21 July 21
“Fighting is always in the present tense!”
Frank Sharpe
An NYPD officer was robbed, beaten, and had his personal vehicle hijacked in Manhattan last week.
The officer, off-watch at the time, spotted a suspect breaking into a parked car. The officer approached and confronted the suspect, only to be aggressively greeted with a machete, and a second suspect holding a pistol.
The pair struck and robbed the unarmed officer, taking his wallet, and driving off in his personal vehicle!
The officer was not seriously injured. Neither suspect has been arrested.
1) Don’t go looking for trouble, not expecting to find it!
2) As an LEO, you may be “off-watch,” but you’re never “off-duty!”
3) Go armed! Violent crime in NYC, and other liberal-controlled metro areas, is out of control and getting worse, by the day. Marxists/liberals thrive on chaos, squalor, and widespread criminal violence. This is exactly the way they want it! It won’t get better. Help is not on the way!
4) Be alert, aware, and in the moment! Fighting is always in the present tense, as Frank Sharpe has taught us. Heads-up; eyeballs-out; always!
5) Violent death is never more than seconds away. Neither peril, nor opportunity, make appointments!
6) The naive, careless, unprepared, unarmed, and inattentive will continue to die for stupid reasons. Don’t be
among them!
“You must be ready first, for the Universe to help you!”
Mehmet Murat ildan