31 Oct 20 Election-Day Hypocrisy: Rich, elite Democrats in NYC who, along with Biden and Harris, seek to rip legally-owned guns from the hands of honest American gun owners, are themselves suddenly oh-so eager to be “protected” on election day from evil rioters (whom they otherwise love and encourage, so long as they are destroying other peoples’ property) by an army of private security agents… armed with guns! So guns, including “weapons of war,” that protect prestigious Democrats are just fine, because elite Democrats are “important,” “essential,” and oh-so pure! Yet, guns that we unwashed peons legally own for our own protection need to be immediately confiscated, because our lives are, by comparison, obviously insignificant! And then, with a straight face, they insist that it is our “duty” to vote for them, so they can take our rights away. Amazing arrogance! “Who sets himself up as judge of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of gods.” Edmund Burke /John