1 Dec 16

True and Accurate?

Years ago, when he was still alive, Jeff Cooper used this example to emphasize the importance of both truth and accuracy:

You might say:

“The only purpose for a scalpel is to cut people open.”

Technically “true,” but not accurate. Who phrase issues this way are attempting to conceal an agenda and are thus iniquitous and fundamentally dishonest.

Closer to home:

“The only purpose for a gun is to kill”

Once again, true, but inaccurate.

In the former example, and true AND accurate description is:

“Scalpels are used by surgeons to perform necessary surgery, in order to preserve/improve human life.

In the latter case:

“We use guns to apply deadly force when acutely necessary in order to resolve an emergency personal security crisis that cannot be acceptably resolved otherwise”

Like the surgeon, we use guns to preserve life. But, sometimes, in order to save a life, you must end a life. It represents an unhappy reality, but like all reality, must be faced honestly.

Who purposely mis-phrase issues in order to serve a hidden agenda are, as noted above, frauds and charlatans, and our media is full of them!

Honest people must never allow them to define terms, to complement their (invariably leftist) agenda.

Legitimate reporting is both true AND accurate.

I’d love to see some examples, at least now and then!

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty, and how few by deceit.”

Noel Coward


Gun-Free Utopia?

29 Nov 16

“Images of perfect societies, utopian images, can cause monstrous evil. In fact, forcefully changing society to conform to societal images was the greatest cause of evil in the Twentieth Century.”

Dennis Prager

First-hand follow-up on Cuba, from a friend and student:

“I was there!

I got out in 1961, after President Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs fiasco.

When Castro entered Havana on 8 Jan 59, he delivered a speech called:

‘Armas Para Que?’

Loosely translated: ‘Guns? Why?

He went on to assure us that we didn’t need guns, as his new government would perfectly protect us.

Batista had long-since established universal gun registration. When he came to power, Castro had access to all the these files at the Ministry of the Interior.

Within days, Castro’s heavily-armed agents were going door-to-door saying:

‘According to our records, you own the following guns…. We are here to confiscate them!”

And, you better hand them over, or you will be arrested on the spot, and go straight to prison. And, they needed no search warrant to ransack your home. Most who were thus imprisoned were never seen again!

Thus began our ‘national rebirth’ into a ‘Communist utopia!’”

Comment: The foregoing is SOP for Communists wherever they take control, and curiously, a perpetual wet-dream of liberals over here!

Interesting that noted liberals around the world, including several media “anchors” here, as well as the Canadian prime minister, are heaping unmitigated praise upon this brutal Communist dictator. I’m sure if Joe Stalin died yesterday, they would all be doing the same thing. It seems they’ve never met a Communist they didn’t like!

And, for hours after yesterday’s car/knife attack in OH by a Moslem jihadi, TV and radio “news” reports were full of “breaking news” about the “mass-shooting” underway at the OSU campus. “Active shooter,” “gun-violence,” and all the other liberal “fright-words” were in abundance!

Even long after it became clear that the only gunfire was from a heroic police officer, and it decisively stopped this dangerous criminal from injuring even more innocent people, the media continued spouting endless, irrelevant anti-Second Amendment editorials.

Makes one wonder why they all have not moved to Cuba, eh?

“Most people who read ‘The Communist Manifesto’ have no idea that it was written by a couple of young men who never worked a day in their lives, and who nevertheless spoke boldly in the name of ‘the workers’”

Thomas Sowell


Terrorist Incident in OH

28 Nov 16

Here we go again!

ISIS has been advising prospective recruits to emulate the successful “Paris Truck-Rammer Incident” by using motor vehicles to run-over unaware infidels. It is almost a daily occurrence in Israel.

One took that advice in OH today!

Yet another Islamic berserker ran amok, ramming with his car and then exiting and stabbing nine innocent persons on the OSU campus in Columbus, OH.

Not a Finnish folk-dancer from Helsinki.

Not a Polynesian hula-dancer from Fiji.

Not an Icelander from Reykjavik.

Not a wild Christian “fundamentalist”

A radical Islamic jihadi!

Is there a pattern here?

OSU Administration “responded” by texting students and faculty, advising them to:

“Run. Hide. Fight.”

“Fight?” How? With what? By tossing book bags? By shouting politically-incorrect slogans, even (heaven forbid!) hate-speech? By retreating to designated “gun-free zones” and then curling up into liberal-approved fetal snowflake positions?

And, once again, good, old-fashioned, American “gun violence” comes to the rescue and saves the day! Well-directed bullets solved this problem with awesome finality!

Now, watch all the gushing sympathy, on campus and in the media, for this poor, misunderstood (now DRT) Moslem. Precious little for his victims!

The obvious point, that is demonstrated again and again with these incidents:

Neither the OSU Administration, nor any other administration, is in any position to protect anyone, even themselves! Personal safety “advice” they promulgate is cynical, self-serving rubbish!

In our upside-down world, you better be in a position to effectively protect your own life!

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’”

Dave Grossman



28 Nov 16

Cuba’s Fidel Castro, dead at 90

Castro took over in Cuba in 1959. I was 14 at the time and a high-school freshmen.

I remember the “tractors-in-exchange-for-prisoners” movement after the ill-fated Bay of Pigs Invasion, with a tottering Eleanor Roosevelt leading the band.

I remember the missile crisis.

I remember “duck-and-cover” drills in elementary schools.

It was also the beginning of the armed highjackings of American passenger planes, which were more-or-less unheard of previously.

For the first half of the 20th Century, Cuba, particularly Havana, was an enormous, infamous, and widely-popular government-approved brothel, serving all of South America, and the USA, and Canada. Satisfied customers visited from everywhere! Sort of like Las Vegas, but with fewer rules.

The country was run entirely by business interests, including notorious American organized crime figures, with “President” Batista as the grandiose, but feeble, front-man.

Castro’s jungle-based resistance and ultimate revolution were glamorously popular among shallow, naive American journalists, before the link with Soviet Communists, and its abject brutality, finally saw the light of day, and exporting Communist revolution simmered the whole of South American and Central America. I remember when then vice-president Richard Nixon, along with his wife, almost got themselves overwhelmed and murdered while visiting Venezuela in 1958!

Nobody thought Castro, nor his regime, would be so durable! After many failed attempts to topple him, and more than a few to assassinate him, he emerged firmly in charge, although his country has degenerated into a third-world sewer.

The thousands who desperately fled to Florida over the past fifty years bear silent testimony to that!

In the minds of glib flower-children, like Jill Stein, Castro may be a romantic hero, but the fact is he was pretty ruthless and brutal, even by Latin American standards!

Batista, and his mob-run government, never rated much sympathy either, and, as noted above, Cuba was for many decades little more than a big, floating whorehouse. But, many made a nice living there, and most of them fled for their lives with scarcely more than what they were wearing. Many others didn’t and were murdered by the Castro regime.

I worked with a number of Cuban exiles in FL years ago, and while they had scant sympathy for Batista, their vile hatred for Castro was not hidden!

As noted above, Cuba today is an impoverished shit-hole! Castro’s successors will want desperately to restore the island’s formerly thriving tourist business, and I suspect, now that Fidel is finally gone, they’ll do what is necessary to bring it about!

“There is much to be learnt from ill-success, which is after all true ‘experience,’ than from victories, which are often attributable less to the excellence of the victor’s plans, than to the weakness or mistakes of his opponent.”

British history source


Fake “Morality!”

26 Nov 16

“Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.”

Toba Beta

Voter fraud, even when openly promoted by an entire political party (Democrats), apparently has its limits!

Put another way: Thank Heaven for our Electoral College!

Still reeling in disbelief from election results, leftists, in politics and the media, are suddenly confronted by the failure of the very voter fraud, that they so ruthlessly promote, to get their candidates elected.

Our Founders created our Electoral College, because they knew that, as the nation grew, large metro areas would attract legions of no-goods, who would be kept there, in a perpetual state of poverty, by amoral politicians who cynically look upon them only as a method for political domination and permanence for themselves.

Today, we’re there! Veritable armies of the illegal and the permanently non-productive, herded into large metro areas, are literally paid by big-city leftists to (1) stay where they are, and (2) remain poor.

Leftist mayors flatter themselves with terms like “sanctuary city,” denoting only a “sanctuary” for illegal votes they rely upon to keep themselves in power.

Thus, Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, et al are today little more than third-world shit-holes, “governed” by Communists, formally occupied by Americans!

If it were not for our Electoral College, no politician would ever set foot outside city limits of these manufactured metro-sewers, knowing that all the votes they need can be purchased/terrorized therein.

Because of our Electoral College, those of us who don’t live in big cities still have a voice!

“Children may lack morality, but they also lack fake morality.”

Mignon McLaughlin


End of an Era!

22 Nov 16

“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war. The Ministry of Truth with lies. The Ministry of Love with torture, and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy. They are deliberate exercises in ‘Doublethink’”

George Orwell

Hypocrisy on the wane. Evidence of the end of the “BHO era:”

In a startling reversal of policy, doubtless generated by DJT’s electoral victory, formally risk-averse “Pentagonests” have now decided that our military personnel can request to carry privately-owned, concealed handguns on government facilities, “… for personal protection.”


Guns are suddenly okay, after even mentioning them was forbidden for decades?

Our current Army Chief of Staff, who vehemently opposes this change in policy, has apparently been overridden! In fact, he, and all other politically-correct BHO-era generals and admirals, should probably head for the exit now, and make room for genuine, and armed, warriors!

Of course, this new policy will get off to a creaky start, as there will predictably be much push-back among fearful hoplophobes, of whom there are still many.

I wonder what families of the many “unarmed & murdered” military personnel think about this precipitous change in policy. Maybe a tinge of bitterness that it took an election to bring it about?

Of course, none of this would be taking place at all if HRC, who will enjoy armed bodyguards for the rest of her life, had won!

Hypocrisy is endemic to leftists, and lofty rhetoric is invariably belied by lack of personal respectability:

“Super-celestial thoughts, forever discredited by subterranean conduct”

… as Voltaire put it, back in an age when pointing out blatant hypocrisy on the part of prevaricators in government wasn’t banned as “politically incorrect.”

Those protected by armed bodyguards piously declaring that “ordinary” citizens, including Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen, can’t be trusted with guns, is the height of hypocrisy!

We’ll now see a little less of it!

“The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of oneself.”

Jane Addams



18 Nov 16


DTI’s 2017 Training Calendar is now up on our Web Page at defense-training.com

They’ll still be updates/changes between now and the end of the year, so check it periodically for Courses that are convenient for you.

You may register on-line for any of our Courses, via credit card, on our Web Page. I will get back with you immediately with confirmation.

DJT’s first year in office will be contentious, and the world situation continues to be dangerously unstable. There is no substitute for competent personal preparation.

We look forward to seeing you!



15 Nov 16

“Since politics is the “art of the possible,” it appeals mostly to second-rate minds. First-rate minds are interested only in the impossible. This is why we have brilliant scientists and industrialists, but only mediocre politicians”


In 1865, the British Parliament passed the “Locomotive Act,” also know as the “Red Flag Act.”

It required that all trains on the island, freight and passenger, never exceed four miles per hour while in the countryside. A two mile-per-hour speed limit was imposed in built-up areas. Even then, a flag-man was required to precede the train by fifty meters as a warning to pedestrians and wagons alike.

This relatively new steam technology was feared by politicians (who fear all new technology), because like all politicians, they were deathly afraid it might be corrosive to their political power and their ability to “control” the population. As always, the welfare of citizens, and of the civilization, was the last thing ever considered!

“Highly educated” detractors (the same academic charlatans who promote “global warming” today as a method for holding back technological progress) assured the public that thirty miles per hour (the speed of the fastest horse) was all the human body could withstand. Acceleration to greater speeds, we were solemnly warned, would surely be fatal!

Today, we have the opportunity, through our new Administration, to reverse this same “fear-oriented” attitude toward modern guns and our Second Amendment that has been cynically promoted for decades by dread-mongering leftist politicians, all in an effort to separate citizens from new technology.

Their attitude is the same as that of British politicians a century and a half ago, who were so fearful of emerging railroad technology of the era. Modern weapons in the hands of “ordinary” citizens frightens leftists as does nothing else. You can tell from their contemptuously self-righteous rhetoric!

“Who never compares his notions with those of others… often thinks himself in autarkic possession of the Truth, when he is only fondling an ever-putrefying error, long-since exploded!”

Samuel Johnson


DTI Update!

14 Nov 16


DTI’s 2017 Training Schedule is in the process of being posted on our Web Page right now. It will be periodically amended and updated for the rest of this month and December too, as local Courses are confirmed. But, this is what we have confirmed now.

Posted below!

On the DTI Web Page (defense-training.com), you’ll see an option, “dtipoerator.com”

When you go there, you’ll see a section on sighing-up for our DTI Operator Video Series. These are excellent and provide my students and colleagues with a method for keeping-up with developments in our Art.

Your also see a section called, “Pro Shop” Or, you can go directly there at http://shop.dtioperator.com

The DTI Operator Pro Shop is run by friends in UT who supply my students with gear I recommend. As you know, I don’t “endorse” products, nor services, but I’m happy to recommend those I like.

Here is the latest update from the DTI Pro Shop:

We’re now carrying several models of First Light tactical flashlights, including the 700 lumen T-Max and Tomahawk, which I carry daily

We also have a number of Surefire tactical flashlights, including the high-output, self-adjusting “Intellibeam.”

We have Speer Gold Dot in 9mm, 40S&W, and 45 ACP. We can’t get Cor-Bon DPX until after the first of the year. When you see a box, grab it!

Bulk 5.56×45 is hard to find, and will likely be for months. My advice, as with DPX, is to grab it when you see it!

Same story with bulk 300Blk

We have some 7.62×51 (308) in stock, but it is getting hard to find too. Most is made in Israel or Germany, and we have found both to be very acceptable.

No shortage of 7.62×39!

Free shipping to all of your DTI students and subscribers.

Here is the current iteration of our DTI Schedule. When you can’t find a description of a particular Course, or have other questions, e-mail me at jsfarnam@aol.com

3 Dec 16 El Paso, TX, Defensive Handgun
17-18 Dec 16 Highview, WV, Stress Inoculation

14 Jan 17 Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting for Women, Las Vegas, NV
14-15 Jan 17 Vehicle Defense, Las Vegas, NV
25-26 Feb 17 Defensive Handgun, Victoria, TX
25-26 Feb 17 Urban Rifle/Vehicle Defense, Victoria, TX

4-5 Feb 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Camden, TN

4-5 Mar 17 Armed Response to Domestic Threats, Naples, FL

6-7 Apr 17 Patrol Rifle, Pittstown, NJ
8-9 Apr 17 Defense Handgun, Sussex, NJ
15-16 Apr 17 Defensive Handgun, Manchester, NH
21 Apr 17 Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds, Troy, OH
22-23 Apr 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Troy, OH
28-29 Apr 17 Urban Rifle, Limon, CO

6-7 May 17 Defensive Handgun, Rochester, IN
13-14 May 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack Athens, IL
20-21 May 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Pelham, NH

2 June 17 Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds, Pittsburgh, PA
3-4 June 17 Urban Rifle, Pittsburgh, PA
3-4 June 17 Women’s Defensive Handgun, Elk Mountain, WY
10-11 June 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Montecello, MN
17-18 June 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Yakima, WA
20-22 June 17 Three-Gun, Fairplay, CO
24-25 June 17 Police Response to a Terrorist Attack, Sturgis, MI
28-29 June 17 Defensive Handgun, Casper, WY
28-29 June 17 Advanced Defensive Handgun/Vehicle Defense, Casper, WY

21-22 July 17 Defensive Handgun, Salt Lake City, UT

9-10 Sept 16 Women’s Defensive Handgun, Elk Mountain, WY
16-17 Sept 17 Women’s Defensive Handgun, Yakima, WA
16-17 Sept 17 Defensive Handgun, Yakima, WA
23-24 Sept 17 Urban Rifle, Onalaska, WA
29-30 Sept 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Salt Lake City, UT

5-6 Oct 17 Police Defensive Handgun, Pittstown, NJ
7-8 Oct 17 Urban Rifle, Sussex, NJ
14-15 Oct 17 Urban Rifle, South Lake Tahoe, NV
21-22 Oct 17 Defensive Handgun, Victoria, TX
21-22 Oct 17 Urban Rifle/Vehicle Defense, Victoria, TX
28 Oct 17 Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds, Columbia, SC
29 Oct 17 Advanced Defensive Handgun, Columbia, SC

4-5 Nov 17 Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack, Amissville, VA

2 Dec 17 Defensive Handgun, El Paso, TX