23 Sept 01

From a friend and student:

“I purchased a ‘Norinco, AK Hunter’ (sporterized stock on a Kalashnikov, with a two-position, flip-up rear pistol-type sight) years ago, so that I would have a weapon capable of firing 7.62 x 39 ammunition. I shot the rifle upon first obtaining it and found some reliability problems igniting Chinese ammunition. Russian Wolff ammunition worked fine. The rifle was then cleaned and put away until yesterday.

During range firing, the manual safety lever became stuck in the ‘off’ position. I pointed the rifle at the backstop and jiggled the safety lever up and down in an effort to engage it. THE RIFLE FIRED! There was no manipulation of the bolt, and the trigger was never touched.

I immediately declared the weapon unfit, unloaded it, and retired it from further use.

It will be turned in at the next, local, $100.00 gun-buy-back.”

Lesson: Be it ammunition or guns, anything with “Norinco” on it is not recommended.