyone

(3) Don’t “volunteer” information about yourself, nor your business

(4) Don’t answer questions that weren’t asked

(5) Don’t approach police and ask about local gun laws

(6) Don’t fly-out of airports mentioned above

(7) Don’t enter any building, nor “attraction,” where they are “wanding” entrants

(8) Keep anything that could be identified as a “weapon” discreetly out of sight, out of conversation

(9) Stay away from crowds, particularly events with political overtones

(10) Don’t be “out” late at night. Conduct business during daylight hours

Remember, leftist politicians, including most Democrats, want all Americans forcibly disarmed.

When they get in positions of political power, they predictably use persecution and harassment to enforce that agenda, regardless of what “the law” supposedly says.

Don’t expect protection from our courts, nor our Constitution. Where Democrats rule (and they mean to rule), the fix is in!


Leftist Koolaid is Thinning!

4 Feb 18

“In politics, all abstract terms conceal treachery!”

CLR James

Last Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously threw-out a Democrat-sponsored state law that “prohibits the possession of any firearm within 1,000 feet of a park.”

Justices said the law was impossible to even define, much less enforce. An otherwise innocent gun-owner could unknowingly violate this “law” by merely driving past a park, or even living near a park.

Dubious arguments by state bureaucrats that the law “protects children,” were deemed ridiculous, and utterly unsupported by any credible evidence, nor data. The state’s “argument” was based on nothing but empty emotion, the only way leftists ever argue for anything!

At least some judges still don’t drink leftist Koolaid!

In America, citizens, starting with elementary school, are taught that we cannot trust our senses, that there is a mysterious “layer” between reality and perception. That “layer” is controlled, of course, by plantation-owners!

Inductive reasoning is not only discouraged, it is banned outright as treasonous!

When we don’t consider our perceptions to be real, not much learning is possible. What is possible is blind, emotional indoctrination. This is where leftists live, and insist the rest of us live too!

“Induction” implies the ability to honestly look at events and objects and find similarities. We gradually create a working theory, and then look at our theory over a broader set of events, and see if it holds. Productive thinking thus requires an iterative process of induction and deduction.

At one time, this was called “common sense!”

With no inductive component in our thinking, we become vulnerable to unsupported, agenda-driven, propaganda, where “facts” are presented, absent any evidence (as was the case in IL, above). And of course, with leftists, their phoney “facts” can never be questioned. That would be “politically incorrect,” and make us guilty of “conspiracy theories!”

This non-factual, leftist propaganda, into which no inquiry is ever permitted, is served-up daily by our fraudulent “news media.”

Inductive/deductive reasoning, free from agendas, must be taught by example, because you’ll never see it in the media, nor among most politicians.

It’s the best gift we can pass-on to future generations, even though it is mostly “out of style” today!

Thank Heaven among men and women or honor, and at least a few judges, it is still revered!

“The parasite lusts after power. He wants to bind all men together in common action and common slavery. He claims that man is only a tool for the use of others, that he must think as they think, act as they act, and live is selfless, joyless servitude.

For one, I do not believe slavery is noble. Not in any form, nor for any purpose”

Howard Roark (played by Gary Cooper) in the 1949 feature film, “The Fountainhead”


High-Performance 9mm

1 Feb 18

High-performance 9mm pistol ammunition

It’s no secret that 9mm is king right now, particularly among Operators who routinely carry guns, for serious purposes.

40S&W is still around, but over the past five years it has assumed a distant second place, more distant by the year!

357Sig is all but dead. Scant demand from both private and pubic sectors.

45GAP is dead. No demand, from anywhere. Even Glock could not keep this caliber alive!

10mm, long-since dead and buried, is currently experiencing a “popularity resurrection,” but probably a brief one!

38Spl is steady and slow. People will always carry snubby revolvers!

45ACP, also steady and slow, but no growth in this sector.

For 9mm carry-pistols, I’ve long-recommended a +p HP round, between 115gr and 125gr, from a reputable manufacturer. Federal, Underwood, Super Vel, Cor Bon, Winchester, Black Hills, et al, all make suitable candidates. Muzzle velocities are between 1200 and 1350 f/s.

Until recently, most (even Federal’s pillared Hydra-Shok) have featured “cup-and-core” bullets, a soft-lead core, encased in a bore-riding, brass cup. This combination enjoys a long and respectable history. LEO friends in South Africa have shot hundreds of people with 115gr +p HP rounds (mostly Cor Bon), and they’ve been very happy with it, much happier than they ever were with hardball.

Starting several years ago, some manufacturers have offered the same projectile-weight and velocity, but with all-copper, HP bullets. Superior to cup-and-core bullets in reliable penetration and expansion, plus they are less deflected/deformed by intervening barriers, such as car-glass.

All-copper bullets do not come apart after impact, so penetration of car-doors is far superior to that of cup-and-core, HP bullets.

However, these bullets are difficult to manufacture! The ultimate external shape, along with the hollow cavity, must be extruded, via multiple steps, from a cylinder of copper, cut from copper wire (of appropriate diameter). In addition, there are multiple annealing stages, necessary to keep the copper soft and malleable.

Cost per bullet is thus much higher than with cup-and-core.

In any event, that is what I’m currently carrying in my 9mm pistol (Cor Bon 115gr DPX). I’ve shot a lot of it, and I’m confident this represents a good choice.

The “latest” pistol-bullet technology, and one with which I’ve had only a little experience, is (for lack of a better term) “scalloped bullets,” called by manufacturers non-descriptive names, like “Extreme Defense,” “Extreme Defender,” et al.

These bullets are also homogeneous copper but look like hardball, save for deep, symmetrical scallops in the ogive.

Scallops are cut-in, rather than extruded-in, so these bullets costs less to produce than “conventional” all-copper HP bullets.

In gelatin tests, this new technology appears to be very adequate! There is no hollow-point to plug-up, and there is thus no danger of the bullet failing to expand in living tissue. The bullet is not designed to expand, nor break-up, nor change shape in any way!

Scallops are said to “redirect fluids” and thus inflict as much tissue destruction as conventional, controlled-expansion bullets. Penetration conforms to the respected FBI Protocol (12″-18″)

However, the jury is still out!

Until we dig a few of these new bullets out of decedents, I’ll not have a factual basis upon which to establish an authoritative opinion.

For now, I’m continuing to carry 115gr, all-copper, HP +p 9mm ammunition in my pistol. I’ll let others “experiment” with this new technology!

Maybe a year or so from now, I’ll be sufficiently confident to carry it myself!

“Experience is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.”

Vernon Sanders Law


Facts of Life!

27 Jan 18

The Ballistic Facts of Life:

The Pentagon’s unwavering loyalty to the 5.56×45 cartridge may be faltering, at long last, but we are once again confronted by the Laws of the Universe.

New materials, new coatings and other surface treatments, new machining methods and technology, new propellants, all help, but “game-changing miracles,” though much falsely claimed, are pretty much confined to the Old Testament!

Once again:

Autoloading military rifles, chambered for 5.56×45, are suitable, maybe even ideal, for domestic personal defense and as police patrol rifles.

But, as a “main-battle-rifle,” the caliber is inadequate, in both range and penetration. And, all the “wonder bullets,” proposed and issued, since the 1960s have fallen far short of adequately addressing these two critical issues.

And, short barrels make a bad problem even worse!

So, here is the unhappy truth:

While DOD wants a more powerful cartridge, effective to 500m, they don’t seem to consider that it is invariably going to require a rifle that weighs more and has a longer barrel than the current M4.

Barrel length, overall rifle weight, propellant capacity, bore diameter, durability, effectiveness:

All these parameters have to be balanced against unavoidable trade-offs, inherent with each.

A large ratio of propellant to bore-diameter (1) requires a long barrel length and (2) shortens barrel life.

A large bore diameter and (of course) a heavier bullet requires a heavy barrel and large cartridge cases, which means increased recoil and decreased magazine capacity. Big case-heads require big bolts.

It seems we have be trying to find the best compromise since the Mauser Brothers first introduced bolt-guns and smokeless propellent, back in the 1800s!

In fact, the original 7mm Mauser was a pretty good military cartridge. Still is!

Then, there was the 280 British, 276 Pedersen. Probably adequate, but never adopted. The 6.5×55 Swedish is in the same category.

A military cartridge needs (1) generous case-taper for easy feeding and extraction, (2) limited pressure for reliability, durability, long barrel-life, and slow heat build-up, (3) a ballistically-efficient bullet, heavy and tough enough for adequate penetration, and (4) sufficient muzzle velocity to keep the bullet supersonic out to at least 800m.

The new generation of cartridges, including the 224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Creedmore, 260 Remington, et al make good, long-range sniper calibers. But, with a light, skinny bullet, combined with a barrel with a fast twist-rate, we inherit rapid heat build-up, short barrel life, and the requirement for a long barrel. Significant muzzle velocity is sacrificed for every centimeter of barrel-length reduction. Thus, any of these calibers, in a short-barreled rifle (carbine), represents a contradiction of terms!

The first thing DOD is going to have to acknowledge is this:

When they really insist on a 500m rifle with acceptable penetration, that rifle will need at least a twenty-inch barrel and will have to be chambered for a cartridge with a bullet as least twice as heavy as that of the current 5.56×45.

Unhappily, what DOD has fanatically avoided confronting for the past forty years is the fact that they are going to have to, at long last, actually train real riflemen to kill individual enemy soldiers, one at a time, with accurate, semi-automatic rifle-fire.

I’m not at all sure they even know how anymore!

DOD could have an adequate main-battle-rifle, as described above, complete with appropriate optics, rails, etc, in the hands of front-line Soldiers and Marines in less than a year, all for a fraction of the cost of a single stealth fighter, if there were any will at the highest levels to actually get it done and finally put this issue behind us.

I’m less optimistic than I was a year ago!


2018 SHOT Show, Last Day!

26 Jan 18

2018 SHOT show, Last Day:

The Show is over for another year!

Most vendors are telling me order-writing is down slightly from last year. However, attendance was strong. Attendees were polite, but serious. We are all there for a purpose!

Don Trump Jr showed-up briefly.

Of note today:

Coast makes a wonderful, and bright, clip-on flashlight, the HX4, for under $20.00. I’m going to get a bunch of them. I carry a Coast HP3R flashlight daily (along with my Firstlight T-Max LE), but the little HX4 is so inexpensive, I can supply a copy to all my grandchildren!

At the SIG booth, I took another look the MCX Vertus. 300Blk with a 9″ barrel and folding “arm-brace” (stock). It is a non-NFA SBR, and a really nice one. Ideal car-gun. They even have a smaller version, also non-NFA, with a 5″ barrel, and retractable “arm-brace,” called the “Rattler.”

The Rattler is a little too small for me, but the Vertus is just the right size! Equipped with an Aimpoint T2, the
Vertus will make a wonderful low-profile travel companion.

I might have to get a copy!

In the interim, I now have a copy of SERT’s “Sneaky Bag.” It fits my non-NFA M4 and XCR (one at a time, and with stock folded) just fine, along with five extra 30-round magazines, a flashlight, and several other accouterments. Looks like a skateboard case. The important thing is that is does NOT look like a gun-case!

It replaces a similar bag by 511. My 511 bag served me well for two years, but my rifle’s flash-suppressor finally wore a hole through the end.

At the Blackhawk booth (Blackhawk, along with Eagle load-bearing gear, Bushnell Optics, and a bunch of others is now a division of Vista Outdoor), I saw Blackhawk’s “Multi-Point Sling.” It’s a nice system, and I’ll be using a copy shortly.

At the Eagle section, I saw the ERGO. It is worn between the body and body armor, and it maintains a 4cm air-space between the two. Designed for hot climates, it allows air to continuously circulate under armor (hard or soft). I suspect the ERGO will be popular with troopers assigned to the Mid-East!

Bushnell makes a 1-8X compact riflescope, ideal mounted a 308 rifle, like the XCR/M, or the POF Revolution, for under $500.00. The combination yields a genuine 500m+ rifle, effective all the way out!

Stiner’s iteration of the same optic costs nearly 3k!

During the entire Show, coming and going, I saw no protestors, and there were no “incidents” I witnessed, nor heard about. Everyone was civil. It all actually went pretty smoothly!

Staff is adequate. Restrooms are adequate. Restaurants are adequate. Accommodations are adequate. Transportation is adequate. There was a police presence, but it was far from overwhelming. Some security guards were openly armed (pistols), more than was the case last year.

Las Vegas is designed for big events like this!

We had a great time, saw many old friends, made many new ones, did some business, updated ourselves. That is what trade shows are for!