Farnam Signature Fighting Rifles

6 Nov 19

Farnam Signature M4 and 7.62×51

Hans Vang, and his wonderful crew at Vang Comp in AZ, are now producing my FS M4s and FS 7.62x51s!

The Vang Comp shop is not far from Gunsite!

Vang Comp is known mostly for fighting shotguns, but they do a wide variety of work on pistols and rifles also, and they can now do NP3 and polymer treatments!

Hans has been a good friend form many years, and his work and customer service has always been second to none!

Keith Everett started building my Signature Rifles a number of years ago. When he retired, Freddie Blish at Robar took over, and did a splendid job, as he always does, producing a number of suburb rifles. Their owners are lucky to have them!

The firearm side of Robar’s business recently closed, so Freddie and I both reached-out to Hans, and he (as I knew he would) jumped right in!

I have been blessed with good and fast friends!

Vang Comp is a full-service gunsmith shop. They enjoy a sterling reputation and employ master gunsmiths, certified Colt armorers, all under Mr Vang’s tutelage. Their capacity is tremendous, and everything they do exceeds mil-spec.

They know how to make and deliver fighting rifles to my specifications, and they now have the entire technical package.

FS M4s have been built on several premium rifles, including BCI, Anderson. Vang Comp technicians are well-connected in the industry and can build your rifle on any number of quality platforms.

FS 7,62x51s are built on the POF Revolution Rifle and the Robinson Arms XCR/M. Other eligible candidates include the DSA/FAL

When you are ready for a serious, modern, reliable, fighting rifle (designed for fighting, not for playing), set-up to my specifications (with everything you need and nothing you don’t), tested, sighted-in, and ready for immediate service the moment it arrives, this is the ticket!

Contact Cody at Vang Comp

Vang Comp Systems, Inc
2805 N Hwy 89, Unit C
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
928 636 8455
928 636 1538 (Fax)


Continuing Chaos in Mexico!

5 Nov 19

Continuing chaos in Mexico:

Three SUVs, containing only unarmed women and young children (all US citizens), were shot to pieces by cartel sicarios in Northern Mexico yesterday.

This was no “accident!”

Innocent Americans were gunned-down and burned alive with fanatic deliberation!

These same vicious cartels have also established operations in every part of the USA, as getting cartel sicarios into the USA from Mexico is not difficult.

They casually murder, and not just rival gang-members, but defenseless women, children, infants, for reasons no normal person could understand.

They murder for a thousand twisted reasons.

They murder for no reason at all!

I saw a former US ambassador to Mexico interviewed on TV this morning.

He tried his best to apologize for the corrupt/inept/bungling “official” Mexican government, and added, unconvincingly, that there are places in Mexico that are still “perfectly safe” for American tourists.

Yet, he declined to name any!

He made a feeble and dubious case!

The brutal truth is that there is currently no place in Mexico that is “perfectly,” nor even “slightly,” safe!

Only fools travel there!

Innocent Mexican citizens have been completely disarmed by a corrupt government, and are thus unable to defend themselves against Cartels who are enslaving them.

Americans have not been stripped of our arms (yet), and we had better be prepared, trained, equipped, and ready, in an instant, to fight for our lives!

These murdering thugs have no intention of being confined to Mexico!


Flying with Guns!

30 Oct 19

TSA “Adventure”

From a friend and Instructor:

“I flew out of AZO (Kalamazoo, MI) on Delta today.

I’m currently on a hunting trip in another state.

I brought with me two bolt-action hunting rifles in what I thought was my “TSA-compliant” hard case, a case I’ve flown with on previous trips

This time, TSA conducted their “hand test:”

Locks are in place, and locked, but latches (that are not lockable) open.

The “test” consists of a TSA agent attempting to get his hand into the case, without unlocking any of the locks.

In my case, the TSA Agent was able to get her hand into the case, up to her wrist.

Result was that TSA would not allow this case on the airplane!

We had to put one of my rifles (and my G43) in friend’s case (which did pass the “test”), and we made our flight.

I had to leave my second rifle locked in my car in the AZO parking lot!

I flew a month ago, also from AZO, with the same case, and was not required to pass this “test.”

I was told this is all the result of a recent event that took place at an Airport in FL, where a suspect was able to grab a gun from inside a “locked” case.

TSA folks were able to supply no additional details.

I now own a new air-travel hard case!”

Comment: Many lightweight “hard” cases, that manufacturers commonly use when they ship guns via UPS/FedEx (usually within a cardboard container), are not nearly sturdy enough for stand-alone travel within the checked-baggage system on commercial airlines.

They are relatively flimsy and intended only to prevent guns from getting scratched-up as they’re transported about during the retail process, but they will typically not stand-up to the rigors of the checked-baggage system on airlines and in airports.

Since they “come with the gun,” many naive gun-owners are tempted to fly with them as stand-alone cases (in checked baggage), but this is a bad idea, as we see!

Substantial hard cases, specifically manufactured and intended to be used for stand-alone commercial air travel, are much more beefy, and are designed to survive (and remain secure during) “extreme handling environments.” They easily pass the “hand test,” as described above.

When you fly on commercial airlines during hunting trips, with rifles and shotguns, these are the cases you should be using!



29 Oct 19

“Nations have no perpetual ‘allies,’ nor ‘enemies.’

Nations only have ‘interests.’”

Lord Palmerston in England (1835), but re-quoted many times by subsequent politicians, from Charles de

Gaulle to Henry Kissinger!

During WWI (before the USA, in the aftermath of the sinking of the Lusitania, got actively involved), the USA was, at least officially “neutral” and was thus merrily supplying arms to many active combatants, particularly Russia and the UK.

Russia bought American-made 1895 Winchester lever-action Rifles, as well as American-made Mosin-Nagant bolt-action Rifles from Remington and Westinghouse. Some Mosin-Nagants were delivered, but the 1917 Russian Revolution saw the installation of a sinister new government, and Russia, consumed with its own internal conflict, promptly dropped-out of the War!

The new Communist government ultimately refused to make any payments to Remington , nor Westinghouse, so the US government partially bailed-out both companies, in the process taking possession of large numbers of American-made Mosin-Nagants. Most of these were retained by the USA in military warehouses, and eventually sold as surplus for pennies on the dollar. Many are thus still in private possession by Americans today!

After the War (and the Russian Revolution), many rifles still in the Russian inventory were sold to Spain during the eruption of the Spanish Civil War.

Many more ended-up in Finland. Some were purchased by the Fins, but most were captured during the Russo-Finnish War (The Winter War) of 1939-40

Finland gained its independence from Russia in 1917, during the Russian Revolution.

Brief armed struggle followed between the “White” Finnish and “Red” Finnish. White Finnish forces won, and
Finland thereafter wanted no connection with the USSR, except that they adopted (the Finnish version of) the Mosin-Nagant Rifle.

It was, in fact, a copy of an iron-sighted Finnish Mosin-Nagant Rifle that famous Finnish sniper, Simo Hayha used to terrorize Russian invaders during the Winter War.

The term, “Mosin-Nagant,” was actually manufactured by the Western press!

The rifle never went by that title in Russia!

Mosin was Russian. Nagant was België. Both submitted rifle designs to the Russian military in the 1880s. The “Mosin-Nagant” bolt-action rifle that was ultimately adopted by the Russian Army in 1891 was mostly Mosin’s creation, but with design features borrowed from Nagant.

Mosin-Nagant rifles gathering dust in Russian military warehouses for many decades were eventually made available for export to the USA, but only when the USSR broke-up in 1991, and as a result of the break-up. It was only for a brief period, and nothing has come out of Russia since, nor is likely to.

As noted above, most Mosin-Nagants imported from Russia during this period had actually been manufactured in the USA decades earlier, intended for export to Russia and France!

Between 1891 and 1965, upwards of forty million Mosin-Nagants were manufactured, in various nations but mostly in the USA, almost all in 7.62x54R caliber

Today, the Mosin-Nagant Rifle, long considered “obsolete” by the world’s armies, still has an active and enthusiastic following in the USA and other nations. Their owners have no compunction about shooting them
often, and relying on them for honest personal protection!

Many are thus still on active duty to this day!

I’ve scant doubt that stalwart Mosin-Nagants, along with 1903 Springfields, 1917 American Enfields, G98 Mausers, M1s, M14s, M1 Carbines, AKs, ARs, G3s, FALs, et al will be faithfully serving their formidable owners one hundred years from now,

… probably until the end of time!



28 Oct 19

Canik Pistols

Recently, I’ve been carrying and using a copy of the Canik, TP9 Elite SC.

It’s s double-column 9mm compact pistol, similar to a G26, but little slimmer.

I’m carrying it as a backup!

It’s a thirteen-shooter and from the user-standpoint, it works just like a Glock (as do most popular pistols these days)!

Polymer frame, striker-fired, no manual safety, trigger-tab, variable grip geometry, high-tech coating on all parts, external and internal, night-sight (front-sight only, which is the set-up I prefer)

And, it comes with a very nice kydex holster that can be configured for OWB, IWB, left-hand, right-hand.

I was going to order a holster for it, but the one that comes with is works just fine. I have it set-up for IWB on the left side, and it carries comfortably!

We’ve had a number of Caniks in Courses, and all have run perfectly. I have two copies (a full-sized and this new Compact), and after heavy use by me and my students, both have been extremely reliable!

I have no compunction about recommending these pistols!

They are well-designed and run as well as any other high-quality pistol out there, and the price is extremely competitive, considering it comes with a very useable holster and other accessories.

There are many quality pistols now available, including Glocks, of course, and a number of others.

I rate Canik as on-par with any of them!


“Latent Feelings of Insecurity?”

23 Oct 19

… and not just in Mexico!

France’s “Ministry of Internal Affairs” prefers to pretend that illegal possession of military rifles (mostly AKs) is not really out of control in “minority areas” (ie: Islamic neighborhoods).

The truth is that “minority areas” are awash with them!

Police naively “estimate” there are 15,000 illegal AKs in France. The actual figure is at least ten times that number!

French politicians look the other way, because enforcing gun laws on Islamics “doesn’t contribute to voter support”

The other group of owners of illegal guns are know as “Survivors.” We would call them “Preppers.”

French police, and police officers in most other Western European countries, know full-well that police operations designed to seize illegal weapons in “minority areas” will likely be met with overt, lethal resistance.

So, they are never attempted!

It’s much easier, and considerably less dangerous, to enforce gun laws against “survivors” and other frightened (mostly Catholic/Protestant) French citizens who just want some way to protect themselves from a “rainy day.”

Unlike Islamic neighborhoods, no gunfights are expected in those places, nor are subsequent “revenge
attacks” on police.

“We know that there are weapons in the suburbs (‘minority areas’), but we have no order to seize them,” is the feeble excuse sheepishly offered by the French police union.

Simultaneously, German citizens are also trying their best to arm themselves, legally when possible.

During Cologne’s (Germany) New Year’s Eve celebrations, mass sexual assaults of German women by North African and Middle Eastern (Islamic) men are still fresh on the minds of Western Europeans, although the liberal press has done its best to cover it up, and many other similar events in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

Applications for various “permits” are currently overwhelming their System.

Germany’s Union of Police (GdP) says in a official statement that the primary reason is a “latent feeling of insecurity.”

Ya think?


In Western Civilization we at least make a pretense of revering human dignity and individual freedom and liberty, but it is largely just lip-service and “theater.”

Politicians condescendingly look upon citizens as expendable cannon fodder, as we see!

They cynically pander to our personal safety concerns during election seasons, but solicit our support almost exclusively by bribing us with our own money.

They insist that their personal safety be insured via heavy weapons, while arrogantly decreeing that the rest of us are just too stupid to own guns!

They cynically enforce gun laws against the helpless, while maintaining a self-serving “hands-off” policy with regard to heavily-armed cartels (Mexico) and heavily-armed, militant Islamics (Western Europe).

Who naively look to government for protection, while taking no unilateral steps to protect themselves, will surely perish. And, when calamity strikes, they, unprepared, will die in amazement!

Their “famous last words” are invariably:

“This is so unfair!”

“Preparation doesn’t assure victory

It assures confidence.”

Amit Kalantri



21 Oct 19

Mexico dissolves into chaos!

On 14 Oct 19 (last Monday), thirteen Mexican police officers were murdered during an ambush attack carried-out by the Jalisco Cartel in El Aguaje.

Many more wounded.

Forty-two police officers, riding in a convoy of five trucks, were ambushed on a highway, by heavily-armed cartel members, some firing from armored vehicles!

The armed police convoy was on its way to pick-up and escort out of the area several critical witnesses to a violent crime.

Their imposing presence did not save them from attack!

The area has been the scene of multiple armed clashes between cartel members, rival cartel members, and local self-defense groups.

Nationwide, murders will easily break the 2018 record!

Mexico’s current president has displayed scant interest in wresting control of the countryside from cartels.

He has expressed great interest in increasing the size of his own personal bodyguard detail!

He may be wondering why Mexico’s draconian gun control laws are not reducing the level of criminal violence!

As for Mexico’s disarmed middle-class, they live in continuing morbid fear, unable to protect themselves.

Later last week, yet another large contingent of Mexican police who were sent to the City of Culiacán to arrest Ovidio Guzmán López, son of the drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera (currently in custody in the United States), succeeded in taking Guzman into custody, only to release him a short time later when they found themselves surrounded by cartel gunmen!

They were lucky to escape with their lives!

Once again, Mexico’s government has shown itself to be completely outclassed by violent, warring cartels.

Cartels, not the Mexican government, are in control of most of the nation!

Citizens enjoy no protection!

A local writes:

“We all know our Mexican ‘government’ is completely intimidated by cartels, but by folding like this and releasing Ovidio, it pretty much confirms to the rest of the world that our government has no control over this country.”

Comment: Travel to anywhere in Mexico is highly not recommended!

Despite dubious denials by government spokesmen, the Mexican government is unable to protect anyone, as
we see!


No Doubt!

16 Oct 19

“You lied to his face?

No. I ‘revised the parameters of my promise.’

Which is lying!

Which is politics!”


There is no doubt!

Democrat presidential aspirants, in their latest “debate” last night all strongly advocated for forced gun confiscation, cynically mislabeled “gun buy-back”

No push-back from any of them, nor from leftist media “inquisitors.”

Democrats are openly coming after our guns, while keeping theirs.

There is no doubt!

Beto confirmed his previous affirmation that he would, as president, forcibly confiscate “ARs and AKs”

He added that “his fellow citizens” will gladly, happily give them up, with nary a hint of protest.

Funny, that’s not what we’re seeing in CT, NY, Brazil, Venezuela, and New Zealand!

Julian Castro, openly spiteful of police, countered that minority communities would not welcome police officers coming door-to-door demanding that citizens turn-in their guns!

“Police violence is also ‘gun violence’” said he, to wild cheers from the audience.

Not a single other candidate came to the defense of American police!

Police officers, along with all other American gun owners, are obviously “expendable!”

Sleepy Joe asserted “A registered gun is far less likely to be involved in a mass shooting…”

To no one’s surprise, he offered no factual basis for that mythological belief.

He also firmly designated NRA members and gun manufacturers as “The Enemy,” presumably to be righteously punished, then he later insisted he would “bring us all together.”


In gulags?

When gun manufacturers are all forced out of business, who will equip our police, military, and Sleepy Joe’s bodyguards?

Anderson Cooper asked Andrew Yang why “assault weapons” were such a current target for confiscation by Democrats, when handguns are used in the vast majority of violent crimes involving guns.

Yang ignored the question completely and went off on another topic!

Not long ago, Democrats wanted to ban all handguns, simultaneously stating that other guns, rifles and
shotguns, were “not a problem.”

How their tune has changed!

Today, they refuse to talk about handguns, but want to rip from the hands of innocent Americans all legally-owned autoloading longarms (at least as a start).

Anderson Cooper, of course, lacked the courage to ask any of these presidential aspirants if Americans might have a problem with cheerfully turning-in their guns to the government, while Democrat politicians refuse to turn-in theirs!

He might has asked:

“When ‘ordinary’ American citizens can’t have guns to protect themselves, why is it okay for all of you to remain heavily armed, with ‘assault weapons’ galore?

If ‘assault weapons’ can’t protect us, why do they continue to protect you?

Are you really surprised when ‘ordinary’ Americans view that as arrogant, elitist hypocrisy on your part?”

Of course, with our cowardly, less-than-honest media, we’ll never hear anything like that!

“My campaign appeals to the wealthy, because I set all at ease by confirming, ‘It’s okay to be rich (like me), so long as you claim to care about ‘the children.’

I also appeal to the poor, who are too stupid to understand what I’m saying, so I hold-up pretty pictures and then give-out candy bars”




15 Oct 19

How we got here!

Firearms evolution:

Walter Hunt in 1848 designed the Volition Repeating Rifle. It combined a primitive “lever-action,” tube magazine, and self-contained cartridges, consisting of a hollow lead bullet that contained powder, but no primer. A primer had to be emplaced before each shot could be fired.

Hunt’s revolutionary rifle never got beyond the prototype stage, but Lewis Jennings improved Hunt’s original design the following year and actually went into production in 1851 through Robbins and Lawrence, and called the new product the “Smith-Jennings Rifle”

Involved in the production team were Ben T Henry, Dan Wesson, Horace Smith, and Courtland Palmer.
The project was a financial failure, as there was scant consumer interest. They went out of business in 1852.

In 1854, Smith, Wesson, and Palmer revived the project, this time adding a primer to the self-contained cartridge. “Smith & Wesson” was thus born, but promptly went broke! A few pistols were made, but again there was little consumer interest.

Shirt-maker, Oliver Winchester, then stepped-in (1855) with fresh funds, and the project was revived once more, now called the “Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.” Winchester liked the term “Volcanic,” after reading a Scientific American article on volcanoes.

But, it also met with quick failure. No consumer interest!

Winchester and Ben Henry then went off by themselves and formed the “New Haven Arms Company” in 1857.
Smith and Wesson went their own way and started making revolvers!

S&W developed a metallic-cased, 22 caliber, rimfire cartridge. Together with Rolland White, who had the idea for the bored-through cylinder, they form the new S&W Company and make a seven-shot revolver in 1857.

Revolvers from Colt were available at the time, but they were all loaded from the front of the cylinder, with a separate primer (cap) that had to be added at the rear of each cylinder. S&W’s new revolver could be loaded/reloaded much faster!

Meanwhile, Ben Henry developed his famous metallic rimfire cartridge (44 Henry), an improved rifle to fire it (the Henry Rifle), which incorporated Hunt’s original tube magazine and lever action.

The main problem with Hunt’s original “Rocket Ball” cartridge was obturation, adequately sealing the chamber during ignition and subsequent propagation of the bullet down the barrel. It was a persistent issue with all attempts at designing breech-loading guns. Hence, all Volcanic pistols and rifles were low powered and short range.

Metallic (copper, later brass) cartridges cases solved that problem and made powerful, log range cartridges possible.

Winchester again swooped-in and reorganized the project under the name “Winchester Repeating Arms Company.”

The Henry Rifle was used by some Union Troops at the very end of the American Civil War, but came along too late in the conflict to have any significant influence.

However, repeating arms now rose to the forefront of public consciousness, and success would no longer elude Winchester and Henry!

Most pistol and rifle barrels of the era were octagons. This is because bar-stock of the era used for making barrels was mostly square,, and cutting off the edges, making eight sides instead of four, was much easier than chucking-up the square bar on a lathe and turning it into a circle.

Winchester’s company thereafter enjoyed spectacular success, but curiously his lever-action rifles, with all their advantages, never garnered the interest of war planners in the USA.

However, they did in Russia and number of other countries, worldwide!

Winchester’s first rifle’s (Model of 1866) main improvement over the Henry Rifle (1860) was the addition of King’s Patent Loading gate (named after Nelson King, a Winchester employee), a sizable technological advancement over the front-loading tube of the Henry Rifle.

Both the original Henry and the new Winchester 1866 were chambered for 44 Henry, a rimfire cartridge with an all-copper case. Both rifles had duel firing pins.

The 44 Henry was, at least be today’s standards, a pistol cartridge (220 gr bullet at 1200 f/s), so the rifle itself was a 100m gun.

Black-powder rifling twist-rates ranged from 1:40″ to 1:60″, far milder than what is common with modern rifles using smokeless propellant.

Oliver Winchester and Ben T Henry ultimately had a falling-out, with Winchester the clear winner! Henry subsequently faded away, working as in independent gunsmith until his death in 1898 (age 77)

Next technological leap forward was the Winchester of 1873, chambered for the 44WCF (44-40), a center-fire cartridge (200 gr bullet at 1400 f/s), now with a brass case. Range went from 100mm to 200m, but it was still mostly a pistol round.

Brass receiver was replaced with steel. Also added was a sliding dust-cover.

Colt’s “Frontier Model” SA revolver of 1878 was cleverly chambered for the same cartridge!

The Winchester 1873 provided the central theme for the 1950 feature film, “Winchester ‘73.” Main character was Lim McAdam (played by Jimmy Stewart). Rock Hudson and a very young Tony Curtis also starred.

Next came the Winchester Rifle of 1876, chambered for the Winchester’s proprietary, and vastly more powerful,
bottleneck 45-75 round (350 gr bullet at 1300 f/s). The receiver was larger and more robust than on the 1873.

The 1876 could be used effectively on bear, elk, etc.

The government 45-70 round of the era came in several different lengths, and therefore could not be chambered for a production lever-action rifle with a receiver of fixed dimensions.

Sharps Rifle Company, makers of single-shot rifles, would go out of business in 1881, unable to compete with Winchester!

Winchester’s next rifle, 1886, used JM Browning’s design (which Winchester bought from Browning), that now incorporated locking lugs and made for a much stronger action than the Henry toggle-lock which had been used on all lever-guns up until then.

Browning’s half-brother (Ed Browning), and his (JM’s) son, Val Browning, were both also prolific gun designers and promoters.

The Model of 1886 instantly rendered all previous lever-guns obsolete!

Winchester then took the Government 45-70 case and used it to produce a plethora of permutations, all with the “WCF” suffix (45-90, 38-56, 38-70, 40-65, 40-70, 40-82, 45-70, 45-90, et al) all shootable in the 1886 Rifle. Velocities ranged from 1300-1500 f/s.

On the 1886, the receiver was well sealed, so a dust-cover was no longer necessary.

Model of 1892 was next, and the second Browning-designed rifle produced and marketed by Winchester. It was intended as a replacement for the 1873, that is: a modern lever-gun in pistol calibers.

The Model of 1892 was produced well into the 20th Century, but in the 1930s was re-designated “92,” so it didn’t sound quite so old!

It was the Winchester 1892 that was used by Lucas McCain ( played by Chuck Conners) in the ABC TV series “The Rifleman,” 1958-1963

The model of 1894, also a Browning design, was the first smokeless-powder-cartridge-firing rifle of the Winchester lever-gun series, and by far the most popular. In fact, it was the most popular commercial rifle ever produced in the USA!

Over seventy percent of 1894s produced were in 30WCF (30-30), Winchester’s new smokeless-powder cartridge. There was never a black-powder version of the 30-30.

The 1894 has an improved lock-up with a transfer-bar ignition, and a trigger-safety. Over two million were ultimately manufactured.

John Browning worked closely with Winchester until 1905. Winchester essentially bought every patent Browning came up with, many of which were never produced, never even saw the light of day.

Winchester’s 1895 lever-action (box magazine) rifle was the last Browning-designed weapon ever produced by Winchester!

It was stripper-clip-fed and chambered for a number of smokeless cartridges, including 30-40 Krag, 303 British, 30-06, and 7.62x54R, for the Russians. In fact, most of the 1895 production went to Russia, where they saw heavy military use and were highly regarded!

When in 1905 Browning came to Winchester with his idea for an autoloading shotgun, Browning demanded a royalty payment on every unit sold. Heretofore, he had received a lump-sum payment from Winchester for each of his designs (whether they were ever went into production, or became a commercial success or not, as noted above).

Winchester balked at the royalty idea, and that abruptly ended their relationship with John Browning!

Browning then took himself and his ideas to FN in Belgium!

By 1899, FN was marketing Browning’s first autoloading pistol, and Browning was, once again, off to a whole new success story!


The Myth!

11 Oct 19

On 9 Oct 19, in the town of Halle, Germany, a single perpetrator fired several shots at the locked door of a local synagogue in an apparent attempt to enter and massacre worshipers inside who were observing the Yom Kippur Holiday.

Not clear if his shots were fired at the door itself, or the lock. In any event, the door held, and the suspect was unable to gain entry.

The suspect then wandered about outside, firing multiple shots, at least two of which were fatal, one at a bystander near a nearby Jewish cemetery, and one customer at an adjacent restaurant.

Both victims were dead at the scene.

The shooter filmed his own shooting escapade, much as did the shooter in the Christchurch, New Zealand incident earlier this year.

He was heard to say, in English, “Jews are responsible for the world’s problems,” or words to that effect

He was arrested without incident and is currently in police custody.

Type(s) of firearms used was not reported.

Meanwhile, unarmed British Police flee from, rather than confront, knife-wielding assailant!


1) This shooting rampage went on for over thirty-five minutes, in the middle of the day, in a highly-public neighborhood of a developed city in modern-day Germany, and during this thirty-five-minute window, the suspect was never confronted, by police, by security personnel, by anyone!

“Instantaneous police response” to theses kinds of incidents is mostly myth, as we see!
In the New Zealand incident, we saw largely the same thing.

2) Jewish parishioners inside the building, forcibly disarmed by the German government, were the only ones in a position to react, but had no means to mount an effective response.

3) Locked doors work! Had this terrorist been able to gain entry, the death toll would surely have been much higher than it was.

4) Armed felons are not confined to the USA! Even in countries like Germany, where the private ownership of guns (much less the carrying of guns) is all but legally impossible, terrorists seem to have no problem becoming armed!

5) You’re on your own, no matter where you find yourself!

“Security” is a myth!

“Police protection” is a myth!

“Crime statistics” are mostly myth, and irrelevant to the individual!

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

John F Kennedy


See the FSM4 Gen II in action:

Go to RobarGuns.com to get more details on the second generation of Farnam’s Signature M4 Rifle.