4 Feb 23
“Mentally Ill,” or Just Evil?
“To expect evil men not to do wrong is madness!”
Marcus Aurelius
Toronto, Canada lies just across Lake Ontario from Buffalo, NY.
Before the Trudeaus took control of Canada, Toronto was a charming, clean, safe city that was heavily visited by American tourists.
Not any more!
Tijuana and Nogales Mexico (before drug cartels took-over) shared a similar status.
Americans would regularly go over our southern border to enjoy wonderful local hotels and restaurants. Today, Americans are ill-advised to visit any Mexican border town. Way too dangerous!
And today, Toronto enjoys the same status! This once-beautiful city is now a dangerous, crime-ridden sewer,
much as is NYC, Philadelphia, St Louis, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, etc (anywhere Democrats are in control).
Thursday last, a well-known CBC Radio producer (recently retired) was wantonly murdered while visiting Toronto during what the media describes as a “random attack!”
The root of the problem becomes blatantly obvious when one listens to Toronto’s leftist mayor talking about this incident.
Like all leftists, he piously refuses to assign criminal culpability to the lone perpetrator (arrested at the scene). With leftists, “personal responsibility/accountability” does not exist, nor does willfully evil conduct!
The problem we are told, is that this perpetual perpetrator has a “mental-health issue,” (don’t they all?) because of a “substance-abuse problem,” because of an “unhappy childhood,” ad nauseam (all of which are, of course, the fault of the mayor’s political opponents)!
What we never hear from the mouths of liberal politicians is that this perpetrator is just plain vicious, deliberately evil, and gets-off on hurting innocent people!
Thus, leftist politicians and bureaucrats invariably develop a never-ending litany of failed “programs” purporting to treat mental-health problems, drug-addiction, unhappy childhoods, etc.
Yet, in the fantasy world of leftists, all ills to which flesh is heir can be squarely blamed on individual liberty and
freedom, economic freedom (capitalism), men, Christians, Jews, police, gun-owners, and whatever other minority that does not vote for them, and that they accordingly chose to single-out and venomously vilify, always with the unquestioning alliance of the liberal media!
About the incontrovertible fact that there are people who willingly choose to be, and do, evil, they are in utter and perpetual denial!
What we will never hear from this mayor, nor any other leftist, is the frank admission that “social programs” will never fix social problems, and that all citizens must thus remain personally vigilant, as well as being continuously able and willing to unilaterally, physically, instantly defend themselves and their families from criminal violence, by any means necessary, including deadly force, upon their own summary command and judgment!
The foregoing is literally the definition of personal freedom! No wonder neo-Marxists (Democrats) are so anxious to take it away from us!’
When you’re about to by murdered at the hands of a vicious, evil, violent criminal, do you really care (ie: will you be any less “dead?”) if he is “mentally ill,” had an “unhappy childhood,” has a “substance-abuse problem,” or is just “having a bad day?”
“Grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.
Politicians promise green, green grass by blending niceties with delusion and by using alluring confidence tricks.
They voice attractive tales and tell things people like to hear.
Yet, ‘post-factual grassland’ is ever parched and barren!”
… as we see!
Erik Pevernagie