Squandering Time and Other Valuable Resources!

22 July 19

“Dost thou love life?

Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

Benjamin Franklin

Yet another anemic excuse for indolence and non-productivity:

The State of OR will allow school students to take “mental health days” off, five every ninety days, but of course that will quickly be expanded to include all days!

Apparently sitting idol at home, rather than actively participating in school activities, now represents a “cure” for what are claimed to be mental health issues.

What is little more than an aversion to work is being lauded by snowflakes as a “societal advance”

You can bet other nations, far more serious about national survival, have scant tolerance for this kind of preposterous psycho-babble!

“Evolution is not ‘one-way’!

The USA, along with the rest of what used to be referred to as ‘Western Civilization,’ is rapidly descending to third-world level, only to dissolve into chaos soon thereafter!

This precipitous descent is due to our having implemented public policies that reverse ‘natural selection:’

‘Survival of the fittest (the creative and capable, who produce and contribute).’

Instead, we now revile, denigrate, and penalize the productive and successful among us, job-creators and innovators, fearless entrepreneurs who courageously advance our civilization and create honest wealth, while endlessly revering and artificially supporting (showering with all manner of special benefits and privileges) the willfully indolent whom nature at one time was compelled to harshly stimulate into some form of minimal and reluctant productivity, and still would but for our interference.

All done of course, for the cynical purpose of promoting an ever-increasing percentage of our otherwise able-bodied population who are unchangeably unemployed, and indeed unemployable!

And, the one thing at which denizens of the resulting ever-expanding, willfully unproductive underclass excel, is reproduction (due mostly to perpetual idleness)

This is an inevitable result of our having attained a plateau of comfortable prosperity that has subsequently engendered the wide-spread delusion that an ecumenical, government-encouraged aversion to work is somehow self-sustainable, forever!

Traditional values, critical thinking, and common sense have been thus swept aside. We’ve deluded ourselves into believing we can continue to borrow and print our way to perpetual prosperity!

The result is politicians, representing themselves as Santa Claus, who appeal for votes exclusively from the permanently unproductive, criminals, and illegal aliens, while simultaneously recruiting violent mobs to attack and physically harm, and destroy the property of, all who dare oppose them.

We have probably passed the tipping-point, beyond which the process can be reversed!

In the interim, our world will be become increasingly dangerous and violent.

All we can do is be individually prepared to deal with it!”




19 July 19

Triggers for Serious Guns:

Trigger “pull-weight” on revolvers is usually between nine and fourteen pounds when fired via the trigger-cocking mode. As a general rule, the smaller the revolver, the heavier the trigger pull.

Who have small hands and/or low hand-strength thus often find revolvers, particularly snubbies, incompatible with any kind of accuracy, sometimes completely unusable for any serious purpose.

By contrast, most modern, striker-fired, autoloading pistols come from the factory with a trigger pull-weight of six to seven pounds, and trigger travel is much shorter than that on a revolver.

Some are as light as five pounds. Five pounds is the minimum recommended for a pistol carried for personal defense.

Compact, single-column autoloaders tend to have triggers a pound heaver than their double-column cousins.
This is because manufacturers know these small pistols are often carried unsecured (trigger unprotected) in the bottom of handbags, rather than protected (trigger and trigger-guard encapsulated) inside a suitable holster.

Carrying loaded pistols “unsecured” is not recommended. Accordingly, pistols carried in handbags need to be protected within holsters incorporated into the handbag itself, and in handbags specifically designed for this purpose.

The best are made by GTM, guntotenmamas.com

Trigger pull-weights are always a compromise:

>Too light, and you’re flirting with UDs, particularly when you’re confronting felons at gunpoint, but have not yet made the decision to fire.

>Too heavy, and when you do decide to fire you’ll be slow and inaccurate, or you’ll be unable to fire at all!

Six to seven pounds represents a reasonable compromise for most people carrying and using handguns for serious purposes, depending upon individual hand-strength, and level of training.

Six/seven pounds is thus the current “standard” among most handgun manufacturers.

With military autoloading rifles, pressed into service as patrol rifles or for personal defense, pull-weights on most factory triggers is five to six pounds.

Once again, less than five pounds is not recommended, for the same reasons as cited above!

However on military autoloading rifles, there are several trigger “variations.” Some are available from the factory, and some are “after-market” installations.

None are recommended!

>“Progressive triggers” fire a single shot when pulled sightly to the rear, and fire full-auto when pulled all the way to the rear. The full-auto feature is not built-into the manual safety, as it is with most other military rifles.

Most military autoloading rifles capable of full-auto fire have a “selector-lever” with three positions, “safe,” “semi-auto,” and “full-auto”

Of course, rifles that fire full-auto (“select-fire”) are NFA weapons and thus restricted by ATF.

It is my opinion that full-auto is the last thing you want on any serious defensive rifle!

Learning to fire precisely-aimed, rapid, individual, incapacitating shots at threat(s) from expedient positions, and at likely defensive ranges, is the key to personal victory!

These are precisely the skills we learn and exercise in our DTI Urban Rifle Courses!

Rifles, fired full-auto from the shoulder or underarm, are difficult to control, and the practice squanders ammunition as well as being fairly an invitation to unintentional injury and property damage.

Full-auto fire has scant place in domestic policing, nor personal defense!

The AUG is an example of a rifle with a progressive trigger (military version only). As noted above, it has no separate “selector” lever.

Of course, the “civilian version” of the AUG has no full-auto capability, so the progressive trigger is a moot point in these guns.

Progressive triggers never caught-on, even within military organizations. It sounds like a good idea, but the learning-curve proved too steep for most armies! Only the AUG and a few other rifles featured it.

Progressive triggers are not found on the vast majority of modern military rifles.

>“Binary triggers” fire a single shot as the trigger is pressed to the rear, and another, single shot as it is released to go back forward.

No manufacturer (that I know of) installs these on factory guns, but they are available as an after-market installation.

I consider binary triggers little more than an accident waiting to happen, and I don’t recommend them for any legitimate purpose!

When you fire a shot, but do not want to fire a second shot, you have to hold the trigger all the way to the rear as you try to push the manual safety lever to the “safe” position. This maneuver is a veritable invitation to a UD!

>”Press/release triggers” Similar to a binary trigger, but with a press/release trigger, pressing the trigger to the rear does nothing. Then, when you subsequently ride the trigger forward, the rifle fires.

Press/release triggers have never enjoyed significant popularity, except among participants in certain obscure competitions.

On serious rifles, they’re again an after-market addition and represent a persistent hazard (much like binary triggers, and for the same reasons), and are thus not recommended!

>”Bump-stocks” don’t actually modify the trigger at all. A bump-stock, harnessing the rifle’s natural recoil, causes your trigger finger to contact the trigger multiple times in rapid succession, simulating full-auto fire.

Now illegal, bump-stocks were always regarded with disdain by Operators. In my opinion, they serve no legitimate purpose and virtually invite UDs!

They were never recommended, even when legal to possess.

>”Trigger-actuators” are devices that clamp-on to a rifle and insert an artificial “finger” within the trigger guard.

The shooter then turns a crank, which causes the trigger to be struck in rapid succession by the “finger,”

These devices are designed to “simulate” full-auto fire, mostly for the entertainment of kiddies.

Once again, trigger-actuators are dangerous and serve no legitimate purpose!

Becoming a competent Operator requires personal devotion as well as serious, regular training and practice, with legitimate guns and accessories.

After-market junk mentioned above has no appeal, at least to the knowing!

“You have attained maturity.

Display it for us, if you please!”

MaryJanice Davidson


Blackout in NYC!

17 July 19

Report from Manhattan during Saturday’s power failure, from a friend and colleague:

“My wife and I had been in NYC all week.

It was still light outside early Saturday evening. We were enjoying dinner on a secluded outdoor terrace at a Manhattan restaurant.

Then, the blackout happened!

Owing to ambient light, we didn’t immediately understand what was happening, but we did note a sudden, and accelerating, increase in sirens and emergency vehicles, with their emergency lights on.

Our waiter guessed it was a local power failure, but I watched as buildings went dark, one after another, and I knew it was something much bigger!

I straightaway called our hotel. They still had power.

Hastily paying our bill and leaving our dinners on the table, we departed immediately.

We got a Lyft driver to get us out of there and back to our hotel, some distance away from the heart of the city.

We passed dark, congested streets with no traffic lights, subway stations with throngs of people spilling on to the street, and theaters in the process of unorganized evacuation.

Our quick and decisive action got us out of the center of what would turn out to be a five-hour outage and a resultant monumental, disorganized hoard of confused, directionless, often panicked humanity.

Many were isolated in upper floors of high-rise buildings, and stuck for hours in motionless elevators.

In contemptuous defiance of NYC’s ‘rules,’ otherwise known as ‘A Socialist’s Guide to Being Good Little Victims,’ we had with us our customary complement of emergency equipment, including cash, sturdy footwear, tactical flashlights, OC, pistols (concealed), blades, and fully-charged cell phones.

We’re glad it had it- all of it!

Yet, I was amazed at the percentage of apparent native New Yorkers who are utterly unprepared for this sort of thing, and were taken completely by surprise. They run-around half-naked, utterly unequipped, and wearing flip-flops.

Power failures, in NYC and elsewhere, are not exactly unprecedented!”

Comment: With any luck, my travel plans will never include NYC!

The flimsy veneer we laughingly call “civilization” is far thinner that most believe, and general panic is never more that minutes away, as we see.

The sage go prepared, everywhere!

“Superior ambitions have to do with the development of character, rather than status.

Status you can lose.

You carry character with you everywhere.”

Jordan Peterson


DTI on-line Course Regristration

12 July 19

Dear DTI students and friends:

DTI Web Page on-line Course Registration is today back up and running!

I’m delighted to report that our DTI Web Page at defense-training.com, once more, includes a convenient, fast, and easy-to-use on-line Course Registration section. Only this time, it is vastly improved and expanded!

You can now register for any DTI Course, quickly and easily, and you receive an email confirmation from me that same day!

Any difficulties with the new System, get hold of me directly at jsfarnam@aol.com

We may have to do some minor tweaking, but the new system is now ready and at your service!

1. New registration system is faster and easier to use than before. We’ve removed extra steps, and made it more intuitive to find what you need and make secure payment.

2. Discounts! We appreciate your dedication and support. Hopefully, this is a way to show our gratitude. All future students can now take advantage of one or all of the following:

$25 OFF | Online Registration
$25 OFF | Loyalty Coupon (returning students within the last year)
$50-$100 OFF | Group Discounts (per student!)

Look for details here:


Here is a current List of DTI Courses:

Come and join us for our state-of-the-Art training, available nowhere else. We don’t “franchise!” All instruction is provided my me personally:

27-28 July 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Tipp City, OH

3-4 Aug 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Warrendale, PA
10-11 Aug 19 DTI Scenario-Based Training (Force-on-force, Airsoft), Watertown, WI
17-18 Aug 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Fairplay, CO
23-26 Aug 19 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Elk Mountain, WY (Registration for this DTI WDHG Course is not available on-line. To register, contact Susan at the Elk Mountain Hotel directly at 307 348 7774)

7-8 Sept 19 DTI Scenario-Based Training (Force-on-Force, Airsoft) Sturgis, MI
14-15 Sept 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Raymond, MS
21-22 Sept 19 DTI Urban Rifle, South Lake Tahoe, NV
27-28 Sept 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Lehi, UT

5-6 Oct 19 DTI Instructor, Nashville, TN
12-13 Oct 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Victoria, TX
12-13 Oct 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Victoria, TX
19-20 Oct 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Sussex, NJ
26-27 Oct 19 DTI Vehicle Defense, Manchester, NH

2-3 Nov 19 DTI Advanced Defensive Handgun, Columbia, SC
2-3 Nov 19 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Columbia, SC
9-10 Nov 19 DTI Instructor Course, Greenville, OH
15 Nov 19 DTI Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds, Homestead, FL
16-17 Nov 19 DTI Vehicle Defense, Homestead, FL
23-24 Nov 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Post Falls, ID

30 Nov-1 Dec 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, El Paso, TX

21-22 Mar 20 DTI Advanced Defensive Handgun, Naples, FL
16-17 May 20 DTI Up Close and Personal Defense, Los Angeles, CA

19-20 Sept 20 DTI Urban Rifle, Kankakee, IL

/John S Farnam, DTI

Violence Against Women!

11 July 19

“I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender’ … It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”

Financier and major contributor to the DNC, Jeff Epstein, in his despicable excuse for sexually molesting
underage girls, on a serial basis!

Jeffrey Epstein, now joining with, Eric Schneiderman (former Democrat NY AG), Eliot Spitzer (former Democrat governor of NY), Anthony Weiner (former Democrat NY Congressman), and of course filmmaker, and Democrat contributor and promoter, Harvey Weinstein, et al, as disgraced members of the “Democrat Glitterati Club.”

In addition to sharing an apparently insatiable apatite for sexually abusing underage girls, confident they will be protected by other Democrats, these leftists all, without exception, share another trait:

A pathological hatred of American gun-owners, and our Second Amendment.

Defenseless citizens in general, but particularly defenseless women, apparently hold a special fascination for them!

Clear-thinking women, who value their safety, need to flee NY and take-up residence in states where violence against women, even when committed by powerful politicians, is still not tolerated, and where their status as innocent gun-owners is not under relentless attack and harassment by Democrat/socialist politicians.


NJ, OR, and CA don’t qualify!



8 July 19


With military autoloading rifles, pistols, and machine-guns, there are several methods of accomplishing the autoloading function, and all “work,” to one degree or another, and of course, all have issues, successful case extraction being the most critical.

Extraction always involves two sequential phases:

SIE (slow, initial extraction), followed by case withdrawal.

In the SIE phase, the case (expanded as far as chamber dimensions permit during firing) shrinks back to original dimensions when the bullet finally exits the muzzle and pressure drops to zero.

The case thus “breaks-loose” from adhesion to chamber walls and is then free to move backwards under its own momentum, combined with persuasion from the extractor.

1. The “Delayed Blowback” system is found on both pistols and rifles.

Barrel is fixed. Separation of the barrel and bolt/slide upon discharge is “delayed” by several nanoseconds in order to allow the accelerating bullet to clear the muzzle and pressure in the barrel to then instantly drop to zero.

This critical delay is accomplished via a miniature gas-piston (H&K P7), via rollers (H&K/PTR 91), via levers (French FAMAS), via mechanical advantage (Pederson Rifle), or just a pistol slide or SMG bolt with a lot of weight (stationary momentum.)

These guns all boast high accuracy, as the barrel never moves. Reliability is also very good.

However, of all current autoloading systems, bolt/slide rearward acceleration on delayed-blowback guns is the highest, which invariably brings about extraction problems, along with sharp recoil!

With high bolt/slide rearward acceleration (upon firing), still incomplete SIE sometimes causes fired cases to “stick” in the chamber, despite tugging on the fired case’s extraction-groove by the weapon’s extractor.

Subsequently, under aggressive extraction, fired cases pull apart (the rear half ejects, the front half stays in the chamber), or the extractor pulls-through the cartridge’s extractor ring, leaving the entire fired case in the chamber.

Or, the extractor claw breaks (robust extractors break less often than do small extractors found on multi-lug bolts)!

Either way, the shooter is faced with a stoppage that is not easily remedied in the field.

Some will point-out that the extractor on delayed blowback guns (particularly pistols) is all but unnecessary, since the case literally pushes the bolt backward. However, the extractor on these guns does perform the important function of holding the case in the appropriate position for smooth ejection.

There are five ways this “stuck-case” issue is, and has been in the past, addressed, with varying degrees of success:

a. Cartridges coated at the factory with a “mold-release.” This was the solution selected by John Pederson for his rifle (1930s). The waxy coating was applied at the factory, and fired cases then extracted smoothly.

Upon firing, the coating vaporized and (mostly) ejected from the muzzle, right behind the bullet.

However, the whole idea (along with the Pederson Rifle itself) was rejected by the War Department, over worries about the extra step in ammunition manufacture, and residue build-up.

Some steel-cased ammunition, currently manufactured in Eastern Europe, comes from the factory with a “lacquer” coating that, once more, functions as a “mold release.” Steel is far less suitable for rifle cartridge cases than is brass, owing to its relative lack of elasticity. But, a world-wide copper shortage has necessitated its use in some places.

b. Cartridges receive a “wipe” or “spritz” of oil just prior to chambering.

This system was used on several heavy machine guns (mostly water-cooled) during the last century. It largely worked, but complicated the lives of gun crews and added yet more weight and moving parts to an already ponderous, maintenance-heavy system.

And, in an age of “maneuver warfare,” water-cooled machine guns are obsolete! They’re too heavy and take too long to move and set-up.

c. “Blow-Past” rifling.

The Steyr GB Pistol (out of production since 1988) is the only gun I know of employing this system.

The Steyr GB was a gas-delayed blowback pistol with rifling grooves on the inside of the barrel cut so deep that the bullet did not form a perfect seal. Thus, some percentage of expanding gas actually blew past the bullet as it was propagated down the barrel.

The effect was to round-off the pressure spike associated with launch and thus reduce the slide’s rearward acceleration, and in turn, reduce extraction problems.

It successfully addressed the extraction issue, but at the sacrifice of muzzle velocity.

d. Grooved chamber.

This is the system H&K, PTR, and a few others currently employ on their roller-delayed blowback rifles, also the gas-delayed H&K P7 pistol (now out of production)

Grooves are cut into the inside of the chamber, which allow high-pressure gas to seep back along the case wall as soon as the bullet leaves the case mouth and starts down the barrel. Expanding gas within these grooves breaks-loose the fired case and makes subsequent extraction and ejection relatively smooth.

e. Stationary momentum of the slide/bolt itself.

This system is only suitable for pistols and pistol-cartridge-firing longarms (SMGs, et al). It necessitates a heavy slide/bolt. SMGs using this system has been popular with armies in the past century, because they were easy and cheap to manufacture.

Current pistols using this system are also cheap, but typically heavy, awkward clunks, and thus not particularly suitable to concealed carry.

They enjoy scant popularity today, at least among sophisticated consumers.

2. Recoil operation (“short” and “long”).

In this system, both barrel and slide/bolt move backward while locked together immediately after discharge and as long as the bullet it still in the barrel.

This short rearward movement with both components locked together provides the necessary dwell-time for the bullet to exit the muzzle, and barrel pressure to then drop to zero.

As the slide/bolt continue to the rear, they unlock, separate, and extraction and ejection can then take place normally.

Most modern pistols employ this “short recoil” system.

With the “long recoil” system, barrel and bolt remain locked together until the end of the bolt’s rearward travel.

Then, the barrel unlocks and moves back forward, separate from the bolt, and the bolt finally moves forward too, picking up a fresh round in the process.

This ‘long recoil” system (CSRG, or “Chauchat” from WWI) is virtually unknown today, with the exception of some shotguns

Bolt/slide rearward acceleration with either “short” or “long” recoil operation is far less aggressive than is the case with the delayed blowback system, and thus chamber-grooving is seldom necessary.

3. Gas operation (“short” and “long”)

Gentlest of all rearward bolt acceleration is found with gas-operated rifles, and accordingly they enjoy, for the most part, the fewest extraction problems.

A few gas-piston pistols have been manufactured (the now out-of-production Widely, for example), but none have ever enjoyed much popularity.

An exception, at least semantically, of course are a modern generation of “long-range pistols,” which are basically short-barreled, gas-operated rifles, combined with “arm-braces” that function like conventional stocks.

They’re labeled “pistols” by their manufacturers, for political/commercial reasons.

Gas-operated rifles are currently, by far, the most common in use for military and other serious purposes.

All employ a “gas-tap,” or hole, somewhere in the barrel, where high-pressure gas is diverted into an expansion-chamber. A piston at the rear of the expansion chamber is then pushed backward against spring-pressure to provide mechanical motion necessary to complete the rifle’s cycle of operation.

The expansion chamber is pressurized for only the few nanoseconds between when the bullet passes over the gas-tap hole and when it subsequently exits the muzzle.

When the piston has moved to the rear less than a centimeter, it uncovers a vent-hole, which vents all remaining gas to the outside, and all pressure then instantly drops to zero. This happens about the same instant the bullet is exiting the muzzle and pressure is dropping to zero anyway.

So, the system is “pressurized” for only a a few nanoseconds, but that provides sufficient momentum to mechanical parts to complete the cycle of operation, as noted above.

With some rifles, the expansion chamber is “adjustable,” so that some percentage of high-pressure gas can be vented instantly, thus “regulating” the acceleration of the gas-piston.

With the “long” gas system (found of the AK, RA/XCR), pistol, op-rod, and bolt-carrier are all one piece and all move together, rearward and then back forward.

With the more common “short” gas system (FAL, POF Revolution), the piston/op-rod, and bolt-carrier are separate pieces. The effect is the same, but with less movement of parts.

POF’s Revolution Rifle employs this “short” gas system, but to insure flawless extraction, chambers are also grooved (the “E2 System”). POF is the only one doing this that I know of.

The “Stoner System,” sometimes called “direct gas impingement” is actually just a variation.

With the Stoner System (M4, et al), the expansion chamber is actually inside the bolt-carrier. The bolt-carrier itself becomes the “piston,” and high-pressure gas is delivered to it via a long “gas-tube” all the way from the gas-tap hole in the barrel. The op-rod is thus eliminated.

All three variations are satisfactory, and all has weaknesses. However, extraction is usually not one of them.

All can be “under-gassed,” and all can be “over-gassed!”

In the former case, symptoms include sluggish operation and ultimately incomplete cycling.

In the latter, symptoms include “bolt over-ride,” which results in the forward-moving bolt hitting the middle of the next round, instead of its case head, or the bolt over-riding the next round altogether and subsequently chambering thin air!

The “Goldilocks Zone” is always somewhere between these two extremes!

GPMGs, like the IMI Negev, which can be fed from either a disintegrating belt, or a conventional rifle magazine, come with user-operated gas-adjustment, because much energy is consumed advancing the belt through the feeding system, and thus much gas is needed when firing from this mode.

By contrast, when the Negev is fed via a magazine (which consumes far less energy), gas must be dialed-back to avoid over-gassing symptoms described above.

The foregoing is intended as a ‘Primer” on autoloading weapons. Many more details could be included, of course, but I hope it satisfactorily answers some of the common questions asked by students.

What it is our honor and privilege to use today is the product of over a century and a half of ingenious design, experimentation, and bitter field experience.

It is our duty to all those who sacrificed so much creating and refining these systems to learn to use them to their maximum potential!



5 July 19

The “Translation”

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

Saul Bellow

My good friend and colleague, and CEO of Robinson Armament, Alex Robinson, told me in a recent conversation:

“When we conceived the XCR Rifle, we knew the design was sound and the various pieces all shared a competent history, but it took us far longer than I ever imagined for us to learn how to make it!”

Today, the RA/XCR Rifle enjoys a solid reputation and market-share, due in no small part to Alex’s tenacity and his personal commitment to excellence and the advancement of our Art.

With all manufactured products, but particularly with guns intended for “serious purposes,” history is replete with unhappy examples of a brilliant start emerging from the “model shop,” only to translate into a disastrous failure subsequently coming off the production line!

Many, probably most, gun-company CEOs have an extensive manufacturing background.

They’re hired, because they “know how to make things.”

Yet, few are themselves, Operators. Few actually carry a gun (for serious purposes) on a regular basis.

Particularly among my friends and colleagues, there are exceptions. There are a few who are simultaneously involved in manufacturing, and are also competent Operators:

Alex Robinson, Frank DeSomma, Claudia Chisholm, Ashley Burnsed, Justin Moon, Dave Selvaggio, Uli Wiegand, Jeremy Ross, John Ring, Gary Ramey, Ross Botha, Freddie Blish, Cameron Hopkins, Mike Shovel, Justin Evans, Earnest Emerson, Lynn Thompson, Mike Lessman, Steve Camp, Brian Hoffner.
’m sure there are others whom I don’t know personally.

These few combine acumen in manufacturing, marketing, and an intense understanding of the Art, all in one person!

They are ever successful!

When new products miscarry as they get into the hands of consumers, the issues are usually:

1. Inadequate testing.

Also, smug dismissal of test results that do not fit “the agenda.”

More frequent, phoney “tests” deliberately designed from the beginning to conceal flaws.

Even more frequent, “alteration” of test results, again with the devious purpose of forcing “results” into an agenda.

Testing needs to be always thorough, unbiased, relentless, and chips need to be allowed to fall where they may!

Too many CEOs make it known among subordinates that they only want to hear what they want to hear.

Unhappy news, that they desperately need to know (but don’t want to hear), thus often goes unreported!

In testing, when presumptions become mixed-together with conclusions, at the beginning, resulting “data” is garbage, sometimes dangerous garbage!

2. Casual dismissal of consumer comments/complaints.

It all looks great in the showroom!

But, when products finally find their way into “the field,” issues, small and large, invariably become “visible”

Comments from the field, while usually helpful, are often sarcastic, even insulting, and they “hurt the feelings” of manufacturers.

It is always in their best interest for manufacturers to immediately separate “hurt feelings” from critical information!

“Perfect products” are rare indeed, and “tweaking,” necessitated by painful field experience, while annoying, is unavoidably necessary!

3. Pressure to “get the product out the door”

Many a product, on the brink of stellar success, has tanked because it was released too soon!

The UK’s SA80 rifle is a good example.

Rushed into production, it failed miserably when subsequently put to the test during fighting in the Mideast, denials (initially pious, then sheepish) notwithstanding

While incontrovertibly “brilliant” in conception, what ultimately rolled off the production-line was an unreliable, breakage-prone piece of junk!

The SA80, subsequently redesigned and expertly revised by H&K, now actually runs pretty well, but the damage is done!

Its soiled reputation will never be restored.

When guns are subject to hasty, expensive, recurrent, and embarrassing “recalls,” almost immediately after introduction to the market, someone at the top was a little too anxious!

4. Inadequate understanding of the consumer’s needs and expectations.

My interest in confined to serious weapons, intended for serious purposes, and carried by Operators, but I realized there is also a substantial market for “recreational” and other “non-serious” guns.

Of course, manufacturers legitimately cater to that market too!

When a student asks, “What gun should I get?” I invariably reply with the question, “What is it for?”

When he needs a gun to protect his life, I can then get down to serious recommendations from manufacturers I know and trust!

When he wants a gun strictly for recreational, or self-aggrandizement (competition), purposes, I probably won’t be very helpful, and my lack of interest will likely be obvious!

Poor ideas usually fail, and for good reason.

Darwinism is alive and well, and should be!

Unhappily, many a brilliant idea, with unmeasured potential, has ultimately never seen the light of day, due to weak men and subsequent failure of “The Translation!”

“‘Faith’ doesn’t make good science.

Curiosity does!”

Professor Jacob Barnhardt (played by Sam Jaffe) to “Klaatu,” (played by Michael Rennie) in the 1951 science-fiction classic, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”


Converting law-abiding citizens into criminals!

2 July 19

“Voting, we might even say, is the next-to-last refuge of the politically impotent.

The very last refuge is, of course, giving your opinion to a pollster, who will get a version of it through a desiccated question, and then submerge it in a Niagara of similar opinions, and convert them into,

What else?

Another piece of ‘news.’

Thus we have here a ‘Great Loop of Impotence:’

Pollsters extract from you a variety of opinions, about which you can do nothing, except to offer them as more ‘news,’

… about which you can do nothing.”

Neil Postman, from “Amusing Ourselves to Death”

“Sticking-it” to law-abiding gun-owners and others who don’t vote for leftists!

When liberal politicians in New Zealand fulfilled a long-standing aspiration in April of this year by instituting a nationwide ban on all autoloading firearms, all is the wake of the mosque shooting in the City of Christchurch on 15 Mar, it was heralded by hyper-ventilating socialists, Marxists, liberal Democrats, and all other leftist groups around the world as “an example of decisive collective action” that would eventually lead to the complete elimination of the private ownership of guns- the wet dream of all leftists!

Momentum has since began to stammer!

Leftist advocates, who dishonestly claimed they only wanted to ban “military rifles,” have now been shown to be liars!

The actual legislation bans all autoloading guns.

Phoney polls indicating that New Zealanders would cheerfully, even enthusiastically, “turn-in” their guns have proved false!

So far, the number of guns voluntarily surrendered is fewer than seven hundred!

Gun-owners are pushing back. The legislation is being challenged!

The predictable arrogant leftist response is to threaten honest, law-abiding New Zealanders with even “harsher measures.”

A laughable “buy-back” program “compensates” gun-owners for their confiscated property at a pittance of its value. A “deadline” has been set at 20 Dec of this year. That it will be extended is a forgone conclusion!

The government sheepishly admits between one and two million guns, now banned from private possession are impossible to trace, and that many, probably most, will never be turned-in and that a pugnacious black market has already emerged and is growing.

Ammunition hoarding has been reported throughout the nation.

Honest and decent New Zealanders, like residents of Venezuela and Portland, OR, unable to rely on police for protection, will now turn to the black market to acquire guns they need to keep from being murdered by armed and violent criminals!

This always happens when gun-bans are instituted by arrogant leftists, who hypocritically insure gun-bans they impose on innocent citizens never apply to them!

New Zealanders, nervously awaiting the “knock on the door at midnight,” are suddenly repeating the refrain often heard over here:

“When the government doesn’t trust me with my guns, should I trust them with theirs?”


Political Violence!

30 June 19

“The most dangerous myth is the demagoguery that business can be made to pay taxes at progressively higher rates, thus ‘relieving the individual taxpayer.’

Politicians preaching this are either deliberately dishonest, or economically illiterate, and either should scare us.

Only people pay taxes!

People pay, as consumers, every tax imposed upon business.”

Ronald Reagan

Two nights of Democrat/socialist presidential candidates “debating,” and here is what I heard:

1. Twenty anxious aspirants, trying desperately to “out-socialist” each other!

2. Not one of these aspiring US presidents has ever held a real job, ever earned an honest dime, nor ever actually produced anything of value. All are wealthy career politicians. All can be said to be (painfully) “economically illiterate!” All thus look down their effete liberal noses at beleaguered American citizens who actually do go to real work every day, and do produce something of value.

3. Open borders for all. Let them all come in, without delay and without limit. All will be encouraged to then vote in our elections, as voter-fraud (long openly promoted by Democrats) will be “de-criminalized.” Illegal aliens will now choose our politicians!

4. Free health care for all illegal immigrants, but not for tax-paying American citizens!

5. “Cancel” all student debt. In fact, cancel all debt! Why should anyone pay for anything? Free stuff for all!

6. Illegal entry to our Country will be “de-criminalized,” but private ownership of guns by American citizens will be “re-criminalized!” Gun ownership by Americans was banned by the British 243 years ago. Glorious victory during our Revolutionary War, and our resultant Constitution, “de-criminalized” private gun ownership by Americans. Democrat/socialists (every single one of them) long to go back to the old British system!

7. Dead migrants are a national tragedy, but murdered Americans merit not the slightest mention.

8. Convicted violent felons currently confined to prisons should all vote! Democrats will presumably conduct campaign events from inside prisons. Violent convicts, now join illegal aliens, as a “voting block,” openly courted by Democrats!

9. And of course, DJT is a capitalist bastard!

What concerns me about the sanguinary rhetoric of this self-righteous collection of socialist snobs is that it will translate into unprecedented political violence between now and November of 2020, along the Marxist/Leninist pattern. In other words, it will not be “spontaneous!”

Political violence used to be confined to third-world countries.

Not any more!

“Liberals profess to ‘love the poor.’

They just don’t like the smell of the poor!”




29 June 19

The indestructible, ubiquitous Kalashnikov:

With “Sleepy Joe” naively predicting that, as president, he’ll make “smart guns” the only kind available (even though none exist, nor have ever existed), while simultaneously causing all other guns to magically dematerialize, it none-the-less seems there is no shortfall of “regular guns” everywhere else in the world, even in places where they’re “banned,” and have been for decades.

Take the AK, for example:

AKs have been manufactured (starting in the USSR, but today in dozens, probably hundreds, of other nations) since 1948. There have been over 200 (mostly indistinguishable) variants of the original AK design manufactured between then and now, in Russia alone.

Over the past seventy years, millions of AKs have also been manufactured in factories in China, Bulgaria, Cuba, Egypt, India, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Sudan, Venezuela, the USA, et al, as well as in tiny workshops, unofficial and unlicensed, from Pakistan, to South Africa, to the Philippines.

Millions were never serialized, and are thus untraceable.

Of the ones that are serialized, over a hundred-million have likely been produced. The actual figure may well be twice or three times that!

They’ve been imported/smuggled into, and can be currently found in, literally every nation on Earth!

Of all the AKs ever produced, virtually one-hundred percent are still fully-functional and eminently useable!

Fighters in all parts of the world daily rely upon their AKs, still perfectly functional, built in the early 1950s, even late 1940s, long before most of the people carrying them were born!

Not even counted in the foregoing are Israeli Galils, Finnish Valmets, South African R4s, and a host of others which are little more than knock-offs of the original AK, also found worldwide.

Despite adolescent pronouncements by sleazemaster politicians, like Sleepy Joe, that threats to your personal safety are “overblown,” and that therefore you don’t “need” guns, he curiously doesn’t take that same attitude toward threats to his own safety, does he now?

“Old-school small arms,” like the AK, are everywhere, have audaciously defied naive “bans,” and are hardly “obsolete.”

In fact, they probably never will be!

The wise keep them around!

In the hands of the well-trained, they still get the job done.

Oh yeah!

“An ‘air of intelligence’ can be conveyed at small risk, for all one need do is assert that the normal response to a particular phenomenon is ‘prejudiced.’

They (socialists) always begin by remarking that ‘It has too often been said…,’ and then go on to declare that reality is something quite different and has, at long last, been ‘discovered’ (by them, of course)!

When that strategy is applied to things that are evident and universally known, it will doubtless be ‘politically incorrect’ to acknowledge that a lion is a carnivore and that he is not safe to meet.”

Frithjof Schuon


See the FSM4 Gen II in action:

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