Today’s Events!

22 May 17

There is an immeasurable distance between late,

… and too late!

Og Mandino

Today’s events in the UK:

Another terrorist suicide bombing, this time at the entrance to a packed entertainment arena, just as a popular concert ended. At least nineteen dead on the spot (a number sure to go up), twenty times that number injured.

For those souls, in the unlikely event Western Civilization ever gets serious about terrorism, it is already too late. For the rest of us, it is time to reevaluate our lifestyles and routines, once more!

There is no logical reason to believe these attacks upon the innocent in the UK, Western Europe, and CONUS will diminish any time soon, nor is there any reason to believe that governments will do anything effective to stop them! There is “security,” and there is “security theater.” We have precious little of the former, far too much of the latter.

We see the results!

Given the foregoing:

1) Beware of crowds! My advice is to stay away from concerts, sporting events, large gatherings of any kind, particularly those with a political or religious theme, particularly Christian and Jewish. When you must go, keep your head up and stay sober. Don’t get too far from the door. When you see “trouble in the making,” get out of there!

2) Carry a trauma kit! During a shooting or bombing attack, many wounded and immobile remain untreated for an hour or more. It may be a while before any kind of medical help arrives. Many bleed-out in the interim! Tourniquets, IBD’s, and Combat Gauze are literal lifesavers, but only when you have them with you and are practiced in their use!

3) Go armed! There is no “substitute” for loaded guns that you can get into action instantly. There are some forms of evil that cannot be adequately repelled short of gunfire. You must be prepared and ready to deliver it, with precision and adequate volume. Places where I can’t be armed, such as nightclubs and theme parks, I don’t go!

4) Don’t go anywhere without your cell phone! They don’t always work, but in an emergency your ability to communicate will be critical to your survival. In addition, dress so that you can walk several miles when necessary, on gravel. Have cash, credit cards. Carry a tactical flashlight.

5) Forget offshore travel for the foreseeable future, particularly to the UK, Europe, anywhere in the Middle East, Mexico and anywhere in South America. Even when traveling domestically, keep informed, keep your head up. Stay away from big metro areas, particularly NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, and a host of others. Be prepared to cancel travel plans, even at the last minute, when there are genuine safety concerns.

6) Understand that you’re on your own! Police do what they can, but “protection” is not going to follow you around like an obedient puppy. The one, and the only one, who will be called upon to save your life, is going to be you. You’re going to have to learn to live with that!

Western Civilization has still not woken-up, and may never! Down here in peon-land, Operators don’t wait for “permission.” We look-after our own best interests, and we don’t apologize!

“Now remember, when things look bad, and it looks as if you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Because, when you lose your head, and you give up, then you ain’t gonna win, and your ain’t gonna live. That’s just the way it is.”

Josey Wales (played by Clint Eastwood) in the 1976 feature film, “The Outlaw Josey Wales”


Life in CA!

21 May 17

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

Oscar Wilde

CA, “leading the way,” once more!

CA’s AG maintains a “Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.” As you might imagine, the list of handguns that may be legally purchased in CA is continuously shrinking!

The state, through its justice department, has functionary established the goal of phasing-out the lawful purchase of all autoloading pistols (regardless of capacity) by citizens, including retired LEOs. No timetable has been officially set, but most believe the list of “decertified” handguns will include all autoloaders by the end of 2019.

Ultimate status of existing handguns in private possession, that have been subsequently dropped from the “List,” is currently unknown, but forced confiscation is a safe bet!

Thus before long, CA residents may be looking to 7/8-shot 38/357 revolvers currently manufactured by S&W and Ruger for home defense, and 5/6-shot revolvers for carrying, such as the Kimber K6, new Colt Cobra, Ruger LCR, and S&W’s 340PD 5-shot snubby

It may be no coincidence that Colt is currently re-introducing its 6-shot Cobra revolver (38Spl), Kimber came out with their excellent K6 revolver (357Mg), and Ruger has recently introduced its eight-shot Redhawk (357Mg)!

Before it is all over, the Supremes may rule, in five years, maybe twenty. In the interim, down here in peon-land, all we can do is prepare and otherwise look after our own best interests, a strategy which may include moving to another state!

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts his sails!”

William Ward


Pistol Trends:

19 May 17


From a friend and colleague in MD:

S&W’s M&P 2.0 in 45ACP has really caught-on here in MD, along with the SIG 320 in the same caliber, and SA’s XD/S in the same caliber, and also the Kahr PM45!

All address a specific political issue when you live in a state like MD (also NY, NJ, CA, CT), where magazine capacity of pistols is legally limited. Here in MD, magazine capacity is limited to ten rounds (for now at least).

The M&P M2 and the SIG 320 (both in 45ACP) are double-column pistols. The SA/XD/S and the Kahr PM45 (both also in 45ACP) are single-column and thus significantly flatter than the former two. Magazine capacity for the double-columns mentioned is ten rounds. For the single-columns, it is 5-6 rounds.

So, you can carry a 6/7-shooter, or (with a little more bulk), an 11-shooter.

The point is this:

Like you, I prefer to carry a high-capacity, double-column 9mm pistol, so I can have 16-20 rounds at my disposal, all without reloading. However, when you’re legally limited to ten-round magazines, there is no point in carrying a pistol with its magazine filled mostly with air, instead of cartridges!

All the above pistols, with magazines, can be shipped directly to MD, and may be purchased retail by anyone who is legally able to own guns. And, all are well suited to concealed carry, the specific purpose for which all were designed.

I carry my M&P M2 with Cor-Bon 160gr DPX. I am thus perfectly legal, even in MD, yet well armed, by any standard!”

Comment: Without getting into my customary rant about politics, I have to say that my friend’s strategy makes sense. When you must live in MD, the four pistols mentioned above all represent acceptable choices, particularly the S&W and the SIG.

I carry my Kahr PM45 as a backup, also with Cor-Bon DPX, and have for the past decade. It is comfortable, and it always runs! Many among the small-statured carry it as a main gun. My wife often carries her SA/XD/S, also as a main gun.

I like lots of rounds at my disposal, no doubt. While we continue to fight against restrictive legislation, I can see why the above pistols are currently popular, particularly in the states mentioned!

“Don’t bang you head against a wall, that has a door in it!”

Poker-player’s axiom



19 May 17

“Never open the door to a ‘lesser evil,’ for greater ones invariably slink in after it.”

Baltasar Gracián

Comments on my last Quip, from a colleague and Rabbi:

“Centuries ago, Rabbi Hillel (of so goes the legend), was asked by a skeptic if he could succinctly define his religion, all while standing on one foot. The latter requirement was added so as to put an emphasis on getting to the point quickly!

His answer (loosely translated) was:

‘What is evil unto you, do not to unto others. The rest is commentary. Now, go and study.’

Modern-day terrorists are mostly happy to have what they ‘do unto others’ being ‘done unto them.’ They will for example, voluntarily blow themselves up. Thus, blowing up others is consistent with Rabbi Hillel’s definition, but for the ‘commentary.’

I think that places them, and all VCAs (Violent Criminal Actors), outside the definition of ‘humanity!’

Darwin spoke of human evolution as something that relentlessly moves us in the direction of survival of our species. For terrorists, if their route is the path to specie survival, we’re all doomed, and relatively quickly!

Accordingly, in my opinion, we denizens of Western Civilization are all obligated, by the future of our genetics, to stay alert and prepared, so that the best of humanity is preserved and enhanced, indeed is worth preserving!

Even so, there are still ‘acts of nature,’ (‘Force Majur,’ I think they’re called) so staying alert and prepared always remains invaluable, and at the heart of our personal arsenal, whether threats take human form or not.

And, that suggests that we are obligated to have the ‘arsenal’ to begin with!”

My comment:

The foregoing was recognized as “self-evident” by this nation’s heroic Founders, and thus wisely embodied within our Second Amendment.

Evil is real, and it fatally infects souls of many. Pretending evil does not exist is a certain recipe for a short life!

Our war with evil, and evil men, is currently (in case you haven’t noticed) a shooting war. We have to fight!

The only question is:

Are you prepared to fight effectively, or are you just another naive VBC (Victim, by Choice)?

Either way, evil is coming to a place near you- ready or not!

“Resolution to avoid evil is seldom framed until evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible.”

Thomas Hardy



18 May 17

“Lectures you deliver may be wise and true,
Yet, I’d rather get my lesson by observing what you do.
For I may misunderstand you, and the high advice you give,
But, there’s no misunderstanding the way you act and live.”

Edgar A Guest

Flawed “heroes:”

It has always struck me as curious that David, Solomon, Samson, and virtually all great “heroes” of the Old Testament lived long enough to know that their embarrassing character flaws would be carefully chronicled by Old Testament writers, so we could all read about them, in scathing detail, thousands of years later.

Surely, all those messy, damaging details could have been left out of the historical text. What is the point in tarnishing the memory of an otherwise great national hero? Why not confine “history” to only great and noble deeds?

I have to believe the reason that both good and bad were faithfully recorded is so that we later readers can know and understand that “perfect” character, and thus a “perfect” life, doesn’t happen on Earth. Down here, for all of us, even kings, it is a life-long struggle. We struggle against challenges of all kinds, bacteria, personal weaknesses, but mostly against our own vanity and selfish impulses.

Writers of scripture must have known, when we later readers believed any of these ancient “heroes” were perfect, we might elevate them to the status of gods. As it is, we can know, despite moments of brilliance and nobility, all were “only too human!”

Lesson for the rest of us:

In this life, you’re going to stumble and fall, mostly because of your own stupidity and arrogance. You can lie there, making phoney excuses for yourself, or you can repent of your self-indulgent foolishness and drive on. In any event, people will judge you as doltish and conceited, and they’ll mostly be right. Sincere repentance is the act of assuring that they will not continue to be right, forever!

“Regret” and “repentance” are not the same thing!

“Regret” is merely wishing things were different, absent a willingness to act in order to cause a change. By contrast, “repentance” is a sincere and humble admission that you’re going the wrong way, combined with a personal resolve to change direction. “Regret” is useless emotion that requires no effort and is thus as common as it is profitless. “Repentance,” however, calls for action and is thus rare, and ever dangerous and painful. Even repentance cannot alter history, but it will change the future. “Regret,” and ever-attendent self-pity, change nothing, and like all emotions, accomplish nothing.

Thus in our age, self-indulgent philandering by FDR, Bill Clinton, all the Kennedy brothers, Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King, to name just a few, was with scant exception, continuous, smug, and unremorseful, although when caught in the act, all expressed cynical “regret” (over having been caught).

Unlike David, Samson, et al, none ever repented, nor humbled themselves, nor altered their lifestyle. Much to their eternal embarrassment, it has all been duly recorded, in lurid detail. Future generations will “read all about it!”

Unfortunately, they set a poor example. All were, and remained, deeply flawed. Yet, all had moments of enlightenment and grandeur.

Best advice for the rest of us (from the notable and truly repentant):

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”

Peter Marshall

Against your last day, make sure your flaws die before you do!

Atilla the Hun

“Most people think shadows follow, precede, or surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses, and memories.”

Elie Wiesel

“You can’t choose your battlefield. The gods do that for you. But, you can plant a standard where a standard never flew”

Nathalia Crane


Going Armed!

15 May 17

“Where, oh where, can my pistol be?
Liberals took it away from me
I’ve gone to heaven, because I tried to be ‘good’
I didn’t have my pistol with me, so I had to leave- yeah- this world”

With sincerest apologies to J Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers in “Last Kiss,” from 1964
Going armed, consistently:

Last weekend, my students were intensely interested in talking about carrying concealed. Some did already, but at least until last weekend, few did consistently. My job is, of course, to emphasize consistency!

I explained that going armed is a confounded nuisance! When suggesting various methods, I keep coming back to this point:

Some “adjustment” in dress, disposition, personal philosophy, knowledge base, skill base, and lifestyle in general, is going to be necessary, when you are determined to be one of us. The notion that you’re going to “fit a gun into” your current lifestyle, with no alterations, is naive and dangerous!

“Occasionally” carrying a concealed pistol is akin to “occasionally” wearing a seatbelt while driving! Either wear a seatbelt or don’t, but please refrain from insulting my intelligence by insisting that you can predict the future with sufficient precision, so that you’ll know exactly when you’re going to “need it,” and when you’re not, nor that you have the uncanny ability to arbitrarily separate your life into “safe” and “dangerous” moments!

Women, for any number of reasons, are confronted with far greater challenges when carrying concealed than are men. Off-body carry (in purses and handbags) smugly shunned by some (mostly men) often represents one of the few viable options for many women. “Bra-holsters” represents another.

Every concealed-carry option, regardless of your gender, feature advantages and weaknesses. For some, depending upon the way they dress and the places they go, a single carry method may not suffice. Some of us may thus be compelled to carry in different locations on different occasions. That, of course, complicates the entire affair, yet may be necessary.

Shoulder-holsters, ankle-holsters, belly-bands, bra-holsters, et al all service a specific requirement, but all have failings too. One big issue is that most of the foregoing are “one way.” That is, the gun may come out quickly, but it cannot be speedily reholstered using only one hand. Thus, when you need to get your brandished pistol out of sight quickly, it will probably have to be placed in a pocket.

“Appendix carry” is currently all the rage, but it has issues too, not the least of which is safe reholstering. And, we all know that holstering is pistol is the single most dangerous things we do with guns!

I advise students that, before their search is over, they’re likely to have a box full of holsters! Even then, the “perfect” pistol and “perfect” concealed-carry method will likely elude them! The combination ultimately selected may suffice most of the time, but as noted above, it will ever be a confounded nuisance!

When you have made the firm and irreversible decision to go armed, as a permanent lifestyle, you’ll find a way! As noted, it will be far from perfect, but you’ll make the sacrifices necessary to make it work.

If not, you’ve likely stopped reading already!

“The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all”

Pablo Casals


Cars and “Gender Equality!”

12 May 17

Next Step?

When liberals here promote the banning of guns, one retort is that, if liberals were really interested in protecting citizens, they would want to ban cars too. Liberals have always recoiled at the suggestion, saying that the two issues were “not related.”

Until now!

An editorial in the popular Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, is now demanding that cars be banned from cities!

You’ll love the typical liberal rhetoric:

Cars “have turned into deadly weapons.”

Cars are “effective murder machines” and “must simply be removed from city…”

“It is remarkable that it is possible to drive around the Swedish capital”

“It’s vital now that cars be regulated” (as if they weren’t already)

Sweden’s “Environment Minister” has chimed-in with:

“Cars are driven largely by men, so by giving a lot of space to cars, we’re giving a lot of space to men- at the expense of women,” (… not quite sure how that logic works)

In any event, owning and driving a car now apparently also represents a vicious attack on gender equality!

We’ll be hearing this same drivel, from the mouths of liberals here, before long. When there is any way to restrict individual freedom and independence, liberals will predictably be promoting it.

It is inevitable!

“Where liberals rule, abuse of power is the norm.”

G Hayes



11 May 17


Of all exportable terrorist attack methods, using hijacked trucks to plow into groups of pedestrians is among the most effective and easiest to put together.

There is no lack of “recent converts to Islam” who can be recruited to carry-out one of these attacks, and one needn’t look very far to find an eligible truck! And, murdering/maiming dense concentrations of hapless, unsuspecting pedestrians with a speeding truck requires no extraordinary marksmanship!

We saw this tactic used to great effect in Nice, France in July of 2106, and in Stockholm, Sweden in April of this year.

Heavy trucks can be said to be impervious to most small-arms fire, so there is little an armed citizen can do except stay alert, see the threat developing in time to take action, and then try to get out of the way. I might add: stay away from crowds in general!

Stopping a speeding truck quickly is nearly impossible (absent a heavy, anti-tank missile). One can be stopped slowly, via spike-sticks, but so long as the truck stays on pavement, it can still move with surprising speed and even some control, with all tires flat!

Despite preposterous rubbish routinely depicted by Hollywood, shooting at moving trucks with pistols and patrol rifles is unlikely to have any discernable effect on the vehicle. And, significant penetration through doors and into the cab portion of the vehicle, with enough force to cause significant injury to the driver, is also unlikely.

Small-arms fire into the truck’s radiator may cause the engine to eventually overheat and seize, but that will take some time.

The truck’s driver can be shot through the windshield and side windows, but the dilemma is to get someone high enough to do it. Some brave hero can jump onto the running board and then shoot the driver at point-blank range, but that is not a task for which most, including me, will volunteer!

And, shooting the driver, evil soul that he may be, may solve one problem, but simultaneously manufacture another:

With the driver suddenly dead/disabled, the speeding truck now becomes an “unguided missile.” The truck may slow and stop, but it might not, so a “happy ending” may still elude us!

As noted, your best individual defense is continuing alertness and life-style adjustments that reduce risk without making life a complete bore. Personal risk can never be eliminated, but it can be logically “managed.” Personal honesty is your best friend. “Emotional reasoning” (AKA: self-deception) is a menace!

To be sure, speeding hijacked trucks are not the only toxic threat about which we need be concerned. Armed criminals, be they gangs or individuals, Islamic terrorists or “conventional” armed-robbery suspects, street-gang members, illegal-alien VCAs, et al all represent pernicious threats, particularly as the “de-policing” of “sanctuary cities” (all ruled by liberal Democrats) continues unabated.

Again, your life may not be important to terrorists, nor to politicians, so it had better be important to you. Never depend upon “divine protection.”

Depend on yourself!


The Political Promotion of Violent Crime

9 May 17

“In these modern times, many are wounded for not having weapons, nor knowledge of their use.”

Achille Marozzo, 1536

The man charged with Boston’s double murder last weekend, Bampumim Teixeira, had been previously (recently) convicted of two bank robberies.

Upon his conviction for armed robbery, he served a total of ONLY NINE MONTHS in prison!

The forgoing is an example of the way leftist politicians in liberal strongholds, like MA, actually promote violent crime! Anywhere liberals are in charge, violent crime is high, and ever-increasing.

Liberals covet ever-higher rates of violent crime for two reasons:

(1) Violent criminals represent a small minority whose political support, and votes, liberals openly solicit, and whose size and influence liberals thus constantly strive to increase. This is the reason liberals predictably make excuses for the behavior of violent criminals, insisting they are “justified” in committing crimes, and invent cynical terms, like “grievance-based crime” in order to rationalize evil behavior.

(2) Through violent crime, violent criminals intimidate and terrorize the rest of the population, generating demands for “increased protection,” which liberals are only too happy to provide, in the form of suffocating new restrictions on all of us who don’t commit crimes, and economic punishment of certain minorities who see through liberals’ cozenage and thus refuse to support them. Violent criminals hence do liberals’ “dirty work” for them.

The elimination of the private ownership of guns is thus the liberal “Holy Grail”

Armed citizens effectively protect themselves against violent criminals. This is unthinkable for liberals! Violent crimes should be cleaned-up afterward (amid strident demands for gun prohibition), but never prevented!

Not surprisingly, advice offered by liberal public officials (who all insist on heavily-armed protection for themselves) with regard to violent crime:

(1) Never offer resistance

(2) Give them anything they want

(3) Let them do anything they want

(4) Never own a gun

Curiously, that formula was notably unsuccessful last weekend in Boston!

“Learned helplessness” and “enforced defenselessness” may be music to the ears of liberals, but they represent the death knell for the rest of us

…as we see!

“When people are paid to ‘be poor,’ we should not be astonished when we find ourselves inundated with ‘poor people.’ In the same way, we are suddenly awash with ‘victims’ when achieving that status brings reward from the government, or farmers, when paid by the state not to produce, mysteriously become non-productive.

It is an ‘enigma’ only to naive liberals.”

Milton Friedman


Life and Death!

8 May 17

“Safe” places and “safe” Neighborhoods!

Last weekend, two prominent physicians, living in the “high-rent district” of Boston, MA, were victims of a home invasion.

Both were tied-up by a single, armed burglary suspect. Then, while thus helpless, both had their throats slit and subsequently bled to death!

One of them, prior to dying, sent a pitiable text massage to friends, pleading for help.

None arrived!

This is similar to the Bataclan Theater attack in Paris, France in 2015, where innocent theater-goers, being held hostage by Islamic terrorists, tweeted desperate messages pleading for police to come and save them.

None arrived there either. All hostages were murdered, many in hideous ways!

Back in Boston, the single suspect was arrested shortly after the double-murder, but not before a brief shootout with police. Suspect was wounded, but not fatally. No police were injured.


(1) Affluence, education, intellect, high-end employment, political connections, status, personal prestige, residence in an ostensibly “safe,” high-end, high-rise with lots of “security” in place. All wonderful, but none of that will not stop, scarcely even deter, violent criminals, as we see!

(2) Every burglary suspect is extremely dangerous! Never regard criminals, even petty ones, as “amateurish,” nor “harmless.”

(3) The closest to “safety” any of us will ever get is continuous, split-second access to loaded guns, as well as having undergone requisite training in their serious use. Either go armed, with a firm, righteous plan for personal victory, or be comfortable in your chosen status of “voluntary victim,” and then be prepared to wittingly accept the consequences. Don’t cry “unfair,” when you’re unprepared (not that it will matter)!

(4) Never surrender to criminals. Never let them tie you up. Be ever committed, and fully prepared, to fight to the death- effectively and decisively!

Personal preparation and commitment are literally the difference between life and death.

Confront these facts honestly, while you still can!