2 Nov 99

From a friend on the East Coast:

“I took my brand new Glock 19 out for a test run (175 rounds) on Saturday. I experienced several spontaneous and unintentional slide locks. My thumbs-up shooting grip caused the problem by inadvertently pushing the slide lock up. This was a surprise, because the same grip has never caused a problem with my original G19 which is six years old.

I subsequently compared my original with the new one and observed that there is a small tab on the slide lock lever of the new Glock which protrudes to the outside. Once home, a quick disassembly and judicious application of vise pressure successfully reshaped the errant part to resemble the original configuration. Problem solved.”

Comment: Glock has made a number of product improvements over the years. Most have been positive. Adding a tab to the slide-stop lever was an obvious mistake, as you can see. Fortunately, this faux pas is easily corrected. I only wish Glock and the other manufacturers would consult with someone besides effete target shooters. If they did, we would surely see fewer such design blunders.