‘Tis the Season!

11 Dec 17

2017 Holiday Season:

“The power of observation is frequently called ‘cynicism,’ by those who don’t have it.”

George Bernard Shaw

Today’s bungled subway bombing attempt in NYC marks the beginning of an “exciting” Holiday Season in the USA, UK, and Western Europe!

Islamic Terrorists are all too familiar with our weak spots, and they will be doing their best to “make their mark” over the next four weeks.

Authorities, particularly NYPD and the FBI, are actually doing a pretty credible job, but our speciality in Western Civilization continues to be spectacular success, “right of bang.” “Left of bang” is still a “work in progress!”

Accordingly, “Tips for the Season:”

1) Beware of crowds, gatherings, and rallies, particularly those with a religious or political theme.

When you must be there, stay on the edge of the crowd, not in the middle. When the gathering in question is indoors, don’t get far from the door and keep your head up, even during prayers- especially during prayers!

The bigger and more high-profile the “gathering,” the greater the risk exposure.

Stay out of big, metro areas

2) Beware of “containment” and “lock-downs.”

These flawed policies continue to enjoy common acceptance in the naive West, but nowhere else! When things start going south, get away, and out of the area, as quickly as you can, any way you can!

Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait for “instructions” Don’t wait at all! Don’t “shelter in a coffin!”

Who impose “lock-downs” are doing it for their benefit, not yours!

3) Don’t “travel light”

Be self-contained, no matter where you go. Cell phone (always fully-charged), pistol(s), spare magazine(s), blade(s), OC, flashlight, IBD, tourniquet, long pants, long-sleeve shirt, hat, glasses, sturdy shoes/boots, water bottle, cash, credit-cards, ID, car keys.

In your car, have a full trauma kit, MREs, urban rifle, multiple spare magazines. Keep your gas-tank full!

4) Security comes first!

We can live with a false alarm, or two. You’ll be alive to feel foolish! Be prepared to change plans instantly.

Don’t ignore “danger signals”

5) Stay in CONUS!

Offshore travel is fraught with risk this time of year. When you must travel, there are plenty of fun places you can go that are within CONUS!

6) Eyes open! Heads up!

There is no substitute of personal alertness. Don’t depend on others to watch your back.

Stay alert, quick, nimble, sober, mobile, decisive.

This isn’t Disneyland!

“Cynics are right, nine times out of ten.”



National CCW Reciprocity

10 Dec 17

“‘The Nation’ will not be the organ of any party, sect, nor body. It will, on the contrary, make an earnest effort to bring to the discussion of political and social questions a really critical spirit, and to wage war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration, and misrepresentation by which so much political writing of the day is marred.”

“The Nation’s” founding prospectus, 1865

Oh, that our modern media would even begin to adhere to such a motto!

A National CCW Reciprocity Bill has passed the House, and is currently headed to the Senate, where hysterical Democrats and their media lackeys, deriding the bill as “Apocalypse USA” (or is it “Armageddon” this time?), are closing ranks to destroy this legislation.

Democrats smugly made all the same dire predictions, time and again, when “shall-issue” state CCW legislation was passed, state-by-state. They screamed even louder when laws were expanded to include “Preemption,” “Take-Your-Gun-to-Work,” and “No-Duty-to-Retreat” provisions. And, when the “wild-west-bloodbath” they solemnly (and ever so self-righteously) predicted, never happened (in fact, violent crime went down, every time), Democrats suddenly developed ecumenical amnesia!

They apparently think the rest of us did too!

Democrats still reflexively attack, without exception, any and all pro-Second Amendment legislation. They always have.

Democrats should more appropriately be fearing both their congressional colleagues, and their sleazy media cheerleaders and apologists, who are being outed in droves as the serial women-abusers they are (and have been for decades, probably longer), instead of illogically fearing their fellow citizens, who desire simply to be able to lawfully own and carry concealed firearms in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from violent criminals.

Democrats seeking reelection need to worry less about shielding and protecting detestable criminals, less about “regulating” good citizens, less about characterizing themselves as “so pure,” and more about simply allowing good citizens to take reasonable measures to protect themselves.

“All truth passes through three stages: (1) Ridicule, (2) Violent opposition, (3) Acceptance as ‘self-evident’”
Arthur Schopenhauer


The Dead Can Wait!

7 Dec 17

“When it’s least expected….”

From a friend and student in CA:

“The fire here in Ventura erupted suddenly, like an earthquake. There was scant warning!

On extremely short notice, we were forced to evacuate from our home late Monday. As we departed, we could see a literal ‘wall of fire,’ from our driveway, huge flames advancing relentlessly like charging infantry!

As we drove away, I was astonished to see clueless people parked on the side of the road, just watching motionlessly, mesmerized, indeed paralyzed, by the sight of advancing fire, as though it were some form of entertainment!

A simultaneous power-failure meant no traffic lights, no street lights, no ambient light except for the fire itself.

As I write this, fire continues to rage.

A city wide emergency-curfew is (predictably) being ignored by looters and other criminals.

As you often note, we are ‘on our own.’

Fortunately, we are alert, mobile, resilient, and ‘armed and ready!’”


My friend knows how and when to “act,” without hesitation.

Many, like the clueless mentioned above, don’t.

For them, it is already too late!

“The dead can wait.

The quick dare not!”

Mehmet Murat ildan



5 Dec 17

“Trigger Control”

“When you walk, just walk. When you sit, just sit. But, whatever you do, don’t wobble!”


“The mind of a perfect man is like a mirror. It grasps nothing. It expects nothing. It reflects, but does not hold. Thus, the perfect man can act without effort.”

Chuang Tzu

My friend and colleague, Frank Sharp, recently editorialized eloquently on the subject of trigger control, and indicated, correctly, that it is the most difficult subject we teach, and more than a few students never “get it,” despite their sincere efforts, and ours!

“Acting without effort” fluently describes the perfect trigger press!

But, few operate at that level. It is indeed an elite fraternity that does not include me!

Some competitive shooters approach the “perfect trigger press,” but they invariably do it with extremely light triggers!

With real triggers (5-7lbs), that come from the factory on real guns, that real people are going to actually use, in really serious situations, “perfection” is unlikely, nor is it particularly relevant!

The “trigger-jerking bacteria” that infects all of us, to one degree or another, will be annoyingly present every time we operate guns.

And, as with most things in medicine, we have no “cure.” What we are able to do is teach you to “live with your disease”

With the serious use of guns, we usually have an “area target.” Be it the “thoracic triangle” or “body-midline rectangle,” when bullets are impacting within several centimeters of our exact point of aim, that is usually “close enough” to produce the desired outcome.

When your “disease” is thus “under control,” a “good outcome” is still probable, even though you haven’t been “cured,” nor are you ever likely to be!

So long as we are all made of protoplasm (living tissue), a “perfect” trigger press will continually elude most of us.

Competitors, who work in the abstract, will ever tormentingly pursue it.

Operators, who relentlessly train for “The Test,” which we know and understand can come at any moment and without warning, endlessly strive for an acceptable compromise between accuracy and speed, worrying less about “perfection,” and more about victory!

“With the unstable, there is no self-control.
Without self-control, there can be no harmony
In the absence of harmony, chaos pervades
And, for the chaotic and aimless, how can there be happiness?
Boundaries are essential
Without boundaries, a river becomes a swamp!”



Slaughter of the Disarmed

28 Nov 17

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you!”

Leon Trotsky

On Saturday, Islamic jihadis attacked a Mosque in the village of Rawda, Egypt massacring over 300 disarmed Sufi worshipers.

“Sufi” Islam is despised by ISIS, because it advocates at least a little tolerance of other religions.
Knowing that they had been targeted by ISIS, local Sufis (disarmed by governmental edict) erected sandbag barriers around their mosque, and nearby roads, in a vain effort to protect themselves.

Their efforts were pitifully futile!

A witness heard heavily-armed ISIS attackers (who apparently don’t worry about local gun laws) yelling:

“Kill them all, young and old. Spare no one!”

They spared no one!


1) Sandbag barriers are no more likely to stop, nor even hinder, hideous/monstrous evil than are unarmed, so-called “security” guards, or signs that read, “Gun-Free Zone”

2) During a terrorist attack, anywhere in the world, VBEs (Victims, by Edict) are no less dead than are VBCs (Victims, by Choice). In most of the world, we have the former. In America, we have the latter.

In America, most citizens don’t have to be “voluntary victims,” but many are, by choice, as noted above.

No matter the “category,” they’re all equally dead!

3) In a “gun-free utopia,” like Egypt, evil ever thrives! The innocent are routinely slaughtered. Protecting oneself with real guns is prohibited. “Not wanting to be a victim” is a crime!

The UK and most of Western Europe is scarcely any different, nor is NYC, CA, CT, anywhere liberals are in control.

4) There is no “good way” to be a victim! Victims are victims. Details are as insignificant as they are irrelevant.

Only non-victims, by choice, the armed and trained, have any control over their own fate!

5) Governments, and people in them, will predictably spare no expense in protecting themselves.

The rest of us are on our own, and always have been.

You’re going to have to learn to live with that!

“They’re not getting me without a fight!”

Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) in the 1977 feature film “Star Wars, Episode 4, A New Hope”


Saint Pistol

21 Nov 17

“AR Pistols”

Yesterday, at the ITOA Convention (Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association) in Oakbrook, IL, I had the opportunity to handle Springfield Armory’s “Saint Pistol.”

SA’s “Saint” line of “standard” ARs has been popular, and we’ve had students bring them to class. All have run fine!

However, this “Pistol” version features a 7.5″ barrel with an “arm-brace”on the end of the buffer-tube. Overall length is 26.” With a Law Tactical folding buffer-tube, the whole package is even more compact, and would fit within most briefcases!

The Saint Pistol also features a clever gas-deflector, which channels muzzle-blast forward, instead of to the side. Noveske makes a similar one, which I’ve seen in action. The Saint’s version is quite compact.

The Saint Pistol I handled was in 5.56×45, but I’m sure a 300Blk version will join the fray shortly!

Other “pistols” that fall into the same category include Inland Mfg’s M1 Carbine/Pistol. I shot this gun several weeks ago in TX. Again, compact, but the copy I shot had no stock at all. Just a pistol grip.

Robinson Arms “XCR Pistol” is another adaption of the same idea, as is SIG’s “Vertus” Pistol, and Daniel Defense’s DDM4/300, et al.

The whole idea is to offer the American consumer a SBR (Short-Barreled-Rifle), which is not an NFA weapon, and thus not subject to interminable delays, burdensome NFA paperwork, and transfer taxes.

When you manufacture a weapon in this country, and call it a “rifle,” minimum barrel length is sixteen inches. When you manufacture a “pistol,” barrel-length is not restricted, but the weapon may not have a shoulder-stock.

At least the foregoing represented the “rules,” until recently. Then, some manufacturers started putting “arm-braces” on the buffer-tubes of ARs and selling them as “pistols.”

ATF has gone round and round over this issue for the past decade, changing their minds several times.

In fact, DJT may remove SBRs (and suppressors/silencers for that matter) from NFA status entirely, which will make the foregoing discussion irrelevant and of interest only to historians, but that has not happened yet.

Currently, at least, “arm-braces” are apparently okay, and the shooter may even use them as a shoulder support/index. So, this class of weapons has now become effectively, SBRs!

But, since they fall under the “pistol” description, state-issued CCW permits apply to them.

So in many states, where it would be profoundly illegal to have any kind of “rifle” (in any condition) in the cab-portion of a vehicle, one may legally have one of these “pistols” (fully loaded and ready to fire) on his lap, or on the seat next to him, or the seat behind him, so long as he has a valid CCW permit!

Thus, while many think there is no practical reason to own one of these, there may be a legitimate political one!

The most logical caliber for these “pistols” is 300 Blk, as with this caliber you pay less of a velocity-loss penalty owing to a short barrel than is the case with 5.56×45. However, either are satisfactory for most tactical challenges within 100m

I’ve had students show-up with AR “pistols” having no “arm-brace” at all, just the buffer-tube extending to the rear. Even so, a satisfactory shoulder support/index can be attained by most shooters.

I don’t currently own one of these “pistols,” as a standard AR, XCR, etc can be had with a Law Tactical (or other) folding stock, legal in most states. Folded, the whole thing fits into a skateboard-case for low-profile transport. My “FSM4″ is a good example.

However, I am attracted to the extreme compactness of the SA Saint Pistol I handled yesterday.

I may have to get a copy!


What People Say!

18 Nov 17

“Newspapers don’t print the truth. They print what people say”

Frank Galvin (played by Paul Newman) in the 1982 feature film, “The Verdict”

In our upside-down civilization, some crimes are considered so serious that innocence is no longer a valid defense!

Provable guilt has become all but irrelevant!

It is only necessary that a person be “accused” of one of these “designer crimes,” not by a credible witness, under pain of perjury during sworn testimony, but during offhand, unverifiable comments on social media!

Once so accused of “inappropriate contacts,” “sexual misconduct (which includes extemporaneous comments)” that allegedly took place thirty years ago, you’re toast!

Solemn denials, and credible professions of innocence are all in vain, even when no charges were ever filed, no arrests ever made, no investigation, no “case,” no complaints that ever saw the light of day. Even when both accusers and accusations lack credibility.

None of that matters!

You’re toast!

Proving guilt or innocence is, of course, impossible, but that never stops a predictable media orgy of personal destruction.

When such an unhappy fate befalls a Republican candidate running for public office, the liberal media is always at the head of a merciless lynch-mob!

His supposed “sins” are always so unforgivable.

But curiously, when a sitting president, like WJC, actually does sexually abuse young girls (in real time), first piously denying it, then sheepishly admitting it, all is instantly, magically forgiven by the same media! In fact, the media, far from expressing indignance and disgust, actually makes excuses and endlessly apologizes for him, while heaping blame on his victims!

Smug media elitists are lacking in character, honor, and decency.

But, they never lack agenda!

Leftists never do!



14 Nov 17

2018 Training Schedule:

Our 2018 DTI Course Schedule is now posted on the DTI Web Page at:


More Programs will be added of course, but there are many exceptional ones currently posted, in various venues, around the Country.

You may register directly for any of them from our Web Page, via credit card

While there, you may also subscribe to our excellent, and widely acclaimed, “Operator Series” videos

The terrible shooting incident in “gun-free” CA today, where there are no armed and trained citizens, just hapless “victims,” illustrates, yet again, how vital our gun-skills are, and how important it is that we keep them current, and ourselves in a high state of readiness!

It is our honor and privilege to advance our Art, and teach it to the worthy, aware, and audacious who know and understand that victory is the only reality in the universe!

“A river meanders, because it cannot think!”



A New Record!

13 Nov 17

“That nation is surest to live in peace, that is most capable of making war; and a man with a sword always by his side, shall have least occasion to make use of it.”

John Trenchard

The City of Chicago is about to pass yet another dubious milestone:

Six-hundred homicides this year alone, and we still have six weeks to go!

And, the above figure is far from revealing the whole story. The six-hundred bodies are just the ones that someone knows about. Bodies of other “missing” have never been found!

Of every six people reported shot (not including suicides and accidental, self-inflicted GSWs), only one ultimately dies.

Many non-fatal gunshot wounds (intentional and accidental) are never reported. In fact many, probably most, non-injury UDs (and more than a few intentional discharges) are never reported!

A popular media myth is that our nation’s current murder rate is reduced from previous years.

That may be technically true, but the reason is superior emergency medical care, which means wounds that would have surely been fatal thirty years ago, no longer are.

Another reason is that we have so many violent criminals incarcerated. So long as they’re locked-up, they can’t commit violent crimes (at least outside of prison). I don’t like the cost of incarceration any more than the next tax-payer, but it is money well spent!

In spite of the foregoing, murder rates in big metro areas, like Chicago, are still off the chart, as we see.

And, that’s exactly the way liberal politicians want it!

1) High rates of violent crime keep people frightened, and thus provide a convenient pretext for the continual, exponential growth of government, and thus the ability of leftist politicians and bureaucrats to lord it over people, which is what they live for!

2) High rates of violent crime provide liberal politicians with a continual reason to push for the banning of guns (from everyone but themselves). Helpless, dependant, perpetual “victims” are much easier “managed” than are proudly independent, self-reliant citizens.

3) Votes and other political support from “victims” are easily purchased and/or threatened out of them.

Thus, nearly every big-city mayor in the USA right now is a functional Communist, either openly (as in NYC), or for all practical purposes.

They’ve manipulated the system in order to keep themselves in power, forever!

In the interim, life-spans of “victims” is about the same as that for hostages.

“Given power over their fellow men, most discover within themselves evil impulses, of which they had been previously unaware.”

Arthur Custance



9 Nov 17

So predictable!

In the wake of last Sunday’s church shooting in TX, leftist, elitist hypocrites from CT, DC, MA, NJ, NY, IL, CA, MD, et al are howling like demons for enactment of legislation that forever bans private possession of firearms and ammunition.

… legislation that will never apply to them, nor their bodyguards, of course!

Simultaneously, the rest of us are “arming-up,” upon realization that we’re “on our own,” and they we’ll never personally benefit from heavily-armed bodyguards who constantly protect smug politicians, nor will we benefit from the “exceptions” in proposed legislation that will assuredly apply only to them!

Evil spreads and thrives when fearful, hand-wringing liberals bemoan, complain, lament, propose new “studies,” etc, but vehemently object to enforcement of our immigration laws, vehemently object to incarceration of violent criminals (who vote for them), and when given the chance, stridently suffocate all personal initiative, particularly individual self-defense.

Audacious, resolute American gun-owners (who don’t vote for them) choose to take personal responsibility for their own safety, forever earning their disdain and mistrust.

DJT’s own nominee for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs said Tuesday that it “… insane” that an American citizen (non-government-employee) can legally purchase a semi-automatic firearm like an AR.

I’m sure he will enjoy protection provided by his contingent of taxpayer-provided bodyguards, armed with the very same ARs that he thinks we mere peons should never be allowed to touch!


“The American progressive elite relies on its influence, education, money, and cultural privilege to exempt itself from bad schools, unassimilated immigrant communities, dangerous neighborhoods, violent crime waves, and general impoverishment that are logical consequences of its own policies,

… consequences for others, that is.”