19 May 14

Lions and Hyenas:

Some day, they will come for you in the night, and they will kill you
They will be dissuaded many times, but eventually they’ll come
You’ll doubtless slay many, even most
But, the remainder will overwhelm and kill you, and there is little you can do,
And yet …
You can relentlessly fill their black hearts, day and night, with hideous dread!
You can make them tremor anxiously at the mention of your name
You can make them speak of you only in nervous whispers
You can ever be, must be, their worst nightmare!


From a friend and Operator:

“My father, a veteran of the Landing at Omaha Beach, said this of lessons learned during the 1944-1945 Battle in the European Theater.

Captured Wehrmacht officers told him of their pleasant surprise when they discovered that only one German officer, armed with a single P-38 Pistol, along with five enlisted soldiers, armed only with bolt-action Mauser rifles, were all that was necessary to exercise total control over groups of 1k ‘deportees.’ They brutally, but casually herded them aboard trains that everyone knew were headed to death camps, with scarcely a defection, nor even a word of protest!

‘Deportees’ willingly complied with such orders, because they were conditioned from birth to be:

‘Yes We Willers’

By contrast, Americans have been proud “No We Won’ters’ since the 1600s, and to be known as ‘No We Won’ters’ sent this clear message to all who meant us harm:

‘Leave us alone to enjoy our freedom. Mess with us at your peril. When you cross the line, we will become your worst nightmare!’

We kept that promise many times!

Courageous Jewish Resisters of the Warsaw Ghetto, the few who stepped up to the plate, killed and disarmed SS occupiers, one at a time, in order to secure Nazi weaponry. Motivated, armed, angry resisters ever terrify tyrants, who are invariably sleazy cowards.

Real Americans will not willingly ‘board trains’


a proud American Tradition since 1775!”

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our political opponents have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?”

Joe Stalin in 1930, and echoed by his contemporary confederates