13 Oct 18

“Liberals never defend their position with legitimate, logical argument, because their position is ever incoherent and indefensible. Instead, via hyper-emotional temper-tantrums, they personally attack and denigrate all who dare disagree with them, even to the slightest degree.

These attacks are invariably intimate and literal. Liberals consider any departure from their Marxist ‘party line’ to be so intolerable as to qualify as a ‘crime,’ deserving of severe, violent punishment.”


Leftist vandals attacked NYC Republican Headquarters Thursday evening, spray-painting ANTIFA symbols on doors, and smashing windows.

Such vandalism is not unheard of during an election season, but this instance is particularly threatening, because perpetrators left behind a chilling note:

“Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive. We are not civil, and we will not apologize”

This on the heals of HRC’s recent threat:

“Democrats can’t be civil.”

Her NYC acolytes obviously took her words literally!

It is starting to resemble “Kristallnacht” of November, 1938 in Nazi Germany!

ANTIFA is the para-military “enforcement arm” of the DNC, much like para-military Nazi groups who carried-out Kristallnacht, all with the acquiescence of local “authorities,” who did not intervene.

Likewise, local authorities have chosen not to interfere with ANTIFA’s illegal blocking of streets, intersections, and their physical attacks upon hapless motorists in Portland, OR and other liberal enclaves.

I’m afraid that their written threat, “Our attack is merely a beginning,” is only too sincere!

ANTIFA is confident liberal police chiefs and mayors will continue to cravenly stand aside as they destroy property and harm people, and recent history proves them right!

Who live in those areas will in-vain look to “local authorities” for protection!

Potential victims of political violence, a group that surely includes all of us, need to keep heads up and be prepared, in depth!

We’re in for some exciting world history, right here in the USA!

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Anarchy is loosed upon the world”

WB Yeats



12 Oct 18

“Liberals claim they want to hear other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view!”


Beyond Nauseating!

Cressida Dick, Chief of London’s Metro Police, is predictably standing with her Chief Deputy, Sir Craig Mackey, who is accused of fatal inaction and cowardice during the March 2017 lethal knife attack on unarmed Police Constable, Brian Palmer, at New Police Yard.

The AA-shouting attacker, Khalid Masood, after running-down pedestrians with a rented car (four murdered, twenty-nine injured) and then attacking and murdering Palmer, was subsequently gunned-down by an armed bodyguard (assigned to protect an unrelated politician), who just happened to be in the vicinity.

No armed officers were assigned to protect Palmer.

As Palmer was being murdered, Chief Deputy Mackey and several others were in a parked car a short distance way, with a full view of events taking place in front of them.

No one is the car was armed! In the UK, even chief deputies aren’t trusted with guns!

No one in the car, including Mackey, came to the aid of Palmer!

Instead, they all locked themselves in the car and watched, daring to emerge only well after Masood had gasped his last breath!

Dick’s venomous defense of Mackey and company goes way beyond asking for “understanding.”

She insists it is a travesty to even criticize her deputy, and anyone with a point of view differing from hers is “confused, unpleasant, and ignorant” and “… anyone who suggests otherwise is simply wrong.”

Intolerance for any other point of view but your own is a liberal trademark. You dare not suggest another point of view even exists, as Buckley pointed out (above)!

It was left to Met’s counter-terror chief, Neil Basu, to grudgingly concede that there were “shortcomings in security” on the day of the Westminster terrorist attack, a convenient way to casually dismiss the life of one of your officers!

Both Basu and Dick persist in solemnly declaring there was nothing Mackey could have done to aid Palmer.

Well, I guess we’ll never know, since nothing was even attempted!

It strikes me that higher-ups in UK law enforcement are far more interested in keeping their jobs, than they ever will be in actually doing them!

“To insist you have no choice, is to relieve yourself of personal responsibility.”

Patrick Ness


World History!

11 Oct 18

Constitutional Criminals!

From a friend and student:

“I am an American Citizen, by choice!

A decade ago, I legally immigrated here from Zambia.

My ancestors were from the state of Gujarat, India, and they migrated to Zambia in the 1890s.

My family is ascended from ancient Rajput Warriors.

Today, with fierce pride, I speak English and call myself an UNHYPHENATED AMERICAN!

Since coming here, I have made it a point to visit historic sites from our Revolutionary War, Civil War, et al.

I am always impressed by with this Country’s repeated self-leveling, always in favor of liberty.

Your recent Quip starkly demonstrates that HRC and her party are nothing more than an organized criminal mob, contemptibly subverting the American Way of Life.

Your Che Guevara quotation at the beginning of the Quip is extremely insightful, since I lived in Zambia when Che and the Cubans were wielding their murderous influence there, as well as in Angola, Congo, Namibia.

I cannot believe I am an proud American, and am seeing sincere, unapologetic Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”) running for political office, with a straight face!

Believe me, I know, first-hand, what Marxists/Communists sound like, and what they do!”


1) Isn’t it strange that in America, our flag and our culture “offend” so many, but our benefits don’t.

2) How can our federal government demand that US citizens pay back student loans, when illegal aliens are receiving a “free” education, at the expense of the beleaguered few of us who pay taxes and actually work for a living?

3) Only in America are legal citizens labeled “racists” and Nazis,” but illegal aliens are called “Dreamers.”

4) How is it that in America, one can proudly wave the flag of another country, but consider it “punishment” to be sent back there?

5) Language revision:

“Need” now means coveting other people’s money, but being unwilling to work for your own.

“Greed” means wanting to keep at least some of your own.

“Compassion” is when leftist politicians arrange for an involuntarily transfer, in exchange for votes

“Opportunity,” missed by most, because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work

“Sacrifice” never applies to leftist politicians, who are demanding it of everyone else

“Extinction is the rule.

Survival is the exception.”

Carl Sagan


Upside Down?

11 Oct 18

“He was going to kill me”

Recent testimony of the armed British Police Officer who shot and killed terrorist Khalid Masood, shortly after Masood stabbed to death Officer Keith Palmer, as unarmed Palmer was posted at the Carriage Gates into New Palace Yard in March of 2017.

To his credit, the armed officer, using his G17, fired three shots at Masood, and all three hit!

Masood’s fell to the ground, and his wounds proved fatal in less than a minute!

For his own protection, the officer who fired the fatal shots was granted anonymity at the inquest.

The officer’s voice broke as he testified that he “had no choice.”

What I find paradoxical and unsettling is this:

Appropriately armed, well-trained British police officers, selected to carry concealed G17s while on-duty, apparently during formal inquests into legitimate fatal shootings have to turn themselves into sobbing supplicants, seeking “cultural absolution” from their firearm-hating society, many of whom sincerely believe (while safe and secure behind their desks) that deadly force is never necessary!

The precise application of deadly force in this case was expert, and both legally and also morally justified.

In fact, it is hard to imagine how this officer could have done it better!

For what he did, this officer should be congratulated, thanked, promoted, and hailed as a national hero!

Instead, this courageous officer’s police career is now probably over!

Rather than congratulating him, they crawl up his ass with a microscope in an attempt to find something, anything, he did that was less than perfect!

When good guys are alive, and bag guys are dead, that should be cause for relief and celebration!

Instead, at least in the UK, they denigrate their courageous warriors, while slobbering with endless sympathy over dead terrorists!

Upside down?

“Rome’s fall was presaged by the sleazy corruption of its politicians. As a fat, self-indulgent middle class raised their children to be sheep, enemies raised theirs to be wolves!”

Jeff Brunken


Spoiled Brats!

10 Oct 18

“To execute a man, we don’t need proof of his guilt. We only need proof that it’s necessary to execute him.

It’s that simple.”

Che Guevara

“Peace In Our Time,” from a friend and fellow “Deplorable:”

“Replicating an infamous proffer, initially made in Munich in 1938, HRC in a television interview this week spelled-out the only way domestic civility can ever be restored in the USA

That, she said, would be possible only when she and her party are back in a majority position in both houses of Congress, and the White House.

To her credit, HRC was slightly more honest than the European demagogue she inadvertently channeled. Her European predecessor promised British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, that the forceful seizure of (then) Czechoslovakia would satisfy all territorial ambitions, and thus end aggressive military excursions by Nazi Germany.

The former first lady on the other hand, acknowledged that regaining control of Congress and the White House by Democrats would be just a first step, and only begin a return to ‘tranquility.’

Perhaps she was unconsciously admitting that satisfying initial demands of an extortionist always leads to never-ending, additional demands.

Her fellow Democrat loyalists are making it clear that their regaining congressional power will instantly result in:

1) Never-ending investigations of, and impeachment proceedings against. Our elected president, DJT

2) Control of the Supreme Court, through impeachment of all non-compliant justices.

According to prominent members of her own party, that would be only a prelude.

Next on their agenda:

3) Return of impoverishing tax rates

4) Return of suffocating regulations.

5) Return of identity-group quotas

6) Repeal of our Second amendment and forced confiscation of all privately-owned guns

7) Return to a weak and impotent national defense

8) The destruction of ICE, and resultant “open” borders. Voting rights instantly conferred upon all illegals.

What HRC conveniently avoided acknowledging is the violent turbulence she is actively promoting, due to liberals’ unwillingness to recognize and accept the results of elections.

They are throwing a temper tantrum, like spoiled brats deprived of candy to which they are quite sure they are entitled.

Any yet, their out-of-control fury has far greater consequences!

Refusal to peacefully abide by the judgment of our nation’s voters has led them to openly pursue a policy of encouraging violent threats, even physical attacks, upon any and all who dare stand in their way.

Instead of fulfilling their correct role as ‘loyal opposition,’ they conspicuously promote mob violence, even civil war.

They would rather see our Republic destroyed, than themselves out of power!”

“Mighty cultures are never ‘conquered.’ They crumble from within. And frankly, I think a lot of Americans are acting like spoiled brats, because of everything that isn’t working out perfectly for them, every time.”
Frank Miller


Kavanaugh Confirmation

7 Oct 18

“Claims were repeated, then recycled as established ‘facts’ by the media.

‘Journalism’ created and painstakingly fed a public mood, and brooked no other version of the story.”

Sue Richardson

The Kavanaugh Confirmation:

Few Supreme Court nominees have ever had the impeccable credentials of Brett Kavanaugh!

During the “regular” hearing, no Democrat could come up with anything that blemished Kavanaugh’s character is the slightest, though they surely tried!

Of course, Democrats hate his guts, because the hate DJT’s guts. But, they couldn’t come-up with anything even slightly negative about him.

So, they predictably “manufactured” an issue!

After the “regular” hearing was adjourned, they nonchalantly trotted-out the first of several pitiable lunatics who made ridiculous and unsubstantiated charges against Kavanaugh, dating from decades ago.

A subsequent FBI investigation clearly indicates all these charges were “invented,” and none have a foundation in truth. Every witness that could be located refuted these manufactured myths.

What is most disturbing was watching amoral, dishonorable, hypocritical, and disgustingly sleazy Democrats, whose collective closets cannot begin to contain their own skeletons, oh-so piously trying to pick nits off this distinguished jurist, in whose shadow none of them are fit to stand!

What is also disturbing is that all personal honesty and dignity are now apparently gone from national politics. We are down to contriving bogus charges, without the slightest credible evidence, in order to falsely defame good and decent people, with the absolute confidence that our corrupt media will gleefully join in the food frenzy, never questioning the source.

And yet, it was all for nothing. False charges and sleazy leftist theatrics all came to naught!

Kavanaugh is confirmed, because those who would tear him down never stand quite tall enough to reach him!

“We must know something about endurance and about the importance of refusing to be intimidated.”

Anna Salter



4 Oct 18

“Doxing,” latest weapon in the arsenal of leftist, political terrorists!

Professing “liberals,” (Marxists) who piously assert that our faithful adherence to Constitutional values is “abhorrent,” “raciest,”and “obscene,” have defaulted to this new low in violent political tactics:


“Doxing” is the Internet-based practice of researching and then broadcasting private, identifiable information about an individual, including home address, photos, phone numbers, church attended, bank(s) used, description of vehicles, travel plans and locations, places of work, schools attended by children, and identifying codes, including bank-account numbers, Social Security number, DOB, car licence numbers, credit-card numbers, etc.

“Doxing” is “targeting!”

“Doxing” is encouraging and arranging for surprise, physical attacks upon innocent, unknowing citizens.

“Doxers” are vicious, dangerous, vandalous, violent criminals, not “political operatives.”

“Doxers” feed information to ANTIFA, ISIS and other violent thugs, so that military families, LEOs and their families, conservative politicians, journalists, and officials (and their families) can be physically attacked, their property destroyed, and their Internet world vandalized.

“Doxers” represent a direct, murderous threat to innocent victims and their families!

“Doxers” include left-wing college professors, left-wing journalists, and Democrat “staffers” (one was arrested by Capitol Police just yesterday for doxing).

Officials at high levels of government, along with their families, live within sophisticated, multi-layered, “protective cordons,” formed by Capitol Police, FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals, State Department Protective Service, private security contractors, et al.

The other 99.9% of us (ie: peons), and our families, live within a single “protective cordon,” staffed exclusively by ourselves!

We need to think, equip, train, and plan accordingly.

First and foremost, as much as possible, limit what “doxers” can learn about you and your family:

1) Dump all individual, personal information that appears on your Web Page.
2) Dump photos and descriptions of yourself and family members

3) Dump physical addresses, descriptions of vehicles, travel plans, schools, banks, churches, places of business, etc

4) Dump personnel biographies

5) Dump Facebook

6) Dump Instagram

7) Dump Twitter

8) Dump Reddit

9) Dump Skype

10) Unlist personal phone numbers, and don’t answer calls from unknown people. Let them leave a message.

11) Get a Ring System (or something similar) for entry doors. Never unlock, nor open, your door to people you don’t know. Talk with them remotely. Don’t tell them whom you are, don’t invite them in, and don’t them see you, nor the inside of your house.

12) Receive mail and packages at a remote location (commercial mail room). Don’t allow your home address to appear in any “directory.” Keep your home address a secret!

13) Be always (all times and everywhere) prepared to effectively repel violent, physical attacks by murderous ideologues, who consider themselves “soldiers.”

“Doxers” fully intend to supply “targeting information” about us and our families to ANTIFA, ISIS, et al who as we know, joyfully embrace assassination, hijacking, kidnaping, arson, vandalism, and other criminal political violence as their standard MO.

As midterm elections approach, amoral “doxers,” with the blessings of the DNC, the leftist media, Hollywood Communists (which is “Hollywood”), and many leftist university administrations, will be hard at work!

Let’s make their “work” as difficult, frustrating, and unsuccessful as we can!


Political Violence, Alive and Well in 2018!

3 Oct 18

“Next Step”

In the last two years, over ninety politicians and other high-level government officials in South Africa have been brutally assassinated, mostly via close-range gunfire, some in their cars, some in their driveways, some in their homes, some at their desks.

Victims of these political murders are not white, Apartheid-era officials. Victims are all black, and current members-in-good-standing of the Communist ANC!

But, all made the mistake of being a little too honest!

They, mostly inadvertently, casually mentioned rampant political corruption at the highest levels of South Africa’s ANC government.

Gangs of heavily-armed hit-men (their version of ANTIFA) were subsequently dispatched to take them out, usually within days of their indiscretion!

With Communists everywhere (here and there), there is zero tolerance for individuality, independent thinking, nor personal integrity!

Of course when Communists are in power, other political parties are absolutely forbidden, but even within their own party, mild dissent, even hesitance in blindly going along with the party line, brings down immediate “sanctions” much more severe even than those reserved for those in open opposition!

Over here, “moderate” Democrats, especially (Heaven forbid!) “conservative” Democrats, had better be looking over their respective shoulders!

ANTIFA openly claims that they maintain a “List!”

Who stand in the way of socialists/Communists seldom die of old age!

“Communism is not love. Communism is the hammer we use to crush our enemies”



UK’s abandoned heroes!

2 Oct 18

No support for heroes in the UK!

The formal inquest into the murderous attack on the English Parliament in March of 2017, by a fanatical, AA-shouting Islamic jihadi, who stabbed to death unarmed Police Constable, Keith Palmer, has finally been released.

Other police constables present, and equipped only with batons and CS spray, all ran away, leaving PC Palmer to be attacked and stabbed to death.

UK’s vaunted “armed police” were “nowhere to be seen!”

“For 46 minutes, there were no signs of the ‘roving firearms squad’ anywhere near the open Carriage Gates into New Palace Yard, where PC Palmer was murdered.”

“Palmer’s sisters, Angela Clark and Michelle Palmer, were extremely distressed that no one from the Metropolitan police had let them know there was an issue surrounding the absence of armed officers in place to protect their brother.”

Palmer was doomed to die the death of a selfless hero, by an inept department, government, and nation that deliberately decided to deny him the routine possession of a service pistol and the training in how to use it to effectively shoot-down crazed Muslim madmen intent on slaying as many innocents as possible by means of a moving car and a large knife.

England’s ingrained, visceral hatred of guns and illogical contempt for armed citizens and even armed law enforcement officers made PC Palmer’s barbarous murder inevitable.

UK’s manifestly cowardly politicians, whose administrative and legislative malfeasance were the direct cause of
Palmer’s murder, now continue to dither over new anti-knife legislation!

Like it or not, in our increasingly dangerous world, Goodness and Decency must be weaponized, or accept extinction!

Cancerous evil aggressively metastasizes in the presence of the helpless/defenseless, disarmed by fearful fools.

“A return to First Principles in a Republic is sometimes caused by simple virtues of a single man.

His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.”

Before all else, be armed!”

Niccolo Machiavelli



1 Oct 18

“Now the years are rolling by me
They are rockin’ evenly
I am older than I once was
And younger than I’ll be; that’s not unusual
Nor is it strange
After changes upon changes
We are more or less the same
After changes we are more or less the same”

From “The Boxer,” written by Paul Simon in 1969. Most famous rendition was Simon and Garfunkel’s, from the same year

On violent criminals/sociopaths, from a friend in the system:

“In interviewing hundreds of violent, convicted felons over a period of several decades, a pattern of dark behavior and attitude becomes obvious:

1) All view their lives as minute-by-minute. There is seldom any planning, even so far as the following day. They see no point in living, and are fully persuaded that they have no future and thus no fear of imprisonment, nor violent death. They are convinced that they have nothing to lose, and they are right!

2) All are incessant whiners. They use the word ‘unfair’ constantly when rationalizing their sociopathic behavior.

They never accept personality responsibility, for anything.

They all insist that their ‘felon status,’ ethnicity, religion, ‘disability,’ disease, etc forever precludes any chance for conventional success/achievement, so there is no point in trying.

That’s always their excuse.

3) All have embraced non-productivity as a permanent lifestyle. None are interested in working at anything legitimate, nor trying to find a real job. They are unchangeably non-productive, non-contributing, non-tax-paying, unemployable societal parasites. They insist every bit of social welfare that comes their way is ‘owed’ them.

4) They thrive on squalor! Though they whine about places they stay, you’ll find them all living in filth and sordidness, by choice. They are uncomfortable in any kind of decent, orderly world!

5) All indicate they have absolutely no compunction about engaging in criminal violence. They all harbor a condescending disdain for their victims. They are completely unrepentant and never express the slightest regret, nor concern, for pain and suffering they cause.

6) All articulate utter contempt for middle and upper-classes. They are thus very sensitive to being ‘disrespected.’

7) Every one is extremely dangerous! None are particularly brave, but all, under the right circumstances, will murder and maim as casually as if they were muffling a sneeze. With them, impulsive behavior is not held in check, as it is with the rest of us. They don’t worry about consequences, nor any other aspect of the future.

And, they will never change!

‘Rehabilitation’ is a word we’ve invented to describe a non-existent phenomenon. There is no such thing, and never has been!

Who naively claim to believe in ‘rehabilitation’ are well advised not to bet their lives on it!”


Criminality is not a “disease!” It is a personal choice, that quickly evolves into a “way of life.”

And, it is all “one-way.” There is no going back, as my friend noted.

The foregoing, though absolutely true, is not accepted, nor even talked about, in most of “polite society,” because they are afraid.

Operators however, who are not afraid, must face the truth squarely! And, we need to understand that whatever protection from these predators we may enjoy, we will provide for ourselves!

Sometimes “force,” including lethal force, though regrettable, is acutely necessary and justified in order to preserve innocent life.

At times, in order to save a live, you must end a life. It’s a bitter circumstance, but sometimes you will have no choice!

I wish there were another way of putting it!

“Truth must essentially be regarded as in conflict with this world. The world has never been so good… that the majority will ever desire to hear it”



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