12 July 18

My comment on SCOTUS:

SCOTUS justices are supposed to have, and exercise, an ability to “put aside” personal, political views, and rule rightly based on our Constitution.

For one, I don’t like to talk about “gay rights,” nor “black rights,” nor “Hispanic rights,” ad nauseam

I just like to talk about “rights” of individual Americans!

Jews are “over-represented” in law schools, and medical schools.

Asians are “over-represented” in police departments.

Blacks are “over-represented” on professional basketball and football teams

Homosexuals are “over-represented” in the arts and media

Catholics are “over-represented” at Catholic universities.

So what?

I love “equal opportunity,” and then standing back and letting chips fall where they may,

“Natural Selection,” if you will.

Some will find success. Some won’t. Some will live long. Some will die early. Some will contribute greatly to the advancement of our civilization. Some will contribute nothing.

But, liberals are obsessed, not with equal rights, but with “equality of outcomes,” the socialist “utopia.”

When Americans of Asian decent are “over-represented” at Harvard University, for example, “special privileges” must be extended to other racial groups, in order to “make everything equal.”

Asians are harmed in the process, through no fault of their own, but such real and unjust harm is piously ignored by liberal administrators who justify their crimes with self-righteous platitudes laced with “… for the greater good,” ad nauseam.

Yet, artificially interfering with free choice in an effort to make figures and “ratios” come out according to some pre-contrived “standard,” only harms the innocent, as we see.

When SCOTUS rules against such contemptible crimes, they’ll enjoy my support!

Free citizens must have “the freedom to fail”

It is the most important freedom we have!

Any law that heaps special privileges upon any minority, penalizes and harms all who are not members of that group.

Thus, any law that singles-out any minority for special privileges is just as bad as if it had singled them out for special harm!

I trust any righteous SCOTUS justice will hate such laws!

I’m a promoter of equal opportunity, not “special opportunity!”

It’s not “utopia,” but it is as close as we’re going to get!

“Expectations are like fine pottery. The harder you hold them, the more likely they are to crack.”

Brandon Sanderson