1) Glock pistols should be shot only with the HOTTEST ammo available, even
in practice. During my “close quarter emergency countermeasures” classes,
we shoot a lot from the “retention” position. Most every time a gun incurs
a stoppage, it is a Glock. Students need to shoot with a solidly LOCKED
wrist to make sure the gun will operate.

2) The “Harries” flashlight technique works well in most case scenarios
except shooting from the left hand side of cover for a right hander. You
expose to much of your head to get the light on target. The Surefire 6 Z in
the “cigar” technique works well if you have that piece of equipment. I, for
one, don’t, so I took several “o” rings and put them over my normal Surefire 6
P to create a firm hold in the “cigar mode”. This works !