5 June 18

CHATTERING CLASSES n derogatory members of the educated, metropolitan middle-class, esp those in academic, artistic, and media circles, considered as a social group freely given to articulate, self-assured expression of (esp liberal) opinions about society, culture, and current events.”

Oxford English Dictionary

Following is “The Agreement” anti-gun liberals insist all of us sign-off on, since being a willing (indeed enthusiastic) “victim” is our sacred duty as citizens.

Many are doing just that, without thinking about consequences:

“Victim’s Agreement:”

1) I hereby agree to adopt “Dependency” as a permanent way of life.

2) I thus agree to assign responsibility for the protection of myself and family to others, and thus take no personal responsibility myself.

3) Yet, I understand that my “protectors” are under no legal obligation to show-up when summoned, and thus may not be present when needed, or may take minutes, hours, or days to arrive. In truth, they may never arrive.

4) I understand that even after arrival, my “protectors” may take no action, including failing to attend to my injuries. Accordingly, I understand I may die, while patiently waiting for them, even when present, to actually do something.

5) I agree, when confronted by violent criminals, to do nothing other than meekly surrender.

6) I agree to never fight for my life, nor the lives of family members, in any effective manner. I thus agree to humbly submit myself and my family to murder and mayhem.

7) I agree to never own a gun, nor any other effective weapon.

8) I agree to never acquire effective training in the use of weapons.

9) Finally, I agree to always think of myself as a “victim,” and cheerfully accept “Victimhood” as a permanent status, never aspiring to become anything else.

Adherence to the forgoing qualifies you for the title of “good little citizen,” by liberal standards.

Are you ready to sign-up?

Maintenance of your life and health should be “important” to you. When it isn’t, don’t foolishly expect it to be “important” to anyone else!

“When you break your neck, when you have nothing to eat, when your house is on fire, then you have a ‘problem.’

Everything else is an ‘inconvenience.’ Life is inconvenient. Life is lumpy.

A lump in your oatmeal, a lump in you throat, a lump in your breast. They’re not the same kind of ‘lump.’

One needs to learn, and appreciate, the difference!”

Robert Fulghum