10 Aug 21
An unreported commercial flying incident, from a friend and student:
“In the middle of a commercial flight (domestic) last week, flight attendants suddenly asked if there was a physician on-board.
I discretely raised my and, and they came and escorted me to the front of the aircraft.
They nervously explained that there was a verbally abusive/combative passenger currently in the lavatory at the rear of the plane that ‘may need to be subdued.’
I replied, ‘You don’t need a Doctor. You need an LEO. Fortunately, I’m both!’
They escorted me to the rear of the plane where I directly confronted the passenger in question.
I was not able to say much before he became immediately verbally combative/threatening with me, and then lunged out of the lavatory.
He didn’t get far!
I turned him around, stuck his head into the toilet, and held it there.
I then calmly explained that his head would remain inserted in the toilet, with his hands cuffed, for the balance of the flight unless his attitude reflected significant improvement!
His attitude instantly changed!
He apologized profusely, lapsed into a mumbling narrative about his unhappy childhood, and then promised to behave himself.
I escorted him back to an empty row of seats, and took a seat two rows aft of him.
He was quiet for the remainder of the flight and disembarked without incident, nor comment.
Flight attendants thanked me, but as far as I can tell, this incident was never otherwise noted, nor recorded, in any way.
I suppose you can call that a ‘happy ending,’ but this person will likely be on another flight sometime, and will probably do something similar.”
Comment: I thought this kind of behavior was what the “No Fly List” was for.
Apparently not!