15 Feb 12

“Shotgun Micro-Rig”

Last weekend, I conducted a Defensive Shotgun Course in the Midwest. Students were a mixture of LEOs and non-LEOs. Shotguns used by students were mostly Remington 870s and Mossberg 590s. All pump-guns ran fine.

I had one Benelli M2, and it ran fine too. A single FN SLP autoloader repeatedly choked on a variety of ammunition, short-cycling regularly. Its frustrated owner swapped it out for an 870 half-way through the first day. The 870 ran find for the duration.

Until now, I have suggested to students that spare shotgun ammunition be carried in a bandoleer that can be thrown over the shoulder in a hurry. As with serious rifles (which are also not carried on the person routinely), I consider a strong “grab-and-go” capability with shotguns to be essential.

Last weekend, I found something better!

Several of my students were using the “Shotgun Micro-Rig,” a compact carrying system that makes twenty-four shotgun rounds immediately available to the user, but they’re all in one place, and buckshot can be logically separated from slugs, so they don’t get mixed up, even in the dark!

The unit is designed as a “chest-pack,” but it can be easily reconfigured with a single, shoulder strap, which is what I prefer, again because of the grab-and-go requirement.

Along with twenty-four shotgun rounds, the unit has a pouch big enough for two IBDs, and elastic loops designed for a single smoke grenade, but I found they securely hold and additional four 12ga baton rounds. So, in a single place, I have buckshot, slugs, and baton rounds, all secure, organized, and easily/quickly accessible.


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