19 Aug 14

“But, I don’t want to go among mad people,” said Alice. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat.

“We’re all mad here!”

From “Alice in Wonderland,” written in 1865 by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym “Lewis Carroll.”

A recent study, commissioned by the BHO Administration, concluded (buried near the end) that:

“Defensive use of guns by crime victims is a common occurrence.”

Curious that the media has chosen not to report that!

In their own version of the Benghazi massacre, the Brits saw six of their elite “Red Caps” surrounded, murdered, and mutilated at a remote police station in southern Iraq in June of 2003. It was the largest, single incident involving loss of life in the British Army since the Falklands Campaign of 1982.

The six were abandoned there while virtually unarmed, and equipped with radios that didn’t work. They were then surrounded, overwhelmed, and murdered by a mob of insurgents. They were unable to effectively protect themselves, nor call for help, and, despite endless false assurances that they could always depend on heavy back-up, none ever arrived!

As in the USA, the subsequent laughable “investigation” was characterized by stonewalling, feeble excuse-making, and interminable career-protection. Same fatally idiotic bureaucracy! As with Benghazi, the disaster was, of course, completely preventable. But, as in the USA, careers are important. Lives aren’t!

While the BHO Administration is particularly corrupt and self-serving, the foregoing is not atypical of military history. Senseless massacres of the innocent, disarmed, and unprepared continue to occur, and the Neros of the world continue to fiddle.

So, we’re on our own. We had all better be prepared to take care of ourselves, despite being told by liberals that helplessness is a virtue!

In 2014 there is no “off duty,” not when fanatic ISIS jihadis threaten to raise the black flag of evil above our White House. Not when we are all obviously just so much cannon-fodder in the minds of most of our own politicians, who, naturally, have taken extraordinary measures to protect themselves!

In 2014, on onward, you either have a “living body” or you have a “pre-corpse.”

“Pre-corpse:” Warm. Not yet stiff, chilled, nor frozen.

“The Test” will come at an inconvenient time and place. You’re either ready, or you’re not. You either depend on others, or you depend on yourself. Either way, you’ve wagered your life!

When they can get you without a fight, they will!

“The ‘Art of Living’ is more like wrestling than dancing.”

Marcus Aurelius