12 Sept 19

“Who hold ‘important’ positions in society are commonly labeled ‘somebodies,’ and their inverse, ‘nobodies, -both of which are, of course, nonsensical descriptors, for we are all, by necessity, individuals with distinct identities and comparable claims on existence.

Such words are nevertheless an apt vehicle for conveying disparate treatment accorded to different groups.

Those without ‘status’ are all but invisible. They are treated brusquely, their complexities trampled upon, and their singularities ignored.”

Alain de Botton

Not surprisingly, Al-Qaida’s CEO, Ayman al-Zawahri, yesterday implored his fellow Muslims to seek-out and murder unarmed and unaware infidels (Christians and Jews) in the USA, UK, Israel, and Europe, via martyrdom when possible.

In fact, he denigrates some of his “backtracking” fellow jihadis for confining their attacks to Western military interests, assuring them that Western civilians are also legitimate targets for their righteous wrath.

He doesn’t mince words. I’ll give him that. In that, at least, he his far less pretentious than most American politicians!

Comically, over here 145 “company CEOs,” cautiously peering-out from behind their cadres of heavily-armed bodyguards, are united in demonizing American gun-owners and pressuring politicians to forcibly take guns away from all their follow citizens.

It manifestly frightens them to think that “ordinary” Americans can possess guns equivalent to theirs!

Of course, their proposed gun-bans will never apply to them, nor their bodyguards, only to us, “the Great Unwashed.”

I’m not sure if it offends everyone as much as it does me that these self-proclaimed elitist snobs think they’re so much better than the rest of us, that they deserve “gun privileges” not available to “ordinary” Americans.

“Assault weapons” (whatever that means) are apparently just fine, so long as they’re protecting the lives of politicians and assorted others among the “ruling class,” but they apparently must be snatched from the hands of us mere peons (who can’t afford legions of bodyguards).

Far more “ordinary” citizens are murdered every day than are “company CEOs” and politicians!

We need the means to protect ourselves every bit as much as they do!

We are not expendable “subjects,” enjoying only occasional “privileges” arbitrarily dribbled-down to us by the ruling class!

We are Sovereign Citizens, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and we boldly claim them.

In fact, we insist on them!!

Yet, we are “invisible” to these 145 rich, self-consumed snobs!

“There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to decide between:

1) Keeping an “illegal gun,” or

2) Accepting an invitation to a one-way train ride!”

Holocaust survivor


Getting Nervous?

11 Sept 19

When you haven’t already, it’s time to acquire a serious rifle, a supply of ammunition, and serious (normal-capacity) magazines, while you still can!

Individual states, with Democrat governors, are proposing bans on normal-capacity magazines and virtually all modern, serious, semi-auto military rifles. Some already have these restrictions in place.

More are on the way!

Of course, these same Democrat politicians conveniently (and quietly) exempt themselves from all restrictions.

Exactly how those bans will be enforced is “subject-non-grata,” of course, as there are millions already legally owned and kept. What Democrats sincerely want to do is kick-in doors of people who don’t vote for them and forcibly confiscate newly-illegalized guns, but being the sleazy cowards they are, will never go near that subject until after the 2020 election season.

For now, they just babble endlessly, always non-specifically, about banning “weapons of war,” to the delight of the liberal media and clueless liberal snowflakes, who will never ask them critical, specific questions.

Is there any protection from these neo-Bolsheviks?

I wish I knew, but with every anti-gun Democrat fulmination, there is an immediate spike in sales of serious guns!

Freedom-loving Americans, at least, are getting nervous!

“Who surrender essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

… and they’ll end-up with neither!

“Temporary safety” is a seedy, Marxist lie. Who are naive enough to believe it will regret it, and they’ll live to hear their children bitterly curse them, and their memory!


Corrupt Politicians and Armed Citizens!

8 Sept 19

“The more corrupt politicians are, the more afraid of armed citizens they become”

Keiichi Sigsawa

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sleepy Joe a week ago, Monday:

“So to gun-owners out there who say ‘Well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns’…”

Joe answers:


You’re right, if you have an assault weapon”

American Democrats are adamant about ignoring law-breaking by a surging, dependent, non-productive underclass, particularly illegal aliens, who are now their primary voting-base.

Simultaneously, Democrat mayors, governors, unelected bureaucrats, presidential aspirants, et al churn-out new laws, ordinances, regulations, “rules,” and statutes focused exclusively on confusing, ensnaring, and punishing all Americans who dare to be vocal advocates for freedom and liberty.

American gun-owners in particular represent a convenient target of choice for such ensnarement by a spider’s web of anti-gun administrative fiats, ordinances, and non-comprehendible legislative decrees.

Ongoing methodology of Democrats:

1. Deliberately expand ecumenical squalor, homelessness, dependency, and non-productivity. Actively grow and promote the dependent underclass.

2. Actively promote illegal immigration.

3. Actively promote voter fraud by illegal immigrants. Encourage illegal aliens to vote in our elections.

4. De-criminalize and excuse unlawful behavior, particularly violent crime, exhibited by the underclass, especially illegal aliens

5. Re-criminalize to the maximum lawful behavior exhibited by legal, productive, tax-paying, real American citizens, especially lawful gun-owners and gun-carriers.

The method:

Protect, pamper, and reward “reliable voters.” Shower them with “special privileges.” Ever-threaten them with excommunication should they stray from party dogma.


Identify, vilify, coerce, marginalize, terrorize, and ultimately suffocate all others.

Indeed, an Orwellian formula!

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”

Adolf Hitler


DTI Fall

5 Sept 19

DTI Fall Schedule

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A Little Cartridge History!

5 Sept 19

At the end of the American Civil War, it was painfully obvious to most that muzzle-loading rifles and muskets were obsolete.

The search for a breech-loading military rifle started with the idea of somehow “converting” the existing stock of 58-caliber muzzle-loading rifles, with which the Federal inventory was awash!

Erskine Allin at the Springfield Armory came-up with the idea of a conversion to a “trap-door” design that could be done while preserving the lockwork of existing rifles.

First “Allin-Conversions” were in a 58-caliber, rimed cartridge (so that existing barrels would not have to be changed), which was quickly abandoned in favor of of 50-caliber cartridge, and eventually the 45-70 cartridge (all black powder)

The Remington Rolling-Block Rifle would have been a good choice too, many thought a superior one, as it was in military service around the world by the 1870s and enjoyed an excellent reputation.

But, Allin’s Conversion garnered sufficient momentum to become the next US Army Rifle, officially adopted in 1873. It was in-service until 1892, when it was finally superceded by the Norwegian Krag-Jorgensen bolt-gun, and the 30-40 Krag smokeless-powder cartridge.

However, many Trap-Door Springfields saw service in Cuba and the Philippines during the Spanish-American War/Philippine Insurrection (1898-1902), and in the Boxer Rebellion in China (1900), still shooting the smokey 45-70 black-powder cartridge!

Some Trap-Doors were even in the hands of National Guard units at the beginning of WWI!

The Krag (obsolete the day it was issued) enjoyed a short and unhappy tenure, 1892-1903, superceded by the 1903 Springfield bolt-gun. Yet, a number of Krags stayed in the system long enough to see service with American units during WWI!

In 1899, the US Army, in a futile attempt to salvage the Krag’s reputation, increased the muzzle velocity of the 30-40 Krag round (called the “30 US”) by increasing its powder charge and, of course, chamber pressure.

That experiment was an complete failure! The new ammunition immediately started breaking the Krag’s single locking lug. The “new” ammunition was thus immediately withdrawn. Some was destroyed. The rest was dissembled and reloaded back to conventional pressures.

The 1903 Springfield Rifle was basically a copy of the excellent German-made Mauser Rifle that US Troops had unhappily encountered in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The utter superiority of Mauser’s design was evident to everyone, even former Krag-lovers!

The cartridge that superceded the rimmed 30-40 Krag was the short-lived, rimless 30-03 (7.62×65). It featured a round-nose, 220gr bullet, and was an “overload,” by any standard! It’s tenure consumed barely three years!

It was mercifully superceded by the slightly shorter and less powerful 30-06 (7.62×63), which sported a ballistically-superior, pointed (“spitzer”) bullet that weighed 150gr.

America was technically “neutral” during most of WWI, as President Wilson’s personal aversion to armed conflict overrode the pressing need to stop German aggression on the Continent.

For all intents and purposes, America entered the War in 1915, with Germany’s U-Boat sinking of the RMS Lusitania, which witnessed Wilson performing an about-face! He was narrowly re-elected in 1916 with the slogan “He kept us out of war”.

However, Wilson didn’t keep his promise for long! America “officially” entered the War in April of 1917, but America’s “Army” at the time was small, insufficiently equipped, and what equipment there was was mostly obsolete. Again, Wilson (like most Democrats) never liked, nor appreciated, our military!

In fact, Wilson dubbed WWI “The War to end all Wars,” in order to rationalize his hypocrisy. All wars were bad, but this one was okay, because it would be the last one we would ever see, or so went the narrative.

Thus, first American troops did not arrive in France until the summer of 1918. The Great War ended in November of the same year.

Interestingly, the vast majority of American troopers who fought in Europe that year were issued the “1917 American Enfield,” not the 1903 Springfield!

Right up until America’s entry in the War, Remington’s and Winchester’s entire production capacity had been consumed producing and shipping to the UK copies of the “1914 British Enfield” bolt-gun, as the British could not produce them domestically fast enough.

When America finally entered the War, instead of retooling American factories to make 1903 Springfields, the decision was made to just keep producing the British rifle, albeit now chambered for 30-06, rather than 303 British, and re-designated the “1917 American Enfield.”

The 1903 Springfield Rifle, 1917 American Enfield, as well as the Garand Rifle (adopted in 1936), BAR, and various Browning machine guns, et al were all chambered for 30-06.

The 30-06 remained in US service until it was superceded by the 308 (7.62×51) in 1954


Our Rights are not Safe!

4 Sept 19

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been, had it never shone.”

John Steinbeck

In Iowa, Sleepy Joe just stated that he wants to “ban magazines that hold multiple bullets.” Since, in all of world history, no magazine has ever been manufactured that holds only one cartridge, Joe conspicuously wants a federal prohibition of all guns with, or capable of accepting, magazines. Sleepy Joe is so predictable!

“Beto,” is advocating a “non-voluntary ‘buy-back’” (AKA: forced confiscation) of all currently legally-owned guns that he doesn’t like.

Listen carefully to Kamala! She said, “If elected president and you don’t surrender your guns, I will sign an executive order, and police will show up at your door!” The dreaded, NKVD-style “knock-on-the-door-at-midnight” is coming to a place near you! At least Kamala is brutally candid, unlike most of her mealy-mouthed commissars.

Buttigieg “supports a new federal ban on assault-style weapons, as well as a voluntary buyback program for existing assault-style weapons.” We all know from past experience that the “voluntary” part is a lie (see Beto, above)!

Booker, when elected, will establish a “federal registry” of all guns, plus a separate federal registry of all individual gun owners. We’re all going on a “List!” American citizens who want to continue to own guns will have to “apply,” and then re-apply every few years. Naturally, non-Democrats need not apply!

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (all liberal Democrats) just declared our NRA to be a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.” Simultaneously of course, ANTIFA enjoys their blessing! Individual NRA members are now “terrorists!”

Walmart’s CEO, also a liberal Democrat and who dubiously claims to be a gun-owner himself (they all do), has sanctimoniously declared his stores will no longer sell to us peons “ammunition for short-barreled rifles.” Like
Sleepy Joe, he is sublimely ignorant of relevant facts pertaining to firearms, which is not surprising!

The dogma from Democrat/socialists is clear, and becoming clearer by the day:

When we’re in power, we will come to your home and forcibly confiscate your guns, EVERY ONE OF THEM!

We, of course, will retain ours.

Past pseudo-pious declarations that “We are not coming after your guns” are/were sleazy lies, as we see!

Doubt that at your peril!

“The type of training (rifle/pistol in the Czech Republic) that we went through is currently impossible on my side of the world (France). And I realize how much those in former colonies of the USSR hunger for individual freedom, while how naively citizens of Western Civilization are carelessly surrendering theirs. When you have been brutally enslaved for sixty years by Communist tyrants, the word ‘freedom’ has special meaning!”

From a friend in Western Europe



1 Sept 19

Colt/Walker Revolver:

Last week, at a commercial gun store in Cody, WY, called “The Cody Firearms Experience,” I had the opportunity to shoot a Colt/Walker Revolver (reproduction) for the first time in my life!

The Cody Firearms Experience has a number of like historical guns, many black-powder, that customers can handle and shoot.

I had never shot a black-powder revolver, so a friend insisted that I take advantage of the opportunity!

It consumed every bit of twenty minutes getting the Walker completely loaded. We used a black-powder substitute, popular with re-enactors and others who like to shoot historic weapons.

“Real” black powder is still available, but very dangerous, particularly when kept in large quantities. In fact, during the 18th and 19th Centuries, factories that produced black powder blew-up on a regular basis!

The Walker’s sights were, by modern standards, a joke! Tiny front sight. Rear sight is a merely a small furrow cut into the top of the hammer.

Sam Colt got his start in the 1830s and was ultimately a spectacularly successful arms manufacturer. In fact, he gets credit for being one of the first arms-makers to employ the idea of interchangeable parts, a notion that would have great impact on the rapidly-accelerating Industrial Revolution.

But, Sam got off to a slow start!

In the 1830s, his first commercial revolvers, Colt/Paterson, didn’t sell. It was a revolutionary idea but was greeted with much push-back, as new ideas often are.

Sam was probably influenced by Elisha Collier’s manually-indexing flintlock revolver, which had been around since the early 1800s. Collier’s revolver too, never enjoyed much commercial success.

The Paterson was frail, temperamental, and underpowered. It also had no loading-lever to assist with charging the cylinders (added on later models).

After repeatedly exasperating his weary investors, Colt went bankrupt in 1843.

Then, Colt’s fortunes suddenly turned around!

Samuel Walker, a heavily-experienced US Army officer and Texas Ranger, veteran of many battles with both Indians and Mexicans, decided in January of 1847 to travel from TX to NYC in order to consult with Sam Colt with regard to an improved design for a serious, practical, fighting revolver.

Walker was familiar with the Paterson, as it had seen some exposure in TX. Walker wanted a six-shot revolver in 44 caliber (the Paterson was five-shot, 28 and 36 caliber), powerful enough to take-down a horse with a single shot (along with other improvements).

Among frontier fighters, this capability was critical! Most enemies Walker had confronted in his exciting career had been on horseback. Shooting the horse made much more sense than shooting the man on the horse!

The horse is a big target, much bigger than the rider, and when the horse stumbles (as a result of being shot), the rider will probably be significantly injured as a result of the subsequent wreck.

Even when he isn’t, he is far less of a threat on foot than when mounted!

Walker, with the backing of the Republic of Texas, came to Colt with enough money to finance the production of the first 1k copies of what would be forever known as “The Colt/Walker Revolver”

Walker himself died in October of 1847 (less than a year after his first meeting with Sam Colt), while fighting in the Mexican War.

Sam Colt was in business once more, and never looked back! The Colt/Walker Revolver marked the turning-point in Colt’s life and ushered-in a period of spectacular success.

Yet, the Colt/Walker Revolver was significantly flawed! Only 1k were ever made. Today, what few are still around are amazingly valuable, as you might imagine!

Many fractured their cylinders, due to overcharging, but also due to faulty metallurgy.

Sights were poor, as noted above

In addition, the reloading lever was unsecured (corrected on later models). During firing, it thus tended to “droop” downward, causing the plunger move to the rear, locking the cylinder (preventing it from turning). As a “field expedient,” many troopers armed with the Walker used a strap wrapped around the barrel in order to keep the reloading lever in place.

Sam Colt, John Browning, and Oliver Winchester all became multi-millionaires of the era.

Colt built a huge plant in Hartford, CT. Employees included Chris Spencer (Spencer Rifle), Henry Leland (founded Cadillac Motors), both Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney, Elijah Root (followed Colt as company president), and Rolland White (patented the bored-through cylinder, which Colt rejected, later regretted).

Sam Colt died in 1862, but his successors were all competent into the 20th Century.

Colt had only one child, a son named Caldwell. Caldwell was an unmotivated ne’er-do-well and never succeeded his father, nor in fact ever had any involvement with Colt’s company. Caldwell died ignominiously in his 20s, being shot by a jealous husband!

After the turn of the Century, Colt’s company linked-up with John Browning in the development of the 1911 Pistol.

Manufactured Maxim and Vickers HMGs during WWI.

The corporation that carries Colt’s name went bankrupt in 1992, being by that time little more than an unfocused shell.

Unimproved today!


Blessed Redundancy!

28 Aug 19

Addressing the issue of serious guns, carried and used:

From a friend and Instructor/Operator:

“With regard to your last Quip, this is the System I use in an effort to minimize the issue:

I have three carry pistols, all the same (S&W 9mm M&Ps), and all three set-up identically.

Number One is my regular, carry gun. There has been 2.5k rounds through it, with no issues. It runs reliably with my chosen carry load. I have no compunction about relying on it for personal protection.

Number Two is my training gun. This gun gets the lion’s share of firing. When I go to the range, I shoot most rounds through this gun. Number One I shoot a little, just to make sure all is well.

Number Three is new. I shot it just enough to verify its reliability, sight-settings, and that it runs with my carry ammunition. It is in my safe and does not get used, nor carried.

When I am involved in a lethal-force incident that involves shooting on my part, it will be with Number One.

Number One will, of course, be seized as evidence.

I may get it back in a year or two.

I may never see it again!

Number Three then becomes my default carry gun, until I get Number One back, if I ever do.

The foregoing method provides the necessary redundancy so that I can go on as usual, without a break in continuity.”


“Redundancy is ambiguous, because it seems like a waste, when nothing unusual happens.

Except that something unusual happens,

… usually!”

Nassim Taleb



27 Aug 19

Worn parts and UDs!

Students and trainers around the world will now and then report a slam-fire-engendered UD when chambering a round on pistols, even pistols from reputable manufacturers, manufacturers that I recommend!

Some of this is “urban legend,” of course, but not all.

Fire-control parts can become so worn-out, from lots of shooting, combined with user-level neglect, that slam-fires have been licitly recorded.

Flat spots and burrs on badly-worn parts can allow firing pins to become “stuck” in a forward position. Thus, the nose of the firing pin can protrude from the bolt-face, and this can result in a slam-fire as the slide is vigorously cycled when chambering a round, absent any pressure on the trigger.

Periodic detail-strip and inspection by a qualified armorer, particularly with pistols that are shot a lot, will almost always preclude the foregoing. When excessive wear is detected, armorers will routinely replace the firing pin, firing-pin safety, trigger bar, and install a full set of new springs, particularly the recoil spring/spring assembly.

It’s the cheapest insurance you’ll ever buy!

Slam-fires do not happen very often, and even when they do, the pistol in question is usually pointed in a relatively safe direction (as it should be), so only minor property damage results. In fact, most such recorded incidences of slam-fires happen on gun-ranges as the pistol is pointed downrange, so there is no property damage at all!

Because there is usually little or no damage, this species of UD mostly goes un-noted and unrecorded, only rarely reflecting on any statistic.

Yet, for serious guns, owned and carried by Operators for serious purposes, this kind of extreme neglect is, of course, unacceptable.

As with your car, ignoring worn brakes until it gets so bad that pressing the break pedal to the floor does nothing, and your car subsequently hurdles through a red light, is all avoidable, with even “reasonable” maintenance, much less “good” maintenance!

Just as your teeth need to see a dentist now and then, your pistol needs the attention of an armorer on some kind of regular basis.

Not all “bad outcomes” are avoidable, but most are, when you do your part!

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build, and nobody wants to do the maintenance.”

Kurt Vonnegut



24 Aug 19

“ Our military doesn’t teach rifle marksmanship. It teaches ‘equipment familiarity.’

Despite what the officer corps thinks, learning to shoot a rifle is not like learning to drive a car.

Instead, it is like learning to play the violin.”

Daryl Davis

Ambrose Burnside was the first president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), taking that post in 1871

Burnside was a West Point graduate (1847), but resigned his commission after his brief participation in the Mexican War so that he could turn his attention to the weapon that ultimately bore his name, the Burnside Carbine.

At the time, “carbines” had barrels of twenty inches. Carbines with barrels shorter than twenty inches were called “Trapper Carbines.” The term, “rifle” implied a barrel-length of at least twenty-four inches

Carbines were considered only for use by horse-mounted cavalry, not leg-infantry. Thus, most carbines of the era featured “saddle-rings,” and no bayonet-lug.

Breech-loading carbines were in much demand by cavalry units, as reloading a muzzle-loader, while on horseback, was very difficult. So, the leading edge of firearm development just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War was with carbines, not rifles.

The problem with all breech-loading firearms of the era was inadequate obscuration. That is, developing an adequate seal between the breech-block and barrel.

Burnside, of course, knew all this only too well, and so his carbine was the first ever adopted by American forces that used a (mostly) self-contained metallic cartridge. His copper cartridge sealed the breech and thus eliminated gas “blow-out” that plagued all previous breech-loaders.

Burnside’s creation was revolutionary, but too few recognized it in time for it to be a commercial success.

Burnside went bankrupt in 1858 and sold what remained of his company to new owners.

Then (1861), Ft Sumter is shelled, and Civil War breaks out!

The Burnside Carbine is suddenly in demand, and over the next four years new owners of Burnside’s company would ultimately manufacture 50k copies for Union Forces.

During the War, the Spencer and Sharps carbines, along with the Burnside (all using metallic cartridges), were the three most popular, but Burnside himself no longer had any connection with his former company, are thus realized no personal profit from wartime sales.

Burnside had other challenges!

An exasperated President Lincoln selected him to lead Union Forces in the fall of 1862, after he (Lincoln) had fired George McCellan (for the second time) because of McCellan’s famed vacillation during the Battle of Antietam in MD.

Burnside had indicated on multiple occasions that he did not want the job. He reluctantly accepted it anyway, and promptly handed Lincoln his own signature debacle the following December at the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA.

Burnside was immediately relieved of command and replaced with Joe Hooker (who would fare no better), and quietly shuffled to the rear.

In July of 1864, Burnside got another chance, this time while a subordinate of George Meade (ultimately US Grant) at the Battle of Petersburg, VA. At the infamous Battle of the Crater, Burnside’s shaky leadership, once again, turned a rout into a catastrophe!

The Crater Battle mercifully ended Burnside’s participation in the War.

But, he came bouncing back!

After the War, an ever-affable Burnside was heavily involved in veterans’ affairs and was ultimately elected governor of Rhode Island. He subsequently served at a Senator from Rhode Island until his death in 1881.

In the decade following the War, Burnside’s famous carbine, along with the Sharps and Spencer, were quickly rendered obsolete by the Henry and subsequent Winchester rifles, although the Army went with the single-shot Trapdoor Springfield.

As noted above, Ambrose Burnside, designer of the Burnside Carbine, Civil War General, State Governor, and Senator, was also the first president of the NRA!

The NRA, founded in NY 1871, was a post-war organization specifically tasked with promoting marksmanship, particularly civilian marksmanship.

Burnside was quoted:

“Out of ten soldiers who are perfect in drill and the manual of arms, only one knows the purpose of the sights on his gun, nor can hit the broadside of a barn!”

Burnside, and others among NRA’s founders, realized that rifled bores of military arms meant increased range, and that “volley fire” from smoothbore muskets was now obsolete, and had been for some time.

They knew and understood that precise, individual marksmanship would win wars from now on, and that these critical skills had to be relentlessly promoted among American youth, who would be subsequently recruited to fight future wars.

Forty years later in a curious replay, British General Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts, for largely the same reason.

During the Second Anglo-Boer War at the end of the 1900s, youth from industrialized England, subsequently recruited into the British Army as infantry to fight Boers in South Africa, were also discovered to have no field-craft skills, no knowledge of weapons, and again displayed poor marksmanship.

Successive NRA presidents included Ulysses S Grant, Phil Sheridan, Harlon Carter, Joe Foss, and Charlton Heston

“A good shot must necessarily be a good man, since the essence of good marksmanship is self-control, and self-control is the essential quality of a good man.”

Theodore Roosevelt


See the FSM4 Gen II in action:

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