9 Sept 99

From a friend in the Midwest:

“I had the chance to got to the new, local sporting good store, called ‘Outdoor World.’

At their indoor range:

1) All firearms must be checked in at the guest-services area. Store employees open gun cases and install a trigger lock on all weapons, then put a cable tie on the case itself. They also log in all weapon serial numbers, names of the customers, as well as ammunition type and capacity of magazines.

2) When one subsequently goes to the range itself, he presents his gun case to the range attendant. The attendant removes the tie, opens the case, and then removes the trigger lock. When one subsequently leaves the range, the entire process is reversed. While on the range, customers are locked in, and must be buzzed out when someone decides it’s okay for them to leave.

I personally witnessed ‘attendants,’ who obviously know nothing about guns and even less about safe gun handling, repeatedly remove guns from cases and dither with them interminably in a (usually vain) attempt to check their condition, all the time waving them obliviously in every conceivable unsafe direction, with their fingers in continuous contact with the trigger!”

Lesson: When grasseaters try to “train,” this is what you get. When sheep acquire guns, what you have is sheep with guns. They are still sheep, and the gun changes nothing. This is one facility where you will surely never find me!