18 Mar 18

2018 Tac-Con (Polite Society), Little Rock, AR

We just finished the three-day 2018 Tac-Con, put-together annually by Tom and Lynn Givens.

Big crowd this year! In fact, Tom had to turn-away quite a few, as the facility will accommodate so many.

Both Vicki and I presented Classes, and we had overflow crowds at both. In fact, overflow crowds showed-up at most presentations.

There were a number of live-fire Classes (including mine), from Urban Rifle, to Long Range Pistol, to Engaging Animated Targets, to Effective use of the Snubby Revolver, Shoot-House Challenges.

Classroom presentations included Mas Ayoob’s and Skip Gochenour’s, as always, fabulous summary of recent criminal cases in which they has been involved.

Other topics were “Business Tactical” (carrying concealed in a business environment), Analyzing Mass Shooting Events, Creative Concealment for Women, Appendix Carry, Effective Use of OC, Inoculation Training,
All participants there were competent Operators, and just about all carry on a daily bases.

At the vendor area, I saw a new product with which I was so intrigued that I acquired a copy for use with my students.

It’s called “Shotkam” and it is literally a small video camera that fits on any gun with a rail. Combined with the app that goes on your iphone, this device will record (real-time and slow-motion) movement of the muzzle just prior to the instant of discharge. You can then instantly view it.

The device was originally developed for shotgunners in order to help them actually see what they’re doing as they engage flying clay-birds. The pistol version I found very revealing, as I was able to actually see how the muzzle is moving as I’m pressing the trigger.

As my colleague, John Holschen, points out:

We tell students about “sight picture,” but we should be telling them about “sight video!”

It is useable for live and dry-practice. I’m going to be using it over the next few months in an effort to see how helpful it really is in enlightening students.

It is similar to the Mantis device, but not exactly the same. Again, I’m anxious to put it to practical use!

See it a shotkam.com

Once again, the Tac-Con is a “Gathering”. All Operators should be in attendance! We all need to “get-together” on a regular basis, cementing relationships, meeting important folks in this business, learning new stuff, advancing the Art!

The 2019 Event will be at a facility near New Orleans, LA.

Get hold of Tom Givens at rangemaster.tom@gmail.com