14 Jul 98, Tuesday, 2:12PM

This additional from my friend in the Philippines:

One of the guys I train with regularly was a target of Communist hit men a short time ago. He was ambushed by a party of three, all in a car. The bad guy’s shot (45 ACP hardball from a pistol) skimmed off the windshield of my friend’s car and did not penetrate. In the ensuing gun battle, my friend reacted with an explosive counter attack which killed all three (eventually) attackers.

Conversely, a short time later my friend had the opportunity to take out a hostile in a car (different situation.) He aimed about four inches below the side window, and the bullets of his M-16 (55gr hardball at a range of ten feet) penetrated and subsequently killed the bad guy. On Japanese cars at least, that area has very little sheet metal. With the window up (which it was) bullets usually go through. I don’t know if the same is true with American or European models.

Also, this morning (14 July 98), a Director from the National Electrification Administration was ambushed and killed. He died before he got to the hospital. The initial news reports are not clear as to how many gunmen there were and how much firepower was involved, but his car was peppered. His driver was wounded but still managed to get the car to the hospital which is near my place. I passed that area on the way to work (after the clean-up), and still managed to see drops of blood and bits of tissue scattered near the hospital entrance drive where the Director was unloaded. The incident left me and many others with a severe care of anxiety. It fueled my resolve that, They’re not getting me without a fight!”

I can’t say it enough. It doesn’t matter how good you are. Just be sure that when the enemy comes along, you are better, more observant, and smarter than he is. Complacency kills, and the next statistic story could very well be you, me, or a friend.