8 Apr 15

Character Flaw:

Last weekend, a patrol rifle (type/caliber unknown) was stolen from a private vehicle owned by a Calgary (Canada) municipal police officer.

Not many details are available, but Calgary’s Police Superintendent said this in his immediate response:

‚ÄúThere is no reason, in my mind, why an officer would take this firearm home (apparently referring to the rifle)… We do not want our officers taking their firearms home… There‚Äôs nothing good that can come of that.‚ÄĚ

Comment: The foregoing is a typical articulation of the same malignant ‚Äúreasoning‚ÄĚ that keeps our ‚Äúunarmed forces‚ÄĚ perpetually unarmed.

Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs and more than they trust wolves!

They want us armed, but only when we’re protecting them, as, of course, they will never assume personal responsibility for protecting themselves. To liberals, personal responsibility, on the part of anyone, is unthinkable!

When not protecting them, we, and our families, are insignificant and expendable, as the Superintendent clearly indicated.

To these liberal politicians, the rest of us are little more than livestock, always distrusted and thus undeserving of personal options.

‚ÄúPersonal initiative‚ÄĚ and thus ‚Äúpersonal responsibility‚ÄĚ are not part of their vocabulary!

It represents a pestilent, civilization-destroying character flaw!

‚ÄúStrength of character does not consist solely in having powerful feelings, but in maintaining one‚Äôs balance in spite of them. Even with violence of emotion- judgment and principle must still function like a ship‚Äôs compass… however rough the sea.‚ÄĚ

Carl von Clausewitz