4 Jan 21
“There are two kinds of people in this world:
Those who are going somewhere, and those who are going nowhere!”
Ben Rumson (played by Lee Marvin) in the 1969 feature film, “Paint Your Wagon”
America’s 26th President (1901-1909), Theodore Roosevelt
As a youth, TR was haggard and in perpetual poor health, suffering from asthma and a number of other maladies.
He could have remained that way and would doubtless have experienced a miserable, pointless life, and died at a young age.
But his father sternly assured TR that he did not come from a family of losers and encouraged the lad to embrace robust physical exercise, self-reliance, and what TR would later refer to as “The Strenuous Life.”
TR got right to it!
He took up boxing and a host of outdoor activities, and by the time he entered Harvard, TR had reversed his fortune and was a healthy, strapping young man, in body and mind!
His father reminded him, “Take care of your morals first, your health next, and finally your studies.” Of his father, TR later said, “He would tolerate in us children neither selfishness, cruelty, idleness, cowardice, nor untruthfulness.”
TR exemplified our unique American exceptionalism, where nothing is impossible, and where there are no limits arbitrarily placed on what one may accomplish, no matter how humble his beginnings!
Of course, these days a lad like TR would likely have never risen to such individual greatness.
He would not be permitted to!
Today, a similar sickly youth would be automatically issued a convenient “excuse to lose” by our NEA-influenced “educational system,” told that morality is all “relative,” and encouraged, indeed coerced, to forever pursue ceaseless, stagnant “victim status,” never taking personal responsibility for anything, constantly blaming others, and ever obsessing on his assumed “limitations.”
He and his parents would be told of a hopelessly limiting “developmental dissidence,” and that the child should ever “celebrate his diversity” of being sick, weak, sleazy, and a perpetual loser!
That is the only kind of citizen liberals want! Leftists ever excrete a losing attitude, which has now become “mainstream,” poisoning an entire nation!
Even as Operators, we too are subtlety influenced by this depraved philosophy that has enslaved our civilization, and we have to oppose and correct it every chance we get!
We did not ascend from fearful men. We must be heroes, whether we like it or not.
“Difficulty” is an excuse history never accepts, an irrefutable axiom I fear this nation is about to confirm!