20 Sept 01

What do we make of recent events?

“I now understand how the sons and daughters of mighty warriors can be converted to sheep. First, you disarm them. You scare them by telling them life is far too dangerous for them to ever think independently or attempt to accomplish anything by themselves. Then, you warn them that independent action, in any form, is naughty. The ‘professionals’ will take care of everything, you assure them. After all, they shouldn’t ‘take the law into their own hands,’ now, should they?

You make them wait in long lines, subject them to ceaseless humiliating and demeaning inconveniences, and run them through narrow gates, as you repeatedly assure them that they are ‘safe.’ After a while, those who have thus been treated like feeble-minded idiots start meekly asking permission before doing anything. Now, we are told, in order for us all to have even greater ‘safety,’ we must accept significant, new restrictions upon any species of independent action on our part. As a society, we apparently cannot even think in other than preprogrammed directions.

All this, in spite of the fact that unarmed passengers (and only a few of them), upon their own initiative, and acting independently, kept a hijacked airliner from carrying out its deadly mission. The only airliner (of the four that were hijacked) to fail in its mission was stormed from within. Our civilization’s current fad of universal feminist brainwashing apparently failed to take in some individuals!

Ballistician, Marty Fackler, has already spoken out against the paranoid dither currently seizing the airlines and the FAA. He has boldly suggested that LEOs, who normally carry concealed anyway, not only be allowed, but be encouraged, to routinely carry aboard commercial aircraft. The government of Brazil has already instituted such a policy.”

Other subjects:

Remington, Winchester, and Federal have stopped shipping new-production 223 and 9mm ammunition to commercial outlets. All current production going to the military. Those who don’t now have adequate supplies will have great difficulty acquiring what they need in any quantity.

Finally, from a recent female student and former grasseater:

“PLANNING! Now, every time I run an errand, I plan my routes. I think ahead. Before, I never thought about defending myself or my children in an emergency. I was constantly in condition white. No more! Now, I share this with my sister whenever we go out together. I start by saying, ‘So, what are we going to do when someone attacks us?’ I am longer the foolishly naive person who replies, ‘That’s not going to happen to us.’ Now, I am constantly aware, and I practice with my pistol regularly.”

My kind of woman!