18 Aug 20¬†‚ÄúA nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason‚Ä̬†Cicero¬†We Americans were always told to believe that both political parties were made-up of good people who cared about this country, whose motivations were always respectable, but who disagreed on the best way to administer national policy.¬†Unhappily, most of us have known for some time that the foregoing is not true!¬†Democrats (Communists) have gone far beyond mere “disagreement.” There true motivation is highly suspect.¬†They are not good people.¬†Communists never are!¬†Through their proxies, ANTIFA, BLM (whom they enthusiastically support, endorse, and aggressively enable), Democrats threaten, vandalize, burn, and attack us and our rights. They steal and destroy both private and public property. They brutally attack (physically) Republicans, Christians, Jews, capitalists, property-owners, tax-payers, and others among their non-supporters in an attempt to maim, injure, and murder.¬†The falsely claim that political violence is practiced by “both sides”¬†That is not true!¬†Conservatives don’t riot, vandalize, and physically attack Democrats!¬†Conservatives live in fear of being attacked!¬†Democrat politicians are unconcerned with representing constituents. Many actually promote and encourage physical violence against anyone who doesn’t vote for them. Their abject hatred “justifies” all the political violence they can imagine!¬†When president, BHO unapologetically referred to non-supporters of him and his party as “our enemies.” “Enemies,” because we sometimes exercise our First-Amendment Rights, even our Second-Amendment rights!¬†No president before him ever referred to those of us among his fellow citizens who didn’t vote for him as “enemies!”¬†He tried to create his own version of the NKVD. Thank heaven that attempt failed!
As we see, Kamala has now picked-up the theme!¬†Today’s ANTIFA and BLM rioters are to be reorganized into widely-dispersed cadres of nationalized, and armed, “thought police” and “street enforcers,” in the same manner as Maduro’s dreaded “Colectivos” in Communist Venezuela.¬†Yes, it can happen here!¬†Our names are all currently on a “List.” (Communists love to keep lists!)¬†When in power, she will do exactly what she has openly promised!¬†For one, I believe her!¬†“When your house is broken into, plundered, and finally set on fire by persons whom you considered friends, have the latter any right to call you a ‚Äėtraitor,’ because, in despair, you opened your window and screamed for help?”¬†Julia P Gelardi¬†/John