17 Nov 21
“When we abandon the past in the pursuit of the future, we’ve left all of the construction materials behind. So, we might show up at the site, but we’re not going to be building anything.”
Craig D Lounsbrough
Coming to a city near you?
Don’t bother calling the police. They’re not coming!
LAPD Tells Citizens:
“We can’t help you, so cooperate and comply with criminals
Oh, and be a good witness (assuming you’re still alive)”
As is the case in most metro areas, the de-funded (by Democrat politicians) LAPD is (by its own admission) completely overwhelmed, to the point of impotence,. So, apparently with a straight face, they’re putting-out the above message to Los Angeles’ beleaguered tax-payers!
The motto, first coined by LAPD, “To Protect and Serve,” has become a cruel joke, because they will now do neither!
CA’s dithering Democrat governor, as well as Democrat “prosecutors,” are emptying prisons and refusing to prosecute violent criminals.
As a result, violent crime throughout the state is a continuing and expanding nightmare, particularly bad in LA.
Guns and ammunition are difficult for citizens to acquire in CA, and CCW permits are restricted to the politically privileged in CA’s metro areas, unobtainable by “ordinary” citizens. No M4s of course, and only “reduced-capacity” pistol magazines are allowed.
While LAPD is urging citizens to “just give violent criminals what they want,” they neglect to elaborate on the question:
“What if criminal(s) want is to rape, mutilate, maim, and/or murder me and my family?
Are you still urging me to “cooperate?”
Curiously, they are silent with regard to that inquiry!
And, while these same Democrat politicians spare no expense (tax-payer dollars) in protecting themselves, using genuine M4s and “normal-capacity” magazines, tax-paying citizens are thrown to the wolves, as we see.
As always, Democrat politicians have exempted themselves from obeying their own laws.
Imagine that!
Stupid Californians elected these pro-criminal, anti-freedom Bolsheviks.
I don’t know why anyone is surprised!
It will get much worse. These Communists are just getting started!