11 Sept 14

“Who enjoy responsibility usually get it. Who merely enjoy exercising authority, usually lose it.”

Malcolm Forbes

Disappointing speech:

Last night, our nation’s chief executive:

>Told friends and foe alike, everything he wouldn’t do.

>Never connected ISIS and Islamic Jihad.

>Actually used the word, “terrorist” several times, but never once preceded it with the adjective, “Islamic.”

>Makes lame excuses for Islam and Muslims.

>Never clearly said that a state of war exists between the USA and ISIS.

>Comes across as a weak, self-absorbed, narcissist, who believes that pushing his leftist domestic ideology is far more important than defending the USA.

>A feeble attempt at tough talk, but history has painfully shown that BHO’s promises have the shelf-life of a banana!

I reluctantly conclude that he has no intention of crushing ISIS. I suspect ISIS supporters, and Vlad P, came to the same conclusion.

Lord help us!

“Who are good at making excuses, are seldom good for anything else!”

Benjamin Franklin