9 Nov 17

So predictable!

In the wake of last Sunday’s church shooting in TX, leftist, elitist hypocrites from CT, DC, MA, NJ, NY, IL, CA, MD, et al are howling like demons for enactment of legislation that forever bans private possession of firearms and ammunition.

… legislation that will never apply to them, nor their bodyguards, of course!

Simultaneously, the rest of us are “arming-up,” upon realization that we’re “on our own,” and they we’ll never personally benefit from heavily-armed bodyguards who constantly protect smug politicians, nor will we benefit from the “exceptions” in proposed legislation that will assuredly apply only to them!

Evil spreads and thrives when fearful, hand-wringing liberals bemoan, complain, lament, propose new “studies,” etc, but vehemently object to enforcement of our immigration laws, vehemently object to incarceration of violent criminals (who vote for them), and when given the chance, stridently suffocate all personal initiative, particularly individual self-defense.

Audacious, resolute American gun-owners (who don’t vote for them) choose to take personal responsibility for their own safety, forever earning their disdain and mistrust.

DJT’s own nominee for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs said Tuesday that it “… insane” that an American citizen (non-government-employee) can legally purchase a semi-automatic firearm like an AR.

I’m sure he will enjoy protection provided by his contingent of taxpayer-provided bodyguards, armed with the very same ARs that he thinks we mere peons should never be allowed to touch!


“The American progressive elite relies on its influence, education, money, and cultural privilege to exempt itself from bad schools, unassimilated immigrant communities, dangerous neighborhoods, violent crime waves, and general impoverishment that are logical consequences of its own policies,

… consequences for others, that is.”