3 June 20
Sticks and Stones!
ANTIFA revolutionaries, anarchists, looters, and assorted other rioters are using bottles, bricks, sticks, Molotov cocktails, etc to attack police and innocent citizens.
A thrown bottle may contain gasoline and a wick, acid, or any number of harmful substances, any of which willcause serious injury, or death.
A thrown brick striking a victim’s head can easily cause fatal injury.
A piece of wood, swung with force, will cause a wide range of serious injuries, or death.
Any edged weapon, even a sharpened stick, in the hands of an anarchist, also represents a lethal threat to anyone nearby.
As we focus on avoiding bullets , it is high-time we all pause to consider how deadly these other objects/missiles can be!
In the hands of violent ideologues, they are all capable of deadly harm, and deadly force may represent the only appropriate response!
Also consider:
“Protection” of your life and property, by any unit of government, is hard to find these days!
Predictably, many Democrat politicians (who seemed “oh so cute” when naive snowflakes voted for them) are now openly on the side of rioters!
Highly-ballyhooed “curfews,” mostly unenforceable, are being imposed, but are ignored by rioters.
Suburban and rural residents are discovering their police and sheriff’s departments are being utterly stripped of manpower, so uniformed officers and police vehicles can be diverted to aid metro-area police in dealing with ecumenical, continuous riots.
Of course, this loss in manpower creates a severe limit on the capacity of police to respond to emergency calls in suburban, and especially rural, areas, and these residents will, of course, have no opportunely to voice their objection to their police protection (that they pay for) being taken from them.
In fact, most suburban and rural citizens don’t realize that when a nearby city gets hit by rioting, there will be a significant compromise in timely LE response to emergencies in their own community!
Woe to the willfully unarmed/untrained who naively assume police protection is always “just a phone-call away.”
They’re in for a seismic surprise, maybe the “surprise of their life!”
“Often, it’s what you don’t know that kills you!”