30 Apr 18

Marijuana, the Plot Thickens!

From a friend and lawyer:

“An inconvenient detail that is seldom mentioned in public is that 18 USC 922(g) states that it is unlawful for (3) a user of marijuana to possess ‘in or affecting commerce’ (who knows what that mumbo-jumbo means, except that the Feds firmly believe it means simply ‘to possess’) any firearm or ammunition.

No exceptions!

So, the issue is not simply that foolish marijuana-users CO or ME expose themselves to severe risk when they lie while filling-out a form 4473 (as you noted in your last Quip).

All marijuana-users (medical or ‘recreational,’ makes no difference, and it probably also makes no difference when and how much you used, nor even if you haven’t touched it for years) are liable for ‘selective enforcement’, when they are in possession of so much as a single round of ammunition!

Maximum penalty for violating 922(g) is ten years in Federal prison and/or a $250k fine, plus having all your guns and ammunition seized and never returned.

It seems American marijuana-users in a number of states have suffered the famous Chinese Curse:
‘Having your wish granted, without ever considering the implications!’

Will the current Administration, of some future one, send federal officers to CO and ME to kick-in doors and confiscate guns and ammunition from all marijuana-users, and then drag them all off to prison?

Probably not during an election-year, but stranger things have happened!

We have not seen the ‘last chapter’ in this story yet!”

Comment: Again, when even lawyers and judges are as confused with this state/federal law conflict as I am, I don’t feel quite so ignorant!

But in the area of personal advice, I’ve little doubt that I’m on firm ground when I strongly recommend that all Operators, and all other gun-owners, stay far away from marijuana and all other illegal drugs, in any form and for any reason, “medical” or otherwise.

All politicians are afraid of armed citizens. Always have been! Thus, any excuse to forcibly disarm large numbers, under any pretext, ever represents an extreme temptation!