1 Mar 18

More hypocrisy, from guess who:

I don’t fly Delta anyway, but it is even less likely I’ll fly with them now, after they precipitously canceled a discount arrangement with the NRA.

As we all agree, the NRA is far from perfect, but we’re all members and need to be.

And, most agree the NRA had nothing to do with the recent FL shooting, despite all the fraudulent blame being currently heaped upon it.

And, then there is Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in one, but they will never enjoy my business now, nor should they enjoy the business of any Operator!

Suddenly, they’re far too pure, too pious to sell “assault weapons,” which they can’t even define.

They need to get out of the gun business altogether. They have no friends here!

Who do enjoy my business are local gunshops, gun retailers who carry adequate inventory, sell lots of accessories, including ammunition, and are staffed by people who go armed, are knowledgeable, and cater to Operators.

Yes, I’ll take my business there!

Dick’s, and their ilk, can cater to snowflakes.

Good place for them!