29 Apr 18

From a friend in TX, yesterday:

“I attended a local car show yesterday.

Without warning, a man drove his car into a group of pedestrians. Many dove out of the way!

One hapless pedestrian was run-over and died at the scene.

The perpetrator then went on to drive into several parked cars.

An off-duty State Trooper, and several others, guns in hand, got the driver out of the car, onto the pavement, and in handcuffs. These heroes probably prevented much additional mayhem!

I saw the man who was struck. There was a tire-track the entire length of his torso. His skull was crushed. His injuries were obviously non-survivable!

Our local (typical) media reported that this culprit had a ‘medical condition.’

Yes, don’t they all!

In fact, he is a convicted felon in state prison, but freshly out on parole. His record includes illegal drug manufacturing, DWI, burglary, et al.

Typical career loser who should have been kept in prison!

As you say, there is no ‘safety.’”

Comment: Prisons only “work” when violent felons are kept in them. Every day felons are locked-up is yet another day they aren’t murdering innocent people.

But, we keep shoving them out the door, because turning them loose makes liberal snowflakes “feel so much better”

The foregoing is the predictable result!

“Security,” “protection,” and “safety” are mostly myth, as we see!