26 Oct 99

I visited this afternoon with a good friend who is a major gun retailer in the Midwest. Here is what he told me:

>The hottest selling handgun is the Glock-19, even with ten-round magazines. He can sell every one he gets the same day.

>The hottest selling handgun ammunition is Cor-Bon. Everyone wants the 40 S&W in 135gr and the 9mm in 115gr. He can’t get nearly enough to satisfy demand.

>He sells quite a few Kahrs, in both 9mm and 40S&W, but the less expensive KelTec is even a hotter seller.

>All DS Arms FNs and Springfield Armory M1As are sold long before they arrive at the shop.

>With Ruger’s latest price increase, the price of a Mini-14 is now approaching that of a Bushmaster AR-15 clone. Both sell well.