4 July 14

Independence Day! How far we’ve come!

This from a friend and LEO:

“I received an invitation to attend a 2014 ‘Police/Security Expo’ in Atlantic City, NJ.

In it was a warning to all LEOs in attendance ‘not carry your service revolver on the expo floor.’

Nearly all who attended complied with the above- to the letter- and carried pistols, discreetly concealed!

What planet do these cretins beam-down from?

Imagine that: thousands of unarmed cops in a high-crime city, and uncaring, clueless sponsors of a ‘police show’ who don’t even know the difference between a revolver and an autoloading pistol, and obviously don’t care.

You can’t make this stuff up!”


In this civilization, innocent lives matter to no one any more! All anyone cares about is personal, plausible denyability. No one cares when someone actually gets hurt, so long a certain asses are covered!

This is a logical consequence of the gradual demise of the entire concept of “personal responsibility.”

“I’m not saying let’s go out and kill all stupid people. I’m just saying let’s remove all warning labels, and let the problem work itself out.”