30 Nov 23
In this War, know and understand that “The Battlefield” is everywhere, any time!
Today, three innocent Israeli citizens were murdered (others wounded) via gunfire (M4) yesterday at a Jerusalem bus stop.
Murderers were two Hamas terrorists shooting from a moving vehicle.
Both terrorists were subsequently gunned-down at the scene by police and at least one armed citizen.
As always and unlike most politicians, Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, didn’t mince words:
“This event proves, once again, how much we must not show weakness; how much we should talk to Hamas only through a gunsight, only through war. My stance about this ‘ceasefire’ is known: Hamas must not be allowed to speak to us with two voices”
Ben-Gvir then makes this pregnant point:
“Despite criticism from various people, I will continue my policy of distributing weapons everywhere, both to emergency response teams and to civilians.
Guns save lives! We see it time after time. In every place where there is a weapon, civilians, police officers, and soldiers save lives.
Police cannot be everywhere, which is why civilians need guns”
I only wish Ben-Gvir would run for political office over here!
To him, innocent lives are precious, and all citizens need to take individual responsibility for their own defense.
By contrast, over here Democrats constantly tell us that only they should have guns, and that the rest of us are all merely expendable peons who aren’t worth protecting.
At one time, they said, “Just call the police.” Then, these same politicians defunded our police!
Israelis, at least, are (finally) waking up.
Many among the willfully naive over here apparently still don’t want to wake up!
“We have suddenly discovered that here we are with something called ‘life,’ seemingly precious yet not deeply appreciated”
Sunday Adelaja