25 Mar 16

No Rifles?

Video of military presence at Penn Central Station in NYC (in the aftermath of the Brussels bombings) reveals NY ARNG guardsmen teams “patrolling,” while unarmed!

I saw at least one Guardsman who had what appeared to be a holster attached to his right thigh. I could not determine if it contained a pistol or not. On the off-chance that it did, I’m confident there was no magazine inserted, and no ammunition on the Guardsman himself, nor anywhere close.

There is no way NY’s sleazy leftist politicians will ever trust these men with real guns!

When unarmed NY ARNG personnel are thus being “deployed,” then the AG, if he were personally honorable, would resign in protest, immediately!

Imagine what our fanatical enemies are thinking right now, as they watch camouflage-clad NY ARNG guardsmen not bearing arms while on “patrol” in NYC. I can almost hear their derisive laughter!

I don’t like to have to keep saying it, but, despite all the empurpled speeches and phoney tough talk, as a nation we’re obviously still not serious about this advancing Islamic threat!

It is painfully obvious that monthly murderous attacks by Islamic terrorists upon Western interests, symbols, and citizens are now the “new normal,” and our own leftist politicians have tacitly accepted it. They cynically calculate they’ll come out on top in any event.

While incessantly defending Islam and Islamics, leftists never have anything good to say about Christians and Jews, nor is there ever any concern about protecting them!

Like leftists everywhere, they instantly label their critics as some kind of “….. phobe,” indeed regarding all honest inquiry as gravely inappropriate as if it were made of a deity!

Accordingly, depending upon leftist/liberals for protection, particularly when you’re a non-Moslem, represents foolish, naive, and dangerous self-deception, a fact we are seeing lethally confirmed every few weeks. They have spared no expense in protecting themselves (nor do they obey their own gun laws). By contrast, we are obviously expendable!

My advice as always:

Keep your head up
Go armed
Confront reality honestly and courageously
“Listen between the lines” to all political speeches

“Historians of the future, when they look back on our times, will be baffled when trying to understand how Western Civilization welcomed vast numbers of people elementally hostile to fundamental Western values, people who had been taught from birth that they have a right to murder all who do not share their beliefs.”

Thomas Sowell