6 Apr 15

Who has eyes, let him see!

Last week’s carefully-planned, deliberate massacre of selected, unarmed Christian students in Kenya, in East Africa, carried out by a small group of heavily-armed Islamic terrorists (just the latest in a series of such events in Africa and the Mideast), should serve as a dire warning to Christians worldwide.

To alert and levelheaded Christians, it will!

It is a warning that has been anxiously heeded by Jews, at least smart ones, for the last four-thousand years!

Conversely, self-delusional and naive Christians and Jews (of which there are still many) will continue to pretend it is not happening. As happened with so many European Jews in the 1930s, they are all destined to be victims of their own disbelief!

Leading the willfully delusional is our current national “leadership.” They, along with all naive liberals, just can’t seem to get the “C” word, nor the “M” word, to come out of their mouths. To them, there are just apparently random groups of unaffiliated “terrorists” aimlessly wandering about and occasionally stumbling upon groups of perpetually “innocent victims” who also fall into no particular religious category. Evidently, it is all just coincidence, or maybe “workplace violence!”

The innocent, particularly Christians and Jews, obviously need not look to them for any species of protection!

We’re on our own. Actually, we always have been. Some are just now noticing!

Christians and Jews need to go armed!

It is time for all Christians and Jews to personally work-through, and get past, all the age-old philosophical issues surrounding self-defense and honestly confront the fact that the words “unarmed” and “victim” always seem to share in the same headline!

By means of competent, serious training, we all need to learn to how to fight, effectively and unapologetically, with modern, lethal weapons.

And, there is the issue of “readiness.” It is not just of matter of “owning guns.” Personal readiness means “going armed!”

“Willingness” is a state of mind. “Readiness” is a statement of fact!

Constantly having guns around, in a high state of readiness, represents a major life-style change for many. Today, that practice, by any standard, is reasonable and necessary, and the sooner we all honestly confront facts and get on with it, the better protected we’ll all be!

We need to stop listening to liberal leftists who insist that the practice of owning and bearing arms for serious purposes is “naughty,” and that being a “voluntarily victim” is your civic duty.

Curiously, they never take their own advice!

There are real risks that attach to any course of action, or inaction, we, as individuals, choose for ourselves.

You don’t get a risk-free life.

Yet, we ever strive for an honorable and victorious life!

The warning has sounded. The threat is real, and now, and won’t go away any time soon.

Ignore it at your peril!

“Better to do a good deed at home, than to go far away and burn incense.”

Amelia Earhart