19 Nov 18

“The madness that is us!”

From a friend in the UK:

“Our Security Minister is putting pressure on eastern European countries, such as the Czech Republic, to forcefully impose upon their reluctant populations the same gun laws as those currently in force in the UK.

In other words, ban the private possession of all firearms!

Here in the UK, we are experiencing a frightening violent crime wave, despite all the lies we were told, assuring us that our current gun-ban would reduce crime!

Many of these violent crimes involve guns, all of which are technically illegal, but apparently not when in the hands of illegal immigrants!

Our massive illegal gun trade keeps them well supplied.

As you might imagine, eastern European nations, after seeing our ‘example,’ are less than impressed!

God help us!”

“Totalitarian states can do great things, but there is one thing they cannot do:

They cannot give a rifle to a factory-worker, and then tell him to take it home and keep it in his bedroom.

That rifle, hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer’s cottage, is The symbol of Democracy!

It is our job to see that it stays there!”

George Orwell



15 Nov 18

Hunting, 2018

Yesterday, at Shawnee Ridge in OH, I used my FS/7.62×51 (POF Revolution Rifle with folding stock, Vortex optic, and assorted other of my specification upgrades) to shoot a wild pig (150lbs) and a female Fallow Deer (100 lbs).

Range to both animals was 50m.

Ammunition was 150gr Barnes Vor-TX (all copper, except for plastic ballistic tip). This ammunition runs flawlessly through the FS/7.62×51

Only one shot was necessary on each animal. Both bullets went through-and-through and were not recovered.

Both animals were broadside when hit, and mortal terminal effect was instantaneous in both cases.

The FS/7.62×51 is a really lethal machine, and handy to travel with!

The Robinson Arms XCR/M version of the FS/7.62×51 is now available also and equally deadly.

I’ll be using it next time!

Vicki used her Robar Poly-Mar AR (VLF Special) to shoot a Hawaiian Goat (150lbs).

Range was 65m, but uphill.

The animal was broadside when hit. She used Cor-Bon 62gr DPX (all copper, Barnes bullet).

When hit with the first round, the animal abruptly changed directions. The second round hit him three seconds later (in his other side). He took two more steps and collapsed!

First round went through-and-through. Second round did not exit.

It was a great day, and we surely enjoy the opportunity to hunt live animals with our serious weapons!

It is an valuable learning activity, and I commend it to all Operators!

Friends at Shawnee Ridge are extremely hospitable and accommodating. See them at http://shawneehunting.com


Nogun Shogun!

14 Nov 18

“Decline is a choice.”

Victor Davis Hanson

Nogun Shogun!

Our current Secretary of Defense is apparently no supporter of the armed warrior concept, and is thus a real disappointment to those of us who are!

When visiting troops deployed on our southern border today, he said:

“Troops are only there in an engineering capacity and will be laying out barbed-wire fences. Troops doing that obviously are not armed. They don’t need their weapons.”


Don’t need weapons?

He is betting their very lives on that casual, and naive, assumption!

Dead troopers during the Ft Hood massacre were also assured that they “didn’t need weapons!”

Curious that in 2018, when civilians are arming-up and routinely going armed in “rear areas,” our soldiers deployed to front lines, an extremely dangerous border, are by order, defenseless!

Will it take yet another pitiable massacre of our unarmed soldiers to demonstrate the naive foolishness of this doctrine?

We’re proudly told of the magnificent weapons training these troopers have received. Who are more qualified to bear arms than these?

And yet, and yet:

They are still not trusted with guns, even when deployed to extremely dangerous areas!

Our enemies are laughing, and celebrating!

“That nation is surest to live in peace, that is most capable of making war; and a man with a sword always by his side, shall have least occasion to make use of it.”

John Trenchard


Veterans’ Day

11 Nov 18

“Where there is trust, no proof is necessary. Where there is none, no proof is possible.”


The Great War officially ends, 11 Nov 18, 100 years ago!

In a recent photo of the USMC Drill Team passing in review (“eyes left”), I noticed they are all carrying M1 Rifles (Garands).

However, bolts and op-rods have been removed!

Can you believe it?

I remember as a young USMC 2nd Lt at Quantico, VA (1968) taking my M14 home with me (off base), because there was no time to clean them during the day’s activities. We, along with our wives, had to clean than at home, at night!

We cleaned our M60s the same way, at home!

They were ever eminently functional, and we knew it. We were trusted, absolutely, and trust conferred upon us was a critical point of honor!

Discipline was ridged and morale high. We dressed sharply, walked upright, spoke clearly and in complete sentences, and never thought of doing otherwise, lest we disgrace our families and our Regiment.

No slouched posture, sloppy dressing, mumbled speech, nor dull eyes buried in iPhones!

The point, drilled into us, was always:

“Bona fide war is only a breath away, son. You may be called upon to engage in real fighting, with that very rifle, before this day is over. Your nation, your family, and your Corps EXPECT great things from you.

Be always ready!”

ROTC units today drill with 1903 Springfields, with steel rods welded into the bores. They have been thus converted to scrap metal, and can never be returned to service!

Military academies, who used to drill with functional guns, now use sterile, plastic props!

Today, apparently there is no one who can be trusted with real guns, and thinking about (much less talking about) US forces engaging in real war any time soon is evidently unthinkable!

Those responsible for this nauseating decline, leftist legislators, academics, and media people, remind me of ancient pagan priests, who irrationally feared “objects” and “occurrences,” and who regularly chopped heads off of innocent people in a fruitless attempt to appease insatiable, invisible (and patently false) gods.

“The pervasive expansiveness of the (Roman) Empire which we see today did not come about as a result of accident, nor precipitous good fortune. These (Roman) warriors do not sit around congratulating themselves in the wake of every victory, nor are they idle in peacetime. Rather, they are constantly training and refining their warrior skills, so as to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Indeed, they seem to have been born with weapons in their hands!

Josephus Flavius, circa 90AD (before The Decline)


Sunny Italy!

8 Nov 18

“Prepared” is present tense. “Victim” is past tense. “Justice,” in theory, can be either, but most agree that no justice exists in past tense!

Frank Sharpe

Just when we thought weeniefied, pusillanimous ascendants of Celts, Vandals, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Huns, Gauls, Goths, et al in Western Europe had voluntarily submitted to mandatory castration, a ray of sunshine breaks through in, of all places, sunny Italy!

Matteo Salvini, a daring, pro-gun, pro-police, pro-freedom populist, and Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, has struck a resonant chord among his weary countrymen!

In September, Salvini engineered legislation that eased Italy’s gun laws, de-restricting military small arms and making it possible to Italian citizens to own them.

He is also re-defining the legal definition of legitimate self-defense, making criminal prosecutions of citizens who bravely defend themselves from violent criminals, less likely.

“Defense is always legitimate,” Salvini states audaciously, and adds , “Owning a gun is ‘do-it-yourself’ security.”

And, he is just getting started!

Of course “Guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee” Communists and assorted other “progressive leftists” are horrified!

And, their horror is exacerbated, as Salvini also wants to actually take control of Italy’s porous borders, and start deporting illegal immigrants.

Salvini says he is on the side of honorable, decent, tax-paying Italian citizens, and just wants to give them a reasonable chance to effectively defend themselves from violent criminals.

Citizens are enthusiastically responding by applying for licenses, and buying guns, at a record, and accelerating, pace!

Italy’s previous, leftist government put austere limits on how many weapons licensed citizens could own. And, in order to be issued a “gun license” in Italy, citizens must provide a doctor’s certification that they are in “good mental health.”

So, you have to “prove” you are not crazy!

The new law doubles the number of weapons licensed citizens can own, and also eliminates limits on magazine capacity.

Of course, what frightens Communists and other anti-gun leftists, there and here, is that an increasing number of violent criminals will be shot to death by potential victims, before they can carry-out their violent crimes.

Leftists depend upon high rates of violent crime to keep populations frightened and dependent. Thus for leftists, violent criminals are a great and protected asset. Obviously, leftists don’t want to see their numbers reduced!

All human lives are not of equal value.

What the liberalization of gun laws does is alter the percentage of violent criminals killed, versus good and decent, armed citizens.

When citizens are armed, we see more dead violent criminals, fewer dead innocent victims, and that fact is horrifying to leftists (who are themselves neither good, nor decent)

In any event, this outcome is not unimportant to potential victims of violent criminals whose lives were saved via precision gunfire!

The only “security” is personal!

“Can any of you seriously say the Bill of Rights could get through Congress today?

It wouldn’t even get out of committee!”

F Lee Bailey


Going Armed

9 Nov 18

“Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs, any more than they trust wolves”

Greg Hamilton

Comments on unarmed cops, from a friend and NYPD detective:

“Here, administrators and politicians put us under a microscope, relentlessly. We are ‘expendable,’ and our lives and health are far less important than certain political careers!

In addition, local prosecutors know and understand that much favorable publicity attaches to taking-down cops!

When you are armed while off-watch, and become involved in a deadly-force incident, particularly one involving gunfire, a breathalyzer is instantly administered. And, when you blow anything but a ‘00,’ it will be a ‘problem.’

Suddenly, you’re the headline!

Attending a concert, or taking my kids to monster truck rally?

Another ‘problem!’

Virtually all our ‘event arenas’ prohibit concealed carry on-premises, even by police.

We are ‘social beings,’ just like everyone else. We are supposed to be always willing and able to assert our office and ‘serve and protect’ the community, no matter where we are, whom we’re with, nor what activity we’re engaged in.

But when unarmed, there is not much we can do!”

My comment:

Liberal politicians are, by choice, sheep, and they insist on a sheep-like attitude from everyone they can intimidate. They despise police officers, and everyone else who displays qualities of bravely and personal honor, that they themselves lack.

Within that prison of circumstance, there is no perfect solution, nor even a particularly good one.

As far as going armed in certain venues, sometimes we just have to ignore stupid “rules,” designed by sheep to make us all perpetual victims.

For those of us who enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail, it needs to be the last thing you do before going to bed.

But after all is said and done, instant access to deadly weapons is still the difference between life and death.

Forget that at your peril!

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’”

Dave Grossman


“Unarmed” Police?

8 Nov 18

“‘Police’ is not ‘what you do.’ Police is WHAT YOU ARE!

We may be ‘off-watch.’ We are NEVER ‘off-duty!’”


Talking about yesterday evening’s nightclub shooting in CA, Sheriff Geoff Dean of Ventura County CA stated during a press conference today that there were six LEOs present (that he knows of) among the guests attending the club at the moment the perpetrator starting shooting.

A reporter asked the Sheriff if any of the six officers present at the scene dutifully engaged the suspect with precision gunfire.

The Sheriff sheepishly answered:

“None of them were armed!”

At lease six unarmed police present when a madman starts shooting, and not a single one able to call upon his training and instantly stop the carnage!

The words “unarmed” and “police” should never be found in the same sentence!

This is a sad testimony to CA law enforcement!

American police officers should be gallantly carrying concealed guns no matter where we are, day and night, every waking minute!

It is a point of honor!

The world of 2018 is no place for the unprepared, particularly among those of us who are paid to be prepared!

“Destiny doesn’t make appointments, nor does she waste her time with the naive and unready!”

Farnam, again


Rifle-Caliber “Pistols”

6 Nov 18

Rifle-Caliber “Pistols”

At the 2018 SHOT Show back in January, I got a chance to see SIG’s two “pistols” chambered for rifle calibers.

The one most appealing was the MCX “Vertus.” 300Blk with a 9″ barrel and folding “arm-brace”

Extremely compact, particularly with the arm-brace folded to the side. Good choice for a “car-gun,” and for other low-profile travel.

Basically, it is a non-NFA SBR, and a really nice one! 300Blk and 7.62×39 are the best calibers for a gun with a barrel this short. The gun will fit nicely within many “carrying cases” that don’t look anything like gun cases!

An even smaller version, also non-NFA, with a 5″ barrel, and also with a retractable arm-brace, is called “The Rattler.”

Last weekend, a student brought a copy of the Rattler (chambered in 300Blk) to a DTI Urban Rifle Course on the East Coast.

To the gun’s credit, it ran without a single hiccup all weekend!

Its owner had it fitted with a SIG Romeo red-dot optic and co-axial flashlight (under the barrel and in front of the magazine well). Accuracy within 75m was superb, and indistinguishable from that of “conventional” rifles.

Its muzzle is fitted with a vortex-style flash-suppressor, which eliminated virtually all muzzle-flash.

One issue with rifles-caliber guns this compact:

The operator must be careful not to get his support-hand too far forward. It’s easy to do, as the barrel is so short!

Best place for the support-side hand is directly in front of the magazine well, a position I don’t advocate when using full-sized rifles, but necessitated by the compactness of the Rattler!

When I shot it, I had my left hand under the mounted flashlight, which put my index finger just to the rear of the flash-suppressor.

When I fired the first round, a jet of gas from a vent in the flash-suppressor was powerful enough to cut my finger!

My “injury” was not serious, but it did get my attention!

For several seconds, I tried to figure-out what just happened!

In a real lethal encounter, my dithering would likely have been fatal!

I like these compact rifles, arbitrarily classified as “pistols,” as they provide excellent personal protection while remaining essentially invisible.

And, since they’re legally “pistols,” they can be in a car with you, in either “transport-mode” or “carry-mode,” out of sight, and still be perfectly legal so long as you have a valid CCW permit

They will provide their owners with range, precision, capacity, terminal effect, and penetration unavailable with most “conventional” pistols.

However, as I discovered, shooting technique is important, since the barrel is so short.

Flash-suppressors/muzzle breaks are dangerous in all directions, except well to the rear!



2 Nov 18

“Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery”

Alexander Theroux


The “Socialist Rifle Association,” whose very existence is utterly ignored by the liberal media (for obvious reasons), is a growing group of American socialists/Communists that is advocating for its members become armed and trained, so that they can violently resist “right-wing aggression.”

What a curious exercise in hypocrisy!

Just as their dimpled-darling Democrat (Marxist) politicians are, every single one, pushing for new draconian restrictions on gun-ownership, this sub-group is telling its members to go out an buy guns and ammunition, even dreaded ARs and AKs their own Democrat commissars want to rip from the hands of all Americans!

Bill Ayers’ spiritual ascendants are “arming-up!”

I’m sure they’re confident that Democrat attempts to ban guns, magazines, ammunition, etc from all political opponents will never apply to them. Leftist politicians always exempt themselves, and their lackeys, from their own laws.

And, they oh-so self-righteously claim “… we only want to protect ourselves”

Funny, the very leftist politicians they frantically support endlessly insist none of us “need” guns for self-protection!

And, while they piously condemn the NRA and its “right-wing members,” they simultaneously lobby vehemently for the identical Second Amendment Rights the NRA enshrines!

They devoutly advocate for “Second Amendment Rights,” but only for themselves!

Their self-righteous rationalizing, like Ayers,’ is typical of Marxists/Communists, and would be laughable in any
reasonable context.

“The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of oneself.”

Jane Addams



30 Oct 18

“O Human Race, born to fly upward, wherefore at so little wind dost thou fall?”


Gas Guns:

At our popular DTI Urban Rifle Courses, the question of “gas adjustment” is ever on the minds of students.

In these times, most of us use semi-automatic, military rifles. There are many choices!

The Stoner System (AKA: “Direct Gas Impingement,” or “Pressurized Receiver”), brings high-pressure gas, via a gas-tube, directly into the receiver, momentarily pressurizing it, and thus driving the normal cycle of operation.

Most M4s currently being manufactured employ the Stoner System, and are not “gas-adjustable.”

However, several manufacturers are now producing after-market accessories which allow gas-adjustment, even on Stoner-System rifles, because some shooters insist on it!

Most other military rifles employ a gas piston, connected to an op-rod, and most of these are gas-adjustable, from the factory.

“Gas adjustment” is incorporated into a control knob on the rifle which will allow the user to change the percentage of gas (diverted from the interior of the barrel as the bullet goes past the gas-tap hole) which is subsequently used to drive the action, verses the percentage that is deemed “excessive” and is thus vented to the outside.

When a rifle, gas-piston or Stoner System, is “under-gassed,” the main symptom will be sluggish operation. In the extreme, under-gassed rifles will “short-cycle,” meaning that they are no longer capable of normal semi-automatic functioning.

With gas-adjustable rifles that are shot-cycling, increasing the percentage of gas that drives the system (while simultaneously decreasing the percentage that is vented off) will restore normal functioning.

Often, rifles that function normally when clean and well-lubricated, become sluggish as they get dry and dirty. Again, increasing the gas percentage that drives the system will keep the rifle going until it can be cleaned and re-lubricated.

Most semi-automatic, military rifles that are not gas-adjustable (which includes most M4s) are deliberately “over-gassed,” so even when dry and dirty, although they do become slightly sluggish, it is not so profound that they begin to short-cycle. They are designed so that there is always plenty of gas to insure normal functioning, despite unlubricated moving parts and excessive gas leakage.

So, is there a down-side to too much gas?

Yes, several!

Over-gassed rifles will generate more felt recoil than rifles that are correctly gassed. Probably a moot point with those chambered for 5.56×45, but sometimes a significant issue with those chambered for 7.62×51

Over-gassed rifles will experience more wear-and-tear/parts-breakage than correctly-gassed rifles.

Most significantly, over-gassed rifles will often have bolt movement so violent that the magazine cannot push-up
the next round fast enough to be fed into the chamber normally. The result is that the cycle of operation yields a chamber full of thin air, or with the bolt “over-riding” the next cartridge and stopping with lugs dug-into the middle of the top of the brass case.

Of course, bolt velocity can be adjusted via heaver or lighter recoil springs as well as via gas-adjustment. In fact, with non-gas-adjustable M4s, changing recoil springs/buffers is about the only way to address the foregoing symptoms.

The point of all this is that a reliable, serious rifle, one you want with you during exciting times, is neither over, nor under-gassed. Via gas-adjustment, or via correct selection of the recoil spring, it runs reliably through all kinds of circumstances, with different brands of ammunition, and despite continuous lack of maintenance.

Many “recreational” rifles fail this test, and will fail you at a very inconvenient moment!

Serious rifles only need apply. And, when your rifle is gas-adjustable, you need to know how and when to adjust it correctly, in order to keep it within a generous“Goldilocks Zone.”


See the FSM4 Gen II in action:

Go to http://m4precision.com to get more details on the second generation of Farnam’s Signature M4 Rifle.