31 May 17

“Government cannot ‘love you,’ and any politics that presumes it can, is destined for no good.”

Jonah Goldberg

And they call it “progress:”

In Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend, the toll is a “mere” five murdered and forty-nine shot that didn’t die (that we know of). The true figure of non-fatal gunshot injuries (not to mention non-injurious NDs) is actually much higher, but many (the majority in some neighborhoods) go routinely unreported.

In most metro areas, the foregoing would hardly be cause for “celebration,” but it is in Chicago, as it represents a slight decrease from last year’s Memorial Day carnage!

Gang-members who commit these shootings are part of a permanent “underclass” that is carefully, deliberately nurtured and maintained by liberal politicians in an effort to keep themselves in power. They really don’t care what they preside over, so long as it is they who do the presiding. Lust for political power overrides all other considerations, and always has!

They invent sinister terms, like “gun-violence” to shift blame from themselves.

In the meanwhile, guns of any kind are difficult to legally own in Chicago. Many kinds of guns are impossible to legally own. Of course, if City politicians (all liberal Democrats, who have hypocritically exempted themselves from the City’s gun laws and are thus all heavily armed with the very kinds of guns non-politician City residents may not own) had their way, private ownership of any kind of gun would be completely prohibited, and they’ve said as much many times. But, they’ve been forced (kicking and screaming) by federal law to make it at least technically possible for City residents to legally own guns, yet they’re still doing their cynical best to make the entire process so never-ending, tedious, and incomprehensible that most will, at some point, give up.

Thus, buying and taking delivery of one of the few guns one may legally own in the City requires attendance of a class, passing a written test, fingerprinting, multiple background checks, multiple visits to the Chicago Police Department Records Office, multiple trips to a gun retailer, reams of paperwork, spending hours in lines and waiting rooms, multiple fees (totaling several hundred dollars), and then weeks, often months, of waiting for the City to “get around” to processing interminable forms. Processing gun paperwork does not enjoy a high priority at the CPD, as you might imagine!

Simultaneously, the illegal gun trade, requiring none of the above, keeps gang-members well armed and thus continuously generating “victims” that liberal politicians just can’t wait to “care about.”

It’s a cynical “mutual symbioses” that has served liberals well for decades, and that they understandably never want changed.

Not surprisingly, the few decent people left in Chicago are moving out as fast as they can. Like Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, et al, Chicago is losing all the people it can’t afford to lose!

“Each citizen possesses an inviolability, founded on justice, that even the ‘welfare of society as a whole’ cannot override. For this reason, justice denies that the loss of freedom for some is ‘made right’ by a ‘greater good’ shared by others, nor does it allow that sacrifices imposed on a few are outweighed by the larger sum of ‘advantages’ enjoyed by many. Therefore, in a just society, liberties of equal citizenship are taken as settled. Rights secured by justice are not subject to ‘political bargaining,’ nor to the calculus of ‘social interests.’”

John Rawls